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America Outloud | American Greatness | American Insitute for Economic Research (AEIR) | American Principles Project | American Thinker | Anadolu Agency (TR) | Article III Project | Asia Times | Astute News | Bannon's War Room | Barnhardt | Big League Politics | BizPacReview | Breitbart | CDMedia | Children's Health Defense | Conservative Brief | Corey's Digs | Education First Alliance | Election Integrity Network | Front Page | Gates of Vienna | Gatestone Institute | GeoEngineering Watch | Gun Owners of America | Human Events | Just the News | Lew Rockwell | Mises Institute | NOQReport | OANN | Pearson Sharp | Real America's Voice | Real Raw News | RedState | Richardson Post | RT | Sara Carter | SONAR21 - A Son of the New American Revolution | South China Morning Post (SCMP) | The American Report | The Daily Signal | The Epoch Times: US · China · Global · Business · Opinion | The Federalist | The First Light Report | The Gateway Pundit | The Investigateive Project on Terrorism | The Last Refuge | The National Pulse | The New American | The Republic Brief | The Solari Report | The Vaccine Reaction | The Washington Free Beacon | Threat Journal | True the Vote | US Defense Watch | Unsilenced Majority | Weekly Blitz | Zero Hedge
More reliable sources to come!

What Our Founding Fathers Understood Is What We Need To Regain

The level of spiritual relationship with our Heavenly Father, their brain power, decisiveness, and courage has never been equaled – our failure to rise to their level of good character needs to be corrected, NOW (archive https://archive.ph/qgaCP)

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Living the Sanctified and Obedient Life

(New Segment: 12-Oct-2021) Part of our Judeo-Christian heritage calls for obedience — at all levels, not just when someone is looking. And THAT calls for leading a sanctified life. We hear that often, shake our heads then agree…  But our eyes and mind hit a fog… So how do you know you are living a sanctified life or not? (archive https://archive.ph/3IlRg)

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Who Encouraged, Educated, Mentored Our Founding Fathers?

Great leaders always have great mentors – who did our Founding Fathers look up to? with whom did they sharpen their wits? (archive https://archive.ph/yJeAO)

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An educational resource from The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPSonline.org)

COVID-19 Self-Protection and Home Remedies

What can you do to help yourself in the prevention of COVID-19? You won’t find most doctors as well as the Liberal media saying much beyond washing your hands a lot. That does help — but it’s not enough! View this post for more information on protection and remedies. (archive https://archive.ph/xuCZV)

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Our Pledge

You have most likely seen on social media – and elsewhere – of many making a pledge or an allegiance to our Constitution. We are no exception, you will find ours at the end of every post, and in the footer of our website. As a new day provides us with a clean slate, our pledge is renewed daily.(archive https://archive.ph/q2ZJN)

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November (2018) Reflections on Elections, Election Integrity

Ireland Republic & Nazism, U.S. Mid Terms, BDS, Israel/Arab Relations, Israeli Tech, Sadiq Khan & British Jews, Iran & Yemen, Pakistan, UK Politics, Twitter… What was happneing in November 2018? Reflections on the not-so-distant past… (archive https://archive.ph/e1qfz)

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Stealing from Social Security is NOT Limiting the Budget

Stealing from one coffer to plenish another is NOT balancing anything, it is stealing from the coffer you just robbed (archive https://archive.ph/V4FSg)

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Pfizer Documents Analysis Report – Discover What Pfizer, FDA Tried to Conceal

Originally, Pfizer wanted to keep their documents buried for 75 years – that didn’t fly with the courts so they release a few thousand pages at a time. No problem, Naomi Wolfe’s team of 3500+ researchers, analysts, and medical professionals had more time to drill down into what was being released. And now they have released their findings (archive https://archive.ph/5Egi1)

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Why Are So Many Surprised? They Weren’t Awake?…

Confidence is that cock feeling just before you know better, shock is the total disregard of the signs that have been all around you… (archive https://archive.ph/rQVak)

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Is Our Desperation of Today’s Conditions and Moral Unique?

Nearly 247 years ago, our Founding Fathers found themselves with a new nation and a very unique Constitution – how unique, or similar, were their feelings then as ours are now concerning our country? (archive https://archive.ph/ksh32)

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