This week, it has become more evident than ever that the GOP Establishment needs a wake-up call — they are ignoring the referendum We the People voted on in 2016 when we elected Donald J. Trump as our President.

Instead, they keep fighting against what We the People have voted for since the election — and now the pot is about to boil over from many holding their tongue.

When anyone holds their tongue, they are being confronted by either wisdom or convictions — the GOP Establishment has NOT shown itself to be very wise, about as wise the as the DNC, with proven through their actions has none as they are embracing a Nazi sympathizer who called his years of turning in his own to the Third Reich as the happiest years of his life.

The 2016 Elections was a wake up call
for every politician from We the People.

Any politician still holding their tongue
at what is almost the one year anniversary
of that referendum has refused to learn
and has decided not to hear our message.

We the People need to remove these politicans
in the 2018 elections –
either by election,
or impeachment.

Sharing a couple of posts that hit that proverbial nail on the head — the first by a friend of mine Bud Bromley, addressing the GW Bush and what many are still not seeing about him, and the other by Niall Stanage of the Hill.

Right now, I’m too infuriated to write anything that isn’t full of emotional ranting and raving.


Beating Around the Bush

Posted on October 20, 2017 by Bud Bromley

You of course realize that buried in George W. Bush’s long and boring rhetoric is his point, the point of the globalist elites, that there is no turning back for America, or so they believe, and we have no alternative to their internationalist, globalist economy.  Welcome back to fascism.

I believe Amazon’s (Bezos’) model (free cash flow instead of net income) is the new model for the collectivist new world order. Companies of the globalist/collectivist elite will move away from ownership of private property.  The economy will be debt-financed as various types of lease structures. The city, the state, the federal government or some tax-free corporation or foundation will own the property, the warehouse, the land, the office building, the mine, the airplane, etc. Realizing that citizens and corporations are resisting the higher taxes that are and would be required to finance further growth of government/government control, and, desiring that growth to continue, the oligarchy will finance further growth of government via free cash flow rather than taxable net income.

For example, a football stadium financed by the common citizen’s taxes/bond, owned by a community and leased to the football team. The name of the stadium or the corporate headquarters will be part of an advertising contract, nothing else. We might as well call all of them Big Brother. The corporation will be able to quickly pick up and move on to another jurisdiction that is willing to offer them more, leaving the Detroits and Pittsburgs and their citizens to clean up the mess…and continue paying the taxes and bonds. The same model has been used for Olympic events for decades with a few exceptions (Los Angeles 1984 and Salt Lake City 2002 reported profits.) The citizens of the Olympic city or country are left holding the bag for decades after the event, before and during which the international elites swept the cash flow into secret bank accounts.  Regime change and wars are the hot end of that same stick.

You know, where they go out and bomb people and things.

In short, global collectivists are allowed to game the legal and financial systems to their advantage without regard to the long term interests of the community, though, all the while, their collectivist credo publicly and rhetorically promotes that same community. The laws do not apply to them, as they did not apply to the Clinton Foundation and the Clintons personally benefiting from the sale of U.S. uranium resources to Russia, as they did not apply to Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood, and many other examples. It is a mechanism that enables elites to avoid the traditional, moral, stakeholder responsibility to the communities where they are based, as well as avoiding ownership of private property.  The UN states the case.  Private property is anathema to collectivists. But private property is where the rubber hits the road.  They can walk away from the commons after they have overgrazed it and had their fill, a tragedy left behind and yet another crisis for government bureaucrats to regulate and control.  They need to control the commons, but that would be their downfall.  Because then they would have to pay for it and take responsibility for it.  They never learned the lesson of the failed commons, the tragedy of the commons.  Private property versus the tragedy and failure of the commons.

The globalist elites will make demands and those demands lead to more wars and regime changing.  They are unable to leave us alone and go in peace.

The Memo: Murmurs of Trump dissent in GOP

Posted by Niall Stanage on The Hill, 21-October-2017

Senior Republicans are becoming more emboldened in speaking out against President Trump, giving voice to the growing frustrations in the party over his tenure. But the floodgates of criticism are far from open.

Many political observers say the fierce loyalty that Trump enjoys among the party grassroots remains a powerful disincentive for Republican figures to question him publicly.

“An awful lot of Republicans have been uncomfortable with Trump but for a variety of reasons — some of them understandable — they have wanted to hold their fire,” said Peter Wehner, a Republican who served in the administrations of the previous three GOP presidents but is a longtime critic of Trump.

Behind the scenes, Wehner added, “every day and every month that passes, it becomes clearer and clearer what we are dealing with.”

Former President George W. Bush entered the political fray this week with a speech that never mentioned Trump by name, but was widely interpreted as a shot across his bow.
Bush spoke out against political discourse “degraded by casual cruelty” and expressed concern about “nationalism distorted into nativism” — echoing frequent lines of attack against the president.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) adopted a similar approach as he received an award from former Vice President Biden in Philadelphia on Monday. McCain lambasted what he termed “half-baked spurious nationalism” and warned that “we will not thrive in a world where our leadership and ideals are absent. We wouldn’t deserve to.”

Meanwhile, the White House is still smarting over its tussle with Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.). Trump tweeted that the Tennessee senator had “begged” him for an endorsement. Corker shot back by comparing the White House to an “adult day care center.”

There is no real doubt that the three party grandees are expressing feelings that are often heard when Washington Republicans speak in private.

But Bush is retired, Corker is retiring, and McCain is battling a grave health issue.

The reluctance of others who are facing into competitive fights to go into the arena against Trump is notable. And it makes even strong critics of the president believe he can hold the line against GOP dissenters for the moment.

The president’s approval rating with the general public is at 39.4 percent in the RealClearPolitics average — historically bad for a commander-in-chief at such an early stage of his administration.

But among Republicans, Trump’s approval rating hovers around 80 percent in most polls. That means Republican lawmakers who are seeking reelection need to think twice before crossing him.

Sen. Jeff Flake, the Arizona Republican, has been one of the few willing to do so. Flake penned a book, “Conscience of a Conservative,” that is deeply critical of Trump.
“Never has a party so quickly or so easily abandoned its principles as my party did during the 2016 campaign,” Flake wrote.

But the senator is in deep trouble in his home state, where he is seeking reelection next year.

A pro-Trump primary challenger, former state Sen. Kelli Ward, has been running ahead of him in some polls. Flake’s approval rating in one Arizona poll during the summer was just 18 percent.

“Flake is kind of the exception that proves the rule right now,” said Dan Judy, a GOP consultant whose firm worked with the 2016 primary campaign of Trump rival Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla).

Referring to the reluctance of others to speak out, Judy added:

“There is a very simple reason: Donald Trump is very popular among Republicans. Yes, there is a subset of Republicans among whom he is not popular. But among his supporters, which is anywhere between 50 percent to two-thirds of the party, he has something like a 90 percent approval rating. Republicans are going to need those voters in their corner if they have a chance to win.”

The White House has sometimes hit back at critics with ferocity. Trump disparaged Corker as “Liddle Bob Corker” in one tweet when the contretemps between the two was at its most intense.

Some observers believed the pushback against Corker was intending to signal a warning to other Republicans who might be tempted to go public with their criticisms. Others saw it as a typically impulsive move.

Trump warned McCain earlier this week to “be careful” because he might “fight back.”

But asked about the implied criticisms by former President Bush, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders adopted a more restrained tone at Friday’s media briefing.

“Our understanding is that those comments were not directed towards the president,” she said.

The Memo is a reported column by Niall Stanage, primarily focused on Donald Trump’s presidency.

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