by Garrett O’Brien, originally published 11-May-2022

Mule Definition and Legalities

Mule (n) –  a person, a runner, who agrees to carry multiple ballots to a dropbox on their own or into another county in return for payment by a person or organization (usually, a non-profit (NGO)); said ballots are normally not legit and illegal.

In some States ballot harvesting (collecting and dropping off ballots of people you know such as family or next-door neighbors) is legal — in ALL States ballot trafficking is illegal as you see in the video 2000 Mules.

Overall Message

The people NEED to do something about all this, our governments and political parties on BOTH sides of the aisle as well as MSM and Big Tech have failed We the People miserably.

Our Constitution already gives us the legitimacy to do something to protect our country in this situation.


Gregg Phillipselection intelligence investigator archive with 40 years of global experience, he is also a Philanthropist and the founder of CoverMe, a customizable coverage marketplace with real-time verification and enrollment options for all available payer, financial, and social assistance programs. His work has identified the 3 elements that are common in all voter fraud operations 0- a non-profit organization, a distributor, and a mule.

Catherine Engelbrecht – the founder of, equips citizens to feel empowered with the election process at all points. True the Vote currently owns the largest database of dropbox data, including 4 million minutes of videos from security cameras that were pointed at the drop boxes in 5 States.

Who the ‘True The Vote’ Are

In 2009, True the Vote found its footing after they realized that we were at a crossroads, as a nation, to keep elections free and fair.

After being told we were “playing at the margins” and that “process doesn’t matter,” we learned instead that process is key, and citizens are far more powerful than we know.

This is not a game or a drill.

This is real life, real liberty, and the cornerstone of all we are as a republic.

The more that we move away from an election that brings Americans together to have a conversation about the direction of our country, the more that we risk losing the very thing that makes this nation special.

This special thing is your ability as a citizen to have a say in our government.

If you have reached a place where you want to make sure you have a say, then you need to be a part of True the Vote

What ‘True the Vote’ Does

True the Vote wants you to feel empowered with the election process at all points.

From getting voters registered all the way, to supporting election code reforms in your state.

Election integrity requires preemptive action.

It is not enough to be involved on only election day.

It is not enough to wonder if all votes are being properly counted or wonder what happened at the polls.

Every aspect of life in America presupposes a free and fair election.

It presupposes that at some point we will all have a chance to come together and decide who leads us.

That is something worth saving and something worth protecting.

Election integrity requires constant engagement.

True the Vote is here to help you and guide you to do exactly that: constantly engage.

Every step in the elections process offers you an opportunity to have your voice heard and we want to show you how. Not just inside the voting booth, but well beyond.

Notes from 2000 Mules

Public intuition was strong to there being a problem with the 2020 election – and now 2 years later, that intuition, as well as feelings, are stronger than ever before.

The biggest problem with the 2020 election results in the passivity of the GOP, even after the release of the documentary.

The Evidence – Geotracking

Geotracking is one of the two elements used by both Catherine and Gregg and the NYTs own image provides just how accurate geotracking can be…


Near 300,000 apps provide geotracking – even if you have your GPS off, even if you have your phone turned off, geotracking is stored in your phone and then sent the moment your turn your cellular phone on. This is true of Android and Apple phones, but not so much on the new Linux phones which allow more control of your phone as well as each app.

Also, VPN does NOT affect geotracking – geotracking involves satellites and VPN involves your internet connection.

Geotracking information includes a minimum set of 4 elements: minimum coordinates, distance traveled, elevation, and the time of each data point

The data is then sold by the app producers or phone manufacturers to brokers from whom True the Vote bought as much data as they could (10 trillion signals from across the country)…

And that is only for 5 States and 5 large metropolitan areas.

Save for Georgia, the data was for the period October 1st to November 3rd, 2016 (election day) – Georgia was until January 6th due to the runoff elections.

They used algorithms to isolate signals that visited 10 dropboxes or more along with 5 or more non-profit organization visits (who were providing the illegal ballots)

Per a whistleblower, the going rate was about $10 per ballot.

The data shows the average mule visited 24 boxes and made on average 5 drops per box – most of these occurred in the middle of the night.

Seeing a sporadic drop of ballots between 1 and 5 in the morning is one thing, seeing 2000+ mules doing so is another

With the criteria of 10 dropbox visits and 5 NGOs visited, they came up with 2000+ mules…

Drop the dropbox visits t0 5 and drop the number of NGOs visited 2 or 3, that 2000+ changes to 54,000+

Here is what one mule did one night in Atlanta…

  • blue line – the route traversed by the mule
  • orange dots – drop boxes
  • circles – non-profit organizations that collected the ballots and then distributed them to the mules

Let’s keep in mind the location of the drop boxes required someone to get off the highway or main street, turn in somewhere and get out of their car

The geotracking also disclosed many of the mules were out of state – this solidifies the high level of organization that went on with this operation.

Also, the mules were not wearing gloves until December 23rd then ALL the mules are wearing gloves – what happened?

On December 22nd, There was an indictment from the FBI in Arizona on mail fraud.

To have ALL the mules make that one simple change means there is a huge coordinated effort that is much higher than those providing the ballots to the non-profits.

Who have we seen in the past to have such a structured organization that can make things happen overnight?

ABOVE: Given Dinesh’s tweet, either the geotracking works OR
the CDC was aware it didn’t work and wanted to instill fear into people
during the so-called pandemic…

The Evidence – Video Recordings

The other element used by both Catherine and Gregg is the video recordings of the activity 24/7 of the drop boxes.

From around the country, more than 4 million minutes of video of mules making drops were recorded and they sync up with the geotracking like clockwork in EVERY case…

This was despite many jurisdictions – especially in Arizona – saying they did NOT have a camera recording the dropbox even though they were supposed to have done so (the cameras were turned off when the dropboxes were present – oh really??? SMH)

The video recordings also expose the mules’ body language – if they are throwing gloves out without having looked at the trash can, then they knew it was there.

The person seen doing such was from South Carolina and was dropping ballots off in Georgia.

All of this is STILL being denied and/or ignored by the MSM news, Big Tech, Liberals, and politicians on both sides of the aisle…

Once the first canary sings, they all sing – if you never get past the fear, you are never free.

What Was the Impact of Ballot Trafficking?

Based on the criteria that a mule was someone who visited 10 drop boxes and 5 nonprofits in the 5 States, we are looking at 2000+ mules – from all the geotracking data then we have the following…

T-232 B-306
Detroit, MI 500+ 50 5 Incl suburbs 125,000 Biden 16 / none
Milwaukee, WI 100 28 5 Incl suburbs 14,000 Biden 10 /none
Atlanta, GA 250 24 5 Incl suburbs 30,000 Trump 16 to Trump
Philly, PA 1100+ 50 5 Philly only 275,000 Trump 20 to Trump
Phoenix, AZ 200+ 20 5 Incl suburbs 20,000 Trump 11 to Trump
434,000 T-279 B-259

When the criteria are relaxed from 10 to 5 drop boxes, the number of ballots per visit from 5 to 3, and ignoring the number of NGOs visited, the above numbers change DRASTICALLY…

First the total number of mules changes from 2000+ to 54,000+

T-232 B-306
Detroit, MI 500+ 50 5 Incl suburbs 226,590 Biden 16 to Trump
Milwaukee, WI 100 28 5 Incl suburbs 83,565 Biden 10 to Trump
Atlanta, GA 250 24 5 Incl suburbs 92,670 Trump 16 to Trump
Philly, PA 1100+ 50 5 Philly only 209,505 Trump 20 to Trump
Phoenix, AZ 200+ 20 5 Incl suburbs 207,435 Trump 11 to Trump
819,765 T-305 B-233

The Giveaway

Any operation such as that carried out with the drop boxes is easy to determine once you have the data

When it comes to making a fast buck, most people go to areas most familiar to them – if they are not familiar with the locations, they are most likely to reuse the same locations they first visited.

We are a lazy bunch, remember?

That makes us creatures of habit and as a result, we go where we are most familiar – ESPECIALLY if it is “easy” money.

Patterns develop out of these visits and one only has to know where the drop boxes are – from there, the point of origin for the ballots can be determined.

Now, It’s Up To the Department of Justice / Law Enforcement

Should the Department of Justice or the local and/or State Law Enforcement NOT do anything with what this evidence presents – there is only one alternative.

Our Constitution gives We the People the power OVER our government — which leads to Catherin’s warning

A Warning from Catherine Engelbrecht

If we don’t wake up and do the hard, roll-up your sleeves work that it is going to take to reel this all back together, then yes – all the pieces are in place for our election system to be in permanent lockdown. And it will be done under that watchful eye of the media that will be telling you that is all just fine.

What Did the GOP Do Once They Heard About the Ballot Trafficking?

A consultant turned whistleblower who was hired by the National Republican Senate Committee was hired to watch the ballot boxes in the early stages in Georgia from December 14th to the 31st.

Along with seeing people walking up to the boxes at strange hours of the night to stuff a bunch of ballots into the box, he witnessed cars with licensees from Texas, Colorado, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

He reported all this to the NRSC and never heard back from them.


Not All Trafficked Ballots Went to Drop Boxes

A Hispanic receptionist in Yuma county turned whistleblower shared she was instructed to accept ballots when (not if) anyone brought in any (not one) ballots – the same people would come by on Friday and pick up payments.

Someone would come by occasionally to retrieve the ballots and occasionally she was told to drop the ballots off after dark at a nearby dropbox at a library – because that dropbox did not have any cameras.

Though she never counted how many, she did agree with the interviewer that it could have been hundreds.

Where did the Activist Non-profit Organizations Get the Ballots to Give to the Mules?

Election fraud is bi-partisan however MOST of the fraud is from the Democratic party.

An interview with Hans von Spakovsky, an American attorney, a former member of the Federal Election Commission (FEC), manager of the Heritage Foundation’s Election Law Reform Initiative, and Senior Legal Fellow in Heritage’s Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies…

  • Mules are common among the minority communities
  • the mules are paid to go into neighborhoods and collect absentee ballots, to pressure and coerce voters
  • transparency is forfeited in mail-in or dropbox ballots
  • the narrative that election fraud is rare is false – voter fraud is nationwide with every election
  • how the non-profits get the ballots they are going to traffic is totally up to the imagination of the non-profit
  • voter rolls are the weak link that is making voting fraud very possible
  • the vulnerable – like retirement homes, the mentally incompetent, the h9omeless, and minority communities where English is not their 1st language – are always a target

How Are They Funding All This?

Scott Walter, of the Capital Research Center, says think of 3 rivers

  • the ard dollars – money we send to the candidates
  • the soft money –
  • the 501-(c)3 non-profit money – this river is enormous, in 2018 it was flowing with US$21 BILLION – of which Facebook and Arbella used to influence the elections (indirectly supposedly, in reality – not)

Big money always comes with strings attached – dropboxes and vote-by-mail are the heaviest strings attached to such contributions.

Ads in foreign languages are also on their list – hmmm…

The Voter Registration Project is one such 501-(c)3 and is funded by the Soros foundation, Warren Buffett foundation, and unions.

Even projects that were funded for COVID-19 for masks and plexiglass booths and walls saw only a small amount going to the project while much of it went to Democrat Party Voting drives.

There are nearly $500 million going just for this aspect of manipulating the vote – what else and where else are the democrats stealing our Liberty?


This is next – watch your social media accounts for this…

ARVE Error: No attachment with that ID

Other Discoveries

Two cold cases were resolved using the data gained by True the Vote

Given this data set includes October, that means it also includes signal data for the riots in Atlanta – oops…

Turns out some of the mules running ballots in Atlanta were also noted to be in the BLM and Antifa riots

What else can we find out about BLM and Antifa by this means?

Watch for both of them to change communication strategies in the future…

Random Thought

After watching “2000 Mules” and seeing what data can be purchased by civilians, it got me thinking about what geolocation tracking the NSA did on January 6th.

That means they have busloads of Antifa and BLM caught in clusters, watched them disperse, and recorded every move (including changing into MAGA gear). Same with plainclothes FBI and off-duty FBI. I hope/think we have them properly screwed with hard evidence (“FISA works both ways”).

Perhaps the same with MS-13 who [187]’ed Seth Rich?

 ~ via @WeTheMedia (telegram)

Such a situation already exists – the CIA and FBI have been using this technique for years but only on the subjects that threaten THEIR narrative.

This technique is how the FBI arrested people who were at the Capitol Building on January 6th within 24, 48, 72 hours.

We do not have the means right now to isolate, assess, analyze, assess, and identify geotracking data in that short of a timeframe.

In other words, the FBI had picked people they had been geotracking long before BEFORE January 6th and arrested them shortly afterward.

What You Need to Do Next

Take Baby Steps Or Take Big Steps And Do It Decisively

The first step is ALWAYS nerve-racking for some – for many for others, not-so-much

However, as Gregg Phillips shared “If you never get past the fear you are never free.

The pain you experience saving our country and protecting it is ALWAYS the lesser pain than allowing our country to fall into the wrong hands.

You don’t have to take on a huge project or an entire community – just being vocal around your community is a great start.

Voting is a MUST – meaning you have to LEARN about who you are voting for instead of voting for someone that makes you feel good.

Making you feel good is what politics is all about – an empty sack full of promises.

Learn how to follow your politicians voting record – that will tell you more than what they are telling you…

And truthfully, when was the last time you were on your knees? cracked open your Bible?

Don’t try to understand everything you are reading in the Bible – just keep reading it, God never designed it to be read in one sitting nor to be understood fully in a year.

Our Bible is designed to talk to you – you know, when you find yourself wondering how the writer of the book you are reading knew what is happening to you.

And every time you reread a chapter or book in the Bible, it will seem different than the last time.

A few minutes every day – 5 to 20 minutes – is all you need to get your days underway.

When it comes to faith, your consistency is most important – being puzzled or not in the know is a state of being that passes; don’t wallow in it, it’s just a bridge to discovering something or learning something about yourself.

This Is Not The End

Stay tuned on Social Media – Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillip have a plan…

Become Involved In Your Elections

As well as working with TrueTheVote, look into – it is not designed for everyone however everyone wanting to save our elections and our country can learn and participate in this program.

Start by volu8nteering in your comfort zone – but be willing to step up to the plate when needed.

Leaders are born while others are honed through the process – most never become leaders yet that hardly diminishes your role in getting the integrity of our elections returned and secured.

General Flynn said it best…

Local actions, national impact

What matters is involvement, action, vigilance, and networking within your community.

Know who and where you can report questionable or suspicious election activity – and follow up on your reports!

Anyone knowing a follow-up will be made to a report will make sure something is done – if not much is being done, push with questions and if necessary escalate your concerns to the politicians you can trust.

There’s a biblical principle that always works – those that are reaching end up getting the fruit.

Reaching can be asking around, talking to others (even strangers) all while calling city hall, attending political events and meetings, waiting in line for coffee, overhearing a conversation, and the list goes on.

The only limitation is what you put on yourself – even if you live in the middle of nowhere…

Most of you don’t

Ask questions – those interested in the future will answer them, and those interested in the past will ridicule them.

Always keep in mind these things…

  • The guilty are always the least affected by their actions
  • SEE what you are looking at
  • HEAR what you are listening to
  • Watch the SHELL GAME not the shells

Elections are already underway in many states and regrets afterward never resolve anything – we all feel better when we have done something, anything, to get things moving in the right direction.

So do something –


UPDATE 12-May-2022

Per Catherin Engelbrecht: 2000 Mules is Coming BACK to Theaters!

Read more on The Gateway Pundit


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