The Pro-Palestinian Myth

Originally published: 2019-12-15 23:52:56

Why the Muted Political and Media Voices Over the Recent Clashes Between the Syrians and Palestinians?

The number of Palestinians killed in Syria’s civil war according to the respected London based monitoring organisation Action Group for Palestinians of Syria (AGPS) are staggering.

More than 4000 Palestinians have been slaughtered, the vast majority being civilians – including nearly 500 women and 200 children.

Remarkably there have been

  • no pro-Palestinian demonstrations outside any Syrian embassies
  • no anti-Syrian rhetoric at any UK Labour Party gatherings nor
  • any statements emanating from the usual band of pseudo-intellectual artists, media luvvies, and fascist left wing politicians such as Roger Waters and Jeremy Corbyn, expressing either outrage of the Syrian regime and their military backers, Russia, and Iran or in support for their cause celebre the Palestinians.

Academic researchers on the Middle East and political commentators such as myself fully understand the hatred between Syria and the Palestinians.

As long ago as 1976, the departed Syrian President Hafez al Assad, father of the current Syrian President, told the Palestinian leadership…

”Do not forget – there is no Palestinian people, no Palestinian entity… there is only Syria.”

Given the deathly silence from those voices continuously shouting from the rafters in support of the Palestinians, such support base ignores the atrocities committed by the tripartite against the Syrian-Palestinian population.

Ironically, the Palestinians neatly housed in Gaza, Judea, and Samaria have never spontaneously organised one of their 7,500 plus days of rage in support of their Syrian-Palestinian brothers.

One wonders what the Syrian Palestinians did to deserve such non-support when 20 miles (32 km) to their southern and western borders other Palestinians command global media attention and sensational support from numerous national, political and artistic quarters.

The public relations officer for Syrian Palestinians should be fired and recruited from Hamas or the Palestinian Authority.


Close to 4,000 Palestinians killed in Syria’s civil war

Syria was home to some 560,000 Palestinian refugees before the war broke out in 2011.
By ANNA AHRONHEIM, JULY 10, 2019 22:32
Close to 4000 Palestinians killed in Syrias civil war
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Apart from the deaths there are frequent reports of Palestinians being imprisoned and tortured in Syrian dungeons with the full support, knowledge and assistance from both Iran and Russia.

The usual vocal support base from the pro-Palestinian lobby remains perversely silent.

This really explains that true pro-Palestinians are either confused, ignorant, hypocritical certainly, but in reality not pro-Palestinian at all.


82 Palestinians tortured to death in Syria prisons in 2018

January 4, 2019 at 3:24 pm | Published in: Middle East, News, Palestine, Syria
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The Reality of Pro-Palestinian Support

How can it be that those who purport to be pro-Palestinian — and the Palestinians themselves — choose to ignore, stay silent, and never protest against Syrians, Russians, and Iranians committing atrocities against their brothers, sisters and children?

The logic for this phenomena is easily explained by acknowledging the mythical support for Palestinians is actually rabid opposition to the Jewish State of Israel.

If we for a moment ignore the political debate connected to the rights of Palestinians being allowed to inhabit areas within Israel’s borders and just concentrate on Palestinians living in surrounding nations, as we have seen in Syria, Lebanon provides relative safety but under Apartheid.

”Palestinians in Lebanon are treated as second class residents, restricted from working in most fields, banned from owning property, forced to live in run-down camps and barred from formal education.”


Palestinians in Lebanon: ‘It’s like living in a prison’

Trump’s controversial Jerusalem decision has compounded the misery of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.
by Lisa Khoury, 16-Dec-2017
Palestinians in Lebanon
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This should surprise, shock, and create contempt for the Lebanese and promote outrage and protestations by those Palestinians and their global political supporters.

But… nothing…

Silence, no outrage, no demonstrations nor protests by pro-Palestinian politicians, Islamists, Muslims, and their organised religious support base, college campuses — nor the media!

The contempt, indeed hatred, the Lebanese feel towards their Palestinian neighbours can be traced back to the Damour massacre perpetrated by Palestinians during the 1970’s excesses of the barbaric Palestinian militias.

Never reported to any extent by mainstream media, 600 entirely innocent Lebanese men, women, and children were butchered by the Palestinians in order to gain geo-political, religious, and military control over Lebanon.

Families were made to watch as the Palestinian butchers went through ritual slaughter.

The fact that today’s Lebanese actually tolerate the Palestinians albeit as second class citizens says more for the Lebanese than it does for the Syrians who massacre them.


Lebanon’s long forgotten massacre

Lebanons long forgotten massacre
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Perversely, the Palestinian Charters (see the PNC Charters of 1964 / 1968 and the Hamas Charter of 1988) only demand the extermination of Jews and not of Syrians, Iranians, Russians, nor Lebanese.

Is it not ironic to the point of being totally hypocritical, cowardly, and ideologically perverse that the pro-Palestinians remain silent on the atrocities described above perpetrated by the forces of those named nation states.

The Plight of the Palestinians Are Replicated in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq

A very similar picture emerges when we analyse the treatment of Palestinians in Iraq.

The Palestinians leveraged off the generosity of Iraq’s former leader Sadaam Hussein much to the detriment of ordinary Iraqis.

Sadaam’s Baathist party wanted to have the mantra as being the Arab world’s saviour to the Palestinian cause and promoted their needs above the needs of Iraqis; both Shia and Sunni who opposed the sadistic, mass murdering Iraqi regime.

Naturally, the Palestinians cared not a jot about their fellow Arab brothers and on the fall of Sadaam in 2003 and after the bombing of the Shia, Al Askari Mosque in 2006, ordinary Iraqis took their revenge on the Palestinians.

After both of these events, hundreds of Palestinians were killed by Iraqi and Iranian militias and thousands were ethnically cleansed and those that remained were and still are treated as if under Apartheid.

Once again we witnessed no demonstrations or outrage from the pro Palestinian global caucus.

As expected, the BBC did not believe these events were worthy of reporting.


Nowhere to Flee
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The plight of Palestinians within Iraq replicates the plight of Palestinians in Syria and Lebanon.

They — the Palestinians — are obviously hated, treated with contempt, and are forced to live under apartheid style conditions.

There are reasons why various strands of Arab nationalism and Islamic fundamentalism behave towards the Palestinians as they do.

The reasons are historic and range between revenge for the Palestinian militant atrocities meted out on other Arabs civilian populations and the benefits Palestinians received from Arab leaders to the detriment of their own populations.

This illogical fact occurred simply because those leaders wished to be seen globally in the lead role as the saviour of the Palestinians.

Naturally, the Palestinian aggression and inertia to their fellow Arab hosts has rebounded on them.


The forgotten generations: Palestinian refugees in Iraq

Palestinians in Iraq face an uncertain future with little hope of escaping life as stateless refugees.
by Claire Thomas
The forgotten generations - Palestinian refugees in Iraq
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The number of Jordanian Palestinians massacred by a combination of the Jordanian army and Pakistani elite forces commanded by General Zia Al-Haq remains in question but many researchers consider that up to 25,000 is realistic.

Additionally, the number of Jordanian Palestinians ethnically cleansed to North Africa surpassed 4 times that number.

For reasons one can only guess, the plight of these Palestinians has never been an issue for the pro-Palestinian mob.

When a mathematical analysis is considered of Palestinians killed in conflict during the last 50 years it is an unpalatable fact that at least
than their supposed enemy the Jewish State of Israel

Paradoxically, however, the Palestinian leadership — Hamas in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank — both have Charters only calling for Jew extermination.

Perhaps they should concentrate on their real enemies – Syria, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, and Pakistan – yes?

Given this analysis, is it not therefore evident to all reasonable thinking, morally decent people that the so called ‘Pro Palestinian’ activists, whether politicians, celebrities, journalists and the hate mob are not really pro-Palestinian at all?

They are in fact Jew haters — or as they prefer to be called, anti-Zionists.


Black September: The role of Pakistan’s General Zia-ul-Haq in the 1970 massacre of 25,000 Palestinians in Jordan

by Abdul Nishapuri
The role of Pakistans General Zia-ul-Haq in the 1970 massacre of 25000 Palestinians in Jordan
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