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The DLEM Sources for our Latest Headline News page are:
Anadolu Agency (TR) | Asia Times | Breitbart | CDMedia | Just the News | Lew Rockwell | NOQReport | OANN | Real America’s Voice | The American Thinker | The Epoch Times: US · China · Global · Business · Opinion | The Federalist | The Gateway Pundit | The National Pulse | Weekly Blitz | Zero Hedge
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UPDATED 21-Oct-2021: Empowering Ways to Protect Yourself, Family, Friends from COVID-19 (Frequent Updates)

A LOT has been discovered since this post was originally published in April 2020 – a comprehensive update on just what has been discovered (links to original sources as well). This post is most likely going to be updated throughout the pathetic scheme the elites have been trying to use to hide their ulterior motive – depopulation and ushering the New World Order. Lord, are they in for a surprise… (archive https://archive.)

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Irish Republicanism + Labour under Corbyn + pro-Palestinianism = Rabid antiSemitism

Not knowing your own history will only lead to repeating the same stupid mistakes… Sympathy from the head instead of the heart will do that too.

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The First Thanksgiving Proclamation

George Washington, in the first year of his first term, proclaimed a day of thanksgiving be all the people of the United States. As you read this, ask yourself, “When was the last time a President spoke this freely and decisively?” Do note that our nation’s capital had yet to be formed and at the time of this proclamation, was in New York City.

A copy of this proclamation was sent to the executives of the States by the President in a brief form letter (October 3). This form is recorded in the “Letter Book” in the Washington Papers.

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Thoughts on Liberty by David Chaney

Please note: This was originally posted in facebook by David Chaney as part of his drafts on “Thoughts On Liberty” as well as reposted to the BudBromely blog… “Capitalism is the proven economic engine of freedom. Socialism is the failed economic hypothesis of collectivism. The former requires private property ownership, protection of individual liberty, and free-exchange. The latter requires State or State controlled (crony) property, elimination of individual liberty, and centrally planned exchange. The former…

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Illustration: The foundation of Tel Aviv 1909 (GPO)

Revisionist History and Antisemitism

Revisionist history combined with decades of supporting propaganda from professionally biased sources has managed to persuade a global population of the actual existence of what is nothing other than a mythical civilization – the indigenous Palestinian. (archive https://archive.ph/kbvOV)

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How Do You Kill 11 Million People Without Having Them Revolt?

This is the title of a very short, very powerful book of how truth matters — and drives home the fact that truth matters more than you ever thought. (archive https://archive.ph/lLtOU)

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Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman – Friend or Foe of the U.S.?

Though no one can disagree that Iran is dangerous, an argument can be made that Saudi Arabia is equally dangerous… (archive https://archive.ph/6Jg7B)

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We All Agree, We Could Have Better Choices for Candidates – Here’s What We Have To Do Next

Throughout the Bible, when has God handed us the best He has for us while we have been wedging Him out of our lives as we have done on so many levels for the past 60 plus years? (archive https://archive.ph/cymNN)

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From Our Archive: A Collection of the More Explosive Hillary Email Revelations

To keep some content related to the Hillary emails from disappearing from your view, we have reposted – with credits – the content here.  Most of it has a long-term value, some of it has already proven to be pivotal moments of the past year or so since I have started keeping this blog [February 2015] (archive https://archive.ph/MHTNA)

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Living the Sanctified and Obedient Life

(New Segment: 12-Oct-2021) Part of our Judeo-Christian heritage calls for obedience — at all levels, not just when someone is looking. And THAT calls for leading a sanctified life. We hear that often, shake our heads then agree…  But our eyes and mind hit a fog… So how do you know you are living a sanctified life or not? (archive https://archive.ph/xvdUY)

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