by Garrett O’Brien and Hank Racette, originally published 01-July-2017

One of our favorites to follow on Facebook is Hank Racette – you always know where he stands, and if he’s not sure of where he stands and is still sorting things out, he comes out with it.

One of his posts this week focused on health care and it is pretty concise.

Read on…

Single Payer, Single Decider

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the family in the UK that is now discovering the darkest side of single-payer health care, but I’ll briefly recap for those who have missed it.

Charlie Gard, a ten-month-old boy in the UK, is suffering from a genetic condition that has left him with brain damage and no hope of recovery in his British hospital (mitochondrial disease).

A U.S. doctor is willing to try an experimental treatment, and his parents have raised more than a million dollars to cover the cost of moving their son to the U.S. and paying for the treatments.

However, even though this is the parents’ wish, and they’re ready and able to pay for it with their own money, the British and European Union experts have decided that the likelihood of treatment in the U.S. making a significant improvement in the child’s health is slim, and so have declared that the boy remains in the hospital, where his life support was scheduled to be switched off today (Friday, 30-Jun, 1700 BST).

Single payer, single decider.

That’s how it works.

In a pro-choice medical environment, where we respected the woman’s right to choose not to let her son die while medical options exist and she is able to pay for them, this wouldn’t happen.But when the government provides the health care, the government gets to decide when it’s worth trying to save a child, and when it’s time to let him die — even if the parents and their doctors want to keep fighting.

But when the government provides the health care, the government gets to decide when it’s worth trying to save a child, and when it’s time to let him die — even if the parents and their doctors want to keep fighting.

You don’t have to call it a “death panel,” this group that decided the parents can keep their million dollars because their kid is scheduled to die tomorrow.

Just call it socialized medicine.

A spokesperson for Great Ormond Street Hospital said earlier:

As with all of our patients we are not able to, and nor will we, discuss these specific details of care. This is a very distressing situation for Charlie’s parents and all the staff involved and our focus remains with them.

Charlie’s parents, Chris and Connie Yates raised £1.3M on a crowdfunding site to pay for the experimental treatment in the U.S.

Ms. Yates (Charlie’s mother) previously indicated the money would go towards a charity for mitochondrial depletion syndrome archive if Charlie did “not get his chance”.

What is Mitochondrial Disease?

Mitochondrial disease, or ‘mito’ for short, refers to a group of disorders where dysfunctional mitochondria are present, resulting in a variety of developmental, muscular, and brain abnormalities. Mitochondrial disease is a genetic, chronic condition that is sadly progressive and can affect anyone at any time in their life. Symptoms of the disease vary hugely between individuals, but the most common symptoms are fatigue, neurological problems, visual and/or hearing impairment, heart, liver, or kidney dysfunction, muscle weakness, and poor growth, to name but a few. There are very few treatments for mitochondrial diseases and there is currently no cure.

Whenever any country and/or organization loses focus on the dignity of life, then the foundation on which they have been founded ceases to exist – it is only a matter of time before that castle, that country, that organization comes crashing down for lack of a solid foundation.

And yet there are advocates that will say single-payer is the path to go — one has to wonder just how long they would be believing this if Charlie Gard had been their own child.

No one gave anyone the right to play God — and they are playing God, even if their own ignorance says this is not so.

There will be a day, whether they believe in Him or not, their actions will be judged.

And truthfully, we don’t want to be anywhere near them when that happens.

As for agnostics and atheists, all we can say is would it not be better to pursue His presence only then to find out He doesn’t exist than not pursue His presence only to find out He does???…

Or did that thought never cross your mind?

Back to the Single Payer topic – when any entity such as a government controls what you receive, they also control what you don’t receive…

You can keep up with Chris and Connie Yates and their new baby
(born 05-August-2020) on twitter.

They have also started the Charlie Gard Foundation
with the donations received, which you can visit here.

srcs: Hank Racette – Facebook  |  BBC News


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Died Suddenly - Conspiracy No More

Please view the Trailer for this video first. The graphic imagery is intentional as it is the only way you will know what is happening; Big Pharma is counting on you NOT knowing what is really happening.

The trailer can be viewed by clicking here (opens in our rumble account).

The audio and the video is NOT suitable for children - please view when they are not present (use earphones or headset to keep young ears from listening in).

From the Directors of 'These Little Ones' and 'Watch the Water'

Embalmers and funeral homes see the results of what has been happening for the past 2 years - something is WAY different, it isn't good, and they aren't happy...

Life insurance companies are fully aware of the results the embalmers and funeral directors are seeing and reporting.

Sudden Adult Death Syyndrome (SADS) is NOT a syndrome - it is a result of foreign substances that are in the vaccines, one of them being Graphene Oxide, that are create inorganic strings in the blood system that eventually stops the blood, dead.

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