What Hasn’t Been Happening With This Election

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Where we focus is where we go…

Every time…

All of the candidates focused on the issues, which they should…

But their next step is where they all failed, even the two supposed winners…

They distract the conversation with talk of political policies, personal experiences, feelings…

They lower the conversation into name calling, accusations and finger pointing…

They are all are dancing around the solution…

Pretending they don’t know it’s already there.

If these two are the winners, then we without a doubt are the losers — even if you fullheartedly believe your candidate is far superior to the other.


How quickly most forget that beliefs are formed from constant repetition and exposure to that part of your audience that fail to do their homework…

Just because a fact is ignored
doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
~ Aldous Huxley

And oh how politicians — odds are even your favorites — pretend facts don’t exist.

What everyone is focused upon is the WRONG conversation…

I’m not talking about the issues…

I am talking about what solutions we already have at hand

And yet, with ownership of the two most recognized documents globally as well as in history, we are are permitting our politicians and those lacking discernment and the wisdom to promote their own beliefs and override what has already proven to be of sound sovereignty…

We ALREADY have most of our answers and they are being highly ignored in favor of an agenda, in favor of feelings, in favor of progressivism, in favor of socialism, in favor of collectivism…

Most of you already know what I am talking about, few of you know where to find what you need – what we need — for answers.

The first is your Bible — most of you already own one, yet it probably still looks like it came off the bookstore shelves.

Find someone who already knows it well — better yet, find several who know it well.

The Bible is designed to be read, to struggle with it, to talk about it, to read it again — it is not meant to be read once and put away.

You take a shower ever day for a reason — that is the same reason to be reading the Bible everyday: to freshen up…

The second is our own Constitution — if you are unfamiliar with it, then start reading it now!

Click here for a free copy

You don’t have to know the whole thing all at once — start with the first paragraph and then dwell on it for a while.


Whatever you do, get OFF the conversation THEY are having and starting commanding a different conversation…

Starting now


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So help us God.

Where We Go One, We Go All

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