Goodbye YouTube

In the process of building this site, we have seriously neglected in letting our viewers and followers know what has been happening as well what has just been launched.

For that we apologize and take a step in the right direction with this post in keeping you all updated with this post.

As YouTube is seriously inept at protecting our First Amendment rights due to their selfish desire to control the narrative to the whims of those that are pulling their strings, for the most part we ended our relationship with YouTube a long time ago when it came to publishing and/or sharing any videos with you.

We still have an account with them as a subscriber to a few hundred channels as they are still publishing only on YouTube.

The migration to other platforms has only recently accelerated and we will be sharing their content from their new platforms instead of YouTube.

What is Decisive Liberty Endorsed Media (DLEM)?

Most of our content is provided through the aggregation of vetted sources – which means you will NOT find MSM content in our posts unless they finally get something righteous.

We maintain a list of content. videos, podcasts for those we are considering for our Endorsed Media.

So far, we have needed to remove only 4 of more than 100 sources in the past year – and we are consistently reviewing and looking for new channels and agencies to add.

If you believe a channel, agency, or other source would be a great addition to our Endorsed Media listing, contact us by clicking here and we will start looking into it.

Why Bitchute for Our Videos

That said, our focus to aggregate the best quality videos from channels that maintain a consistent level of integrity has resulted our Bitchute account.

We had tried several other platforms at the same time, however, Bitchute has provided the largest number of views as well as a high level of conversation over the others.

So, Bitchute it is.

Though we have been with Bitchute 29 months as of the 1st of this month, it is only in the past several months we have only recently started consistently providing quality videos to our channel – especially those that YouTube we feel will soon or already have censored by removing them and/or the entire channel.

Our numbers for our Bitchute account for the last 4 months speak for themselves…

14-May 257 1012 333,498
02-Jun 262 1249 377,171
06-Jul 278 1589 491,229
01-Aug 287 2129 618,984

Today, we have 318 videos, 2401 subscribers, and 706,430 views…

In the 6 years we were with YouTube, we never even reached the numbers we had last May with twice as many videos – so we yanked all but one of our videos of independent writer Peter Baum interviewing the Green Prince, aka Mosab Hassan Yousef, Son of Hamas (which is also on our Bitchute channel, linked below).

For those that have been following our blog, you already know that Peter has been a VERY generous contributor to our blog (see a listing of his contributions here) on issues in the Middle East as well as antisemitism globally and we owe him dearly for his works.

He has also introduced us to Simon Barrett of Revelation TV, whose programs include

Due to technical issues, our attempts to get a solid feed to provide Simon’s videos here on Decisive Liberty has been a challenge – still working on it though!

You can see Peter Baum’s interview of Mosab Hassan Yousef here…

Our Latest Additions

Two extraordinary videos –

A Survivor Shares Her Victory Over COVID-19 Using HCQ, Which Was Denied by Her Doctors

A survivor of COVID-19 who was refused HCQ by her doctors and had the courage to wave off the injections the doctors wanted to give instead…

From her own testimony…

I was tested for and INFECTED with C0VID-19. I was then DENIED the lifesaving treatment of HCQ. Please AVOID testing. Watch video for the CURE. God has a purpose in all our trials. The purpose for this is to tell you the TRUTH.

She uses handwritten signs to keep the algorithms and bots on the legacy social media platforms (FB, twr, YT, Google) at bay.

Unfortunately, the print appears backwards in the video, so here is what is written on, as well as the time marker for, each…

01:45 Remdesivir – up to 10 days of injections (high cost as well – $1000)

02:35 Hydroxychloroquine is the cure (she felt better WITHIN HOURS)

04:28 Vaccine 9no need for this!)

04:45 Hydroxychloroquine is the cure forth
04:49 COVID-19

05:24 Vaccine

end – they prescribe HCQ

Note: the backwards view of text is a common problem with FB videos, click here for a way to correct this if you so desire


 Rembrandt’s Return of the Prodigal Son Leads to Being Completely Honest With Yourself?

What does Rembrandt’s The Return of the Prodigal Son have to do with being completely honest with yourself?

Come to find out – everything…

Here are some questions for you all

We already have known for a while Liberals only want to destroy America…

True Democrats and Republicans alike want America’s values to be returned… …

Yet, how many of you are really building AND maintaining those same values in yourself?
in your family?
in your community?

I’m not talking surface appearance, but values that have been forged and honed from being broken then made whole…

How can you deal with the collective values and problems if you have not FULLY dealt with the values and problems going on not only in our family and community, but in your heart as well?

I am talking about hard core values, character shaping and building core values – built and maintained from struggles and endurance in order to be made whole…

I am talking about you dealing with you in an earnest intensity, not a ‘yeah I am doing that’ half-hearted response…

In this video. Pastor Cornelius Lindsey, who in spite of traveling internationally and preaching to everyone that God loved them, had a hard time accepting and struggled almost daily that God loved him…

As a result, he found himself fighting depression on a daily basis as well – not matter what he did, he could not shake the depression…

Those hard core values that he needed to shake that depression always start within a person – Pastor Lindsey shares the tough questions he asked of himself and he shares his journey through finding those answers…

Today, his prayer is for every American to embrace their brokenness and for you to begin a journey to get your own house in order at all levels – spiritually, physically, financially…

It is well known that the strength of any community relies upon the strength of the families in that community, the strength of any nation relies on the strength of its communities…

As you will see from his sermon, he’s not talking about skimming the surface and moving onto what’s next, he is talking about drilling down deep are making that broke person whole.

He is talking about being COMPLETELY raw and honest with yourself…

When was the last time you called your kids, your family together to pray over them, to pray together – IN EARNEST?

We are dealing with a heavy spiritual battle right now, are you leaving them unguarded? unprotected?

Are you leaving yourself unguarded? unprotected?

We love it that Q wants to drain the swamp – however, that is only half the battle, and actually only the beginning of the battle to keep the Liberty Benjamin Franklin warned us about losing.

It is up to us to rebuild the nation, and the foundation of any nation starts with values, character, discipline, consistency and faith of its people – first with themselves, then with their families, followed by their communities…

THIS is what the Deep State and their puppets, the Liberals, have been chipping away at since May 1st, 1776, and in earnest since the late 1950’s.

Given what we have been and are going through, and what we want to return to our nation, this self-examination HAS to be intense…

What comes out of any intense situation totally relies upon how much, how deeply we examine ourselves – not our fellow persons…

It is very important to know your position in what is going on today, but can you really do that until you have ‘unbroke’ yourself from past transgressions, bad habits, and destructive character traits and values?

Try listing them – as you become raw and honest with yourself you’ll see your original list only skimmed the surface.

You need to experience your brokenness and you need to wrestle with God until you become whole…

Enduring through a completely earnest and honest self-examination makes for the sharpest knife in any situation, and all that is only amplified and magnified when it is with God…

Your Pastor can’t do this for you, your spouse can’t do this for you, your friends can’t do this for you — and you can bet none of us here are about to do that for you…

Your wholeness only comes from embracing your brokenness…

You’ll need about an hour for Cornelius Lindsey’s sermon… be prepared…



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The Paper Trail Proves COVID-19 Is A Man-Made Manipulation

Dr. David Martin discusses with Ben Swann the irrefutable paper trail that shows C0R0NAVlRUS was manipulated by DARPA, the NIH, and Chinese Labs.

Nothing in this report is 'theory', it is all documented fact

Reflections from Decisive Liberty

The following stance is stated in the final paragraph of the oration given for the unveiling of our Statue of Liberty on the 28th of October, 1886....

... there is room in America and brotherhood for all who will support our institutions and aid in our development; but those who come to disturb our peace and dethrone our laws are aliens and enemies forever.

You can view the full oration by clicking here.

We at Decisive Liberty are committed to this stance and welcome all - if you have not already - to join us in learning to live by this stance.

There are only two nations that have placed God within their Constitution and way of life - one was created by God for the people he loves, and the other was created by people who love God.

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