Why Is There No Greater Myth Than That of Being Palestinian? Part 1 of 3

Originally published: 2019-02-20 02:51:27

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

Joseph Goebel’s quote does not become more truer and more real than it does with the anthropological miracle called Palestinians.

The Palestinian Myth

No greater myth has been accepted by mankind than that of the Palestinians.

They are a fabrication of history without an identity – an anthropological miracle.

Palestinian identity is simply used as a propaganda tactic and has been successful as decades of professional incompetence and bigotry have been spewed out favouring this made up group to Israel’s disadvantage.

The Biased Bigoted Corporation, the BBC, have been at the forefront of this fake news.

Palestinians were once the glue that bound Islam.

Recently, the gulf between Sunni and Shia is deconstructing geopolitical relations and only antisemitic nations such as Iran, Ireland, and Malaysia continue to promote Jew hatred, bound by their ignorance and paralleled by their bigotry.

The propaganda war has not yet been lost but our challenge must be robust, coordinated and continuous.

The Public Relations War

Many battles have been fought by the Jewish people from time immemorial to the present day and almost miraculously our identity as Jews within the Jewish State of Israel will be maintained until eternity.

One battle we have lost however is the one alluding to public relations where failure has been the norm.

Who and what are to blame are irrelevant but clearly improvements are considered necessary from all of us who love and support Israel.

I should like to offer some ideas from those in political power in the hope and expectation that continuous, comprehensive use of changes in terminology will attract the imagination and will be commonly used by our leaders.

More about the Public Relations War and the Hadrian’s Curse – The true narrative (Jewish) vs the false narrative (Palestinian)

Let’s Revert to Basics

The political narrative of Israel’s opposition and their global support base is completely mythical but has morphed into facts with the assistance of a biased and / or professionally incompetent media. It goes like this.

The Jews / Zionists ethnically cleansed the indigenous Palestinian population, illegally stole Palestinian land and as a result of genocide have created the current situation.

Palestinian refugees now number 7 million from those 700,000 who left their homes in 1948.

The geographical area including Jerusalem is religiously one of Islam’s holiest places and should be shared among the 3 great religions and East Jerusalem being the capital of an independent Palestine.

Now all we have to achieve is the debunking of these total fabrications in language that both we and others can understand and consistently repeat.

Firstly, we must dilute the religious claims of the Palestinians and their supporters and turn the tables on them.

This is relatively very simple and we have support among a variety of notable Islamic scholars

Within the Koran there is not one mention of the words Jerusalem nor Palestine.

Given that the Koran is the most sacred of texts to Islam then it is abundantly apparent that these 2 geographical areas are of no importance to Islam and such claims are in fact in total defiance of Islam as the Koran specifically bequeaths the Holy Land to the Children of Israel in various Suras but specifically 5.21 and 17.01.

Click here to view’The Quran Says Jerusalem Belongs to the Jews’ post

Now these facts alone should be sufficiently convincing to any reasonable opponent of Israel to debase Palestinian claims but they probably will not.

Therefore, further supporting evidence may be needed and here goes.

In an act of contempt aimed at Jews and Jerusalem, Mohammed ordered that backs be turned to Jerusalem when in prayer.

This was a reversal of a previous edict when in order to convert Jews to Islam Mohammed ordered the direction of prayer to face Jerusalem.

Jews eagerly converted in order to avoid taxation as it was not permitted for Muslims to tax fellow Muslims.

Secretly, Jews still maintained their Judaism and when the prophet discovered this he went on a killing spree and reversed his original decision regarding facing Jerusalem when praying.

Another string to our bow in relation to the lack of importance religiously of Jerusalem to Islam is this.

The Koran teaches that Mohammed ascended to heaven from the Furthest Mosque which clever public relations has now deemed to be the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Mohammed died circa 636 and no mosque ever appeared in Jerusalem until circa 710.

So whatever mosque he ascended from it certainly was not one in Jerusalem – he was never there.

Now, how do we reconstruct these tissues of lies to our advantage.

The Muslim world is in turmoil – Yemen, Iraq, Syria, the Shi’a, Sunni divides resulting in atrocities.

The Pakistanis and their diplomatic duplicity towards Afghanistan, the Turkish slaughter of Kurds and the atrocities on the Yazidis.

Globally, Muslims are suffering with no help from fellow Muslims as in the Rohingas in Myanamar, Chechens in Russia and Uighur in China.

And all of this because they are mocking the Koran which bequeaths the Holy Land ( Palestine ) on the Children of Israel ( the Jews).

The Palestinians and their supporters are openly in defiance of and mocking the Koran and Islam will continue to destroy itself internally until such claims are totally diluted.

This sounds great public relations to me and thoroughly accurate, acceptable and believable and moreover gaining credibility and momentum within the world of Islam.

So we have not only smashed the Palestinian and Islamic Religious claims to both the Holy Land and Jerusalem but we have simultaneously determined that such claims are the ongoing cause of turmoil in Islam.

In Part 2. Peter confronts the historical claims —
click here to read Part 2 now!

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