With what and whom you surround yourself, you become accustomed to both and both affect what you end up believing…

The media picked up on this principle as well as the demand that the general public wants their news delivered conveniently, so they started provided 21 minutes of ‘full coverage news’…

Even in 24-hour coverage, the news is only covered in 21 minute segments, repeatedly so, and updated with the most trivial of pieces of information.

When there was not that much information to be had, that wasn’t very problematic.

Today, there is a LOT of information to be had, and it IS problematic.

The media, like any other business, is competitive and they have chosen to create an environment where being first is more important instead of creating an environment that is full of integrity, character…

As context takes time and effort to build and share, it was the FIRST thing to be sacrificed – as was anything else that required time and effort to build and share.

This left content, snapshot facts, and contained images (photos as well as narrow field of view videos) being their tools of the trade.

Now the ‘tell me what to think’ followers of the 21-minute segment ‘full coverage news’ are following and believing only content.

Which means they are also rationalizing their beliefs on?

Content only…

All the knowledge in the world is missing something that is making even the best intellect look stupider than any ignoramus — discernment and wisdom… true wisdom.

In accepting only content and avoiding the time an effort to seek and research the context to a situation and/or story, especially of benchmark and milestone situations, the MSM has now gained full control of what the general public thinks, as planned by the Globalist Elites more than 50 years ago.

When you study the context of history long enough you discover that it was in fact more than 50 years ago, it is more like since Woodrow Wilson replaced all textbooks in our schools with his highly biased, racial view of American history in 1913 – the model of which is STILL being used in today’s schools more than a 100 years later.

This was observed by the Elitists early on and emulated ever since to various degrees with a much higher success rate.

The 60 richest families in the world are getting richer off of this stupidity while the stupid become complacent and desire to have their never-ending thirst for being told what to think satisfied…

Oblivious that thirst will never see satisfaction. And that stupid person is not the other guy, most of the time it is going to be you.

Add to all this the rate of change of technology and the inability for many other changes to keep up with it and you have the perfect environment to feed the insecurities of those that have refused to learn how to think and prefer being told what to think, feeding their every false beliefs with more contrived content (aka agenda).

There are going to be those who are who have released themselves FROM such as they choose to focus on context, which eventually provides security and satisfaction

And there are going to be those who are who have imprisoned themselves IN such as they choose to focus on content, which consistently provides insecurity and dissatisfaction.

Where we focus is where we end up arriving…

Whose voice we listen to is whom we end up believing…

And both have nothing to do with truth…

At any level.

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