If we can, then that negates Fauci, Brix, CDC, WHO, and WEC policies and their CONSTANT fear-mongering doesn’t it?

Read on…

The video below is a TX Senate Committee Hearing on Senate Bill 1669, authored by TX Senator Bob Hall, concerning the forced vaccinations for COVID-19.

The clip we snagged from this hearing is of the testimony given by Dr. Ben Edwards, a family physician in Texas.

Some points Dr. Edwards covers (italicized content are notes we added)…

The elements of evidence-based medicine set the following pecking order…

  • PATIENT VALUES trumps clinical expertise
  • Clinical expertise trumps scientific evidence

So much for Fauci, Brix, CDC, WEC, WHO, and every politician pushing forced vaccinations of ANY kind – eh?

As the vaccinations have failed all animal testing [none survived] as well as failed limited human testing before being pushed out onto an unsuspecting public, the FDA will not recognize ANY of the vaccines as they are all in experimental stages. That being the case, then

Forced Vaccinations Are Most Likely A Violation of The Following…

  • the U.N. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Article 7 [ link / archive ]
  • the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 3 [ link / archive ]
  • the UNESCO Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights, Article 6 [ link / archive ]

From the CDC VAERS website

  • In the last 20 years, there have been 4182 deaths from ALL vaccinations while this year alone (4 months) there have been 4178 deaths reported to VAERS
  • Dr Ben Edwards notes that there is a long history of underreporting of adverse reactions to vaccines:
    • a recent study by DHHS and Harvard University concluded that only about 1% of adverse cases of the COVID vaccination are being reported;
    • a 2015 study had the same results;
    • a CDC report in 1995 noted the same level of under-reporting; and
    • vaccine manufactures have reported multiple times that there is a 50 fold under-reporting of adverse reactions.
  • Comparison: the 1976 SARS breakout resulted in 500 cases of paralysis and 53 deaths. the vaccines were pulled off the market; we are at 4000+ deaths (remember, with underreporting that is more likely 400,000+) and many experiencing lifelong adverse effects like uncontrollable seizures, headaches, loss of motor skills, yet many medical professionals and organizations are STILL pushing the need for the vaccine.
  • Those with a healthy immune system and/or have already been exposed to COVID are 2 to 3 fold more likely to have an adverse reaction to the vaccines (note – FOLD is different [and greater in magnitude] than TIMES, not sure if Dr. Edwards knows this difference…)
  • The doctor/patient relationship should be treated as sacred – the patient should always have the last say, not the government.
  • God has created a very robust immune system for us – don’t toy with it by consuming processed, man-altered foods…
  • Natural immunity is more robust than any vaccine immunity
  • YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM NATURALLY by stewardship of your body through proper nutrition, hydration, exercise, sunlight,… and PEACE NOT FEAR

Understand now why the Elite push their agendas through fear?
Have you EVER heard the Elite push anything through peace?

Video – Dr. Ben Edward’s Testimony

The whole hearing can be heard here: Part 1  |  Part 2


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