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Action! Action! Action! David Clements, former prosecutor in New Mexico, talks to “War Room” host Steve Bannon about the coming workshop “Change Course New Mexico,”... continue
04-10-22 23:10
Bannon's War Room [15 m]
by Editor
Jeremy is TTAG's Deputy Editor, working mostly behind the scenes but, when he attempts to write, he focuses on comprehensive gun & gear reviews. Jeremy... continue
04-10-22 23:10
The Truth About Guns [1 hr]
by Jeremy S.
The ArriveCAN app likely cost Canada’s tourism industry billions of dollars in lost revenue, according to witnesses at a parliamentary hearing.“It’s been hugely impactful and... continue
04-10-22 22:10
The Epoch Times Global [15 m]
by Doug Lett
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How Well DO You Know Our Constitution?

This is not an ordinary course on our Constitution as it is put together by a College that is anything but ordinary – Hillsdale was the first American college to prohibit in its charter any discrimination based on race, sex, or national origin. They also do NOT accept Federal funding at any level, including grants and scholars ships (they provide their own!) (archive https://archive.ph/teGN4)

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The Islam Formula

It has been a while since I have posted anything — I have been pulled in a lot of directions with work and several projects need my full attention. Before I did post something, I wanted to put together a central point of why we are where we are at today with the Syrian Refugees (of whom even Muslim countries will not accept due to their inability to identify terrorists — something the left totally sweeps under the rug when talking about the Syrians) as well as with terrorism itself. The reason for all this is for the second time in 3 years, someone we knew was killed by a terrorist….

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An Illegally Prosecuted AIDS Remedy Scientist Interviewed About C19

Arrested without any charges being cited, an illegal search of her home without a warrant, harassment of her and her husband for months on end, and threatened to be re-arrested on non-existent evidence if she broke a 5-year gag order. Why? Because she discovered something the medical Establishment does not want the public to know. A 25-minute video well worth watching – and sharing… (archive https://archive.ph/fQaL1)

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Everything You Want (and Need) to Know About Impeachment

We the People, who value Liberty, who value freedom, NEED to understand our Constitution. We have a Republic, “if we can keep it” – and the Liberal education system as well as the globalists is doing everything it can that we don’t. This is just one aspect of our Consitution, and an important one at that… (archive https://archive.ph/IFxOq)

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The Heart and Mindset to Do the Right Thing

An amazing tale: from 1940 until 1944, while thousands of French Jews were being deported to concentration camps, the tiny mountain village of Le Chambon-Sur-Lignon was the safest place in Europe to be Jewish. (archive https://archive.ph/YBWoM)

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FDA Refuses to Release Autopsy Results on People Who Died After COVID Vaccines

Given the number of people awake to what Big Pharma and the alphabet government health agencies had tried to hide, there have to be multiple class-action lawsuits being drafted at this very moment… Nernberg 2.0 received its commission and these idiots act as if they are innocent.

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Winning Only Goes to Those Taking the Right Actions

You have probably noticed the MSM over-exaggerating what is going on with our State governors as they visit and endorse other governors… They are doing what they are supposed to do – pumping up the power and image of governorship — and they Liberals feel threatened. This is where YOU come in…

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One Question for Everyone Anti-Israel…

Today’s governments believe they can do what others couldn’t accomplish in the last 3500 years. One has to only see from all the original source documents available today that the ONLY people that have been able to thrive on the land known as Israel are the Jews. Any and every country that has chased the Jews out of their land saw the land turn to unusable dust… (archive https://archive.ph/rIJxA)

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Ballotpedia’s Top 15 elections to watch, 2022

Ballotpedia is the encyclopedia of your national, state, and local elections. Check out what they have picked as the top 10 elections to watch (archive https://archive.ph/C6TmQ)

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The Palestinian Charters – Fatal Exercises in Theocracy

The Palestinian populations based in Gaza and Judea and Samaria are represented by 2 organizations, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority – and the leadership of both is constructed of antisemites, holocaust deniers, terrorists, and admirers of Hitler. Both detest each other and have killed more of Palestinians between them in internal disputes than Israel has killed in the protection of its citizens from Palestinian terrorist attacks (archive https://archive.ph/Y4tYx)

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WPATH Did Not Want This Video To Go Public

So Here It Is… WPATH – World Professional Association for Transgender Health – wants to cover up its tracks. Professional they say? Professional at what?

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‘When you kill your enemy, every part of your life is better’ – ‘untethered’ Air Force General

Just as you thought the top brass was soft as General Milley, along comes General Mike Minihan – putting confidence into the souls of those for whom he is much responsible…

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