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by Garrett O’Brien, originally published 08-July-2021; updated 12-December-2022

President Trump’s initiative to file a class-action lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter, and Google has been long coming.

The graph below was from a poll conducted by SurveyMonkey in early 2019 on behalf of Business Insider archive .

Again, that was in 2019.

Seems the CEOs of all 3 companies could not care less about user satisfaction but are highly concerned about controlling the very same narrative.

That action alone indicates all 3 are puppets beholding to a voice that can dictate what and – and shouldn’t – do.

The keyword being ‘shouldn’t’ means they had an option but took the lesser road, and sold their souls for the lust of money and power.

Whatever the case (and we will know soon enough the way things have been rolling against them), listening to the wrong voice has found them named as well in the class-action lawsuit which is NOT looking for a settlement but is demanding an end to the shadow-banning, a stop to the silencing, and a stop to the blacklisting, banishing, and canceling.

John Coale, the lead lawyer in the Trump social media lawsuit, noted in an interview after Trump’s announcement,

We will also be filing, in a day or two, a motion for a preliminary injunction- which means we will hopefully get the court to order the platforms to put back, not only Donald Trump but the people they’ve taken down…

Of course, the naysayers are already saying the lawsuit will be DOA once arriving at the Judge’s bench — making their bias as well as their ignorance of Trump’s past battles quite obvious.

They never learn…

Trump ALWAYS assesses such bib moves and he has only one question, “Can I win this one?”

And history shows he has won way more often than he’s given credit by his haters and doubters.

Infographic: American Public Supports Antitrust Action Against Facebook | Statista

The original chart can be found here, you will find more infographics at Statista

UPDATE: Twitter Is Now Privatized, What About Meta and Google (Youtube as well)?

Elon Muck put it best – he bought a crime scene.

Jack Dorsey has stepped out but he’s NOT out of the frying pan nor the fire, not by a long shot.

And of course, we have the head explosions and nervous buttercups all over the Left yelling and complaining that Elon is, one essence, doing EXACTLY what they were doing before he bought them.

Life’s a bitch when your hands are caught in the cookie jar, eh?

There is an assumption that the Left gives a damn about our country – they don’t.

That is most evident in their action to destroy Liberty at every opportunity they can.

They knew they would encounter resistance but counted on yelling, being psychotic, and being emotionally immature as a means to put Conservatives under their thumb.

What they didn’t know was just how powerful Conservatives can push back as well as innovate new markets that can compete with the Liberal Big Tech.

Today, there are so many leaving the Democrat party – both constituents and politicians – that they are now a minority within the political landscape.

And this isn’t happening just in the States, this is global.

Election Commissions everywhere have been bought to manipulate the “right” candidates into office however the people are not putting up with it.

Demanding respect only promotes mistrust, cowardice, weakness, and eventually, rebellion.

Commanding trust promotes faith, strength, courage, and the will to do more than is necessary to protect what they have.

The Liberals were a minority in the first place but we are now talking o a MINORITY that can’t be revived as they have scared off not only the long-term members but the youth as well – the Liberals don’t change too readily.

But once they do they remember what happened – and why…

All that said, both the MSM and Social Media had their hand in manipulating elections, manipulating the truth, and just downright lying.

Their legal protection needs to be removed and the justice departments need to hold them to the same level of legal accountability as Citizen Journalists (CJs) at a minimum, professional journalists (as it once was, professional journalism only exists with many CJs today)

If not then they should all be facing a takeover by the government and flipped into government-run utilities…

And that is the slowest death for any enterprise.


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