FORMER TITLE: The Blatant Bias Perspectives of Human Rights Watch (…/blatant-bias-perspectives-human-rights-watch/)
by Peter A. Baum, 03-May-2021

A recent report from the anti-Jewish State NGO inappropriately calling itself Human Rights Watch (HRW) is simply a report revising history and offering another propaganda win to Israel’s enemies .

The report is actually a piece of fiction that has received saturation coverage within mainstream media as another weapon to those pretending to be pro Palestinian but in reality are simply Jew-haters.

This report is a series of inaccuracies at best and lies in the main.

It also through professional incompetence and purposeful bigotry omits facts – context and historical evidence.

It also by design uses emotional, deceitful terminology in order to attract the sympathies of the ignorant to the ‘Palestinian’ side.

Just 2 examples of the fictitious and absurd claims are the paragraphs referring to the West Bank being occupied territory under International Law and the other is the map depicting 6.8 million Palestinians from the approximately 700,000 Palestinians supposedly ‘ethnically cleansed ‘ from their homes in 1948.

The Land Area of Israel Was Established In 1923

Let’s first take the opportunity to debunk Israel’s illegal occupation of the West Bank.

The International law identifying the land area of the State of Israel is contained within the 1923 League of Nations Mandate archive and thereafter, when the United Nations took over from where the League of Nations ceased in 1945, within Article 80 of the U.N. Charter archive.

The West Bank, or Judea and Samaria, are defined within the borders of Israel.

Click image for larger view…

Further endorsing this fact are the unalterable, legally binding principles of Acquired Rights and Estoppel which endorse for time immemorial, Israel’s rights to this area.

Paradoxically the only time when the West Bank was illegally occupied was during the period 1948 -1967 when Jordan along with 5 other Arab countries attacked the fledgling Jewish State.

A Mathematically Impossible Population Growth Rate

Now let’s debunk the math of the Palestinian population which according to HRW has grown from 700,000 to nearly 7 million during the 73 year period between 1948 and 2021.

This is physically impossible!

No other group, people, race, culture, nor sect has multiplied by a factor of 10 during such a short period.

The Palestinians must be the most abundantly productive group since mankind started to walk the planet

The math simply does not add up.

Sources to consider in assessing and analyzing population growth : The World Bank | Visual Capitalist | Our World In Data

Video: Former Hamas Member Exposes Atrocities Against Israel

Mosab Hassan Yousef’s father, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, is a founding leader of Hamas, internationally recognized as a terrorist organization and responsible for countless suicide bombings and other deadly attacks against Israel. Yousef – aka The Green Prince – was an integral part of the movement, for which he was imprisoned several times by the Shin Bet, the Israeli intelligence service. He withstood torture in prison only to discover Hamas was torturing its own people in a relentless search for collaborators. He began to question who his enemies really were–Israel? Hamas? America?

Recent Human Rights Watch Post

Human Rights Watch
First paragraph of A Threshold Crossed

About 6.8 million Jewish Israelis and 6.8 million Palestinians live today between the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River, an area encompassing Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), the latter made up of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. Throughout most of this area, Israel is the sole governing power; in the remainder, it exercises primary authority alongside limited Palestinian self-rule. Across these areas and in most aspects of life, Israeli authorities methodically privilege Jewish Israelis and discriminate against Palestinians. Laws, policies, and statements by leading Israeli officials make plain that the objective of maintaining Jewish Israeli control over demographics, political power, and land has long guided government policy. In pursuit of this goal, authorities have dispossessed, confined, forcibly separated, and subjugated Palestinians by virtue of their identity to varying degrees of intensity. In certain areas, as described in this report, these deprivations are so severe that they amount to the crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution.

Islam in Israel – Facts and Figures

The following is a factual precis of the realities regarding Israel’s religious and racial tolerance towards its Arab – Palestinian , Muslim population…

Freedom of religion is a core value of the Israeli democracy

  • Israel is home to 1,454,000 Muslim citizens who enjoy full civil liberty and political freedom and these numbers of this particular group are increasing annually.
  • Hebrew and Arabic are the official languages of the State of Israel.
  • Most Arab citizens of Israel are Muslims, mainly Sunnis. Other branches of Islam in Israel include: Shia, Alawite, Ahmadiyeh, Sufi and Shazaliyeh. Islam is the second biggest religion in Israel after Judaism. Many persecuted Muslims seek Israel as a safe haven from the oppression of their Palestinian leaders .
  • Jews account for 75.4 % of the population, Muslims make up 16.9 %, Christians 2.10 %, Druze 1.70 % and the rest of the population identifies otherwise, including a small Baha’i community.

Religious affiliation in Israel

The Muslim population of Israel has increased about ten-fold since the State was established; from some 156,000 in 1949 to over 1,454,000 today.

Muslim Population Growth

  • There are more than 400 mosques in Israel, of which some 73 are located in Jerusalem. The number of mosques in Israel has increased about five-fold since 1988, when there were 80 mosques.
  • Approximately 300 imams and muezzins receive their salaries from the Israeli government. Israel provides the Korans used in mosques and funds Arab schools and many Islamic schools and colleges. Such schools teach Islamic studies and Arabic, as well as the Israel Ministry of Education’s general curriculum.
  • In 2015, the Israeli government approved about US$2.6-4 billion for a five-year plan to develop the Arab sector in Israel.
  • The Muslim community regulates its own unique court system and handles marriage and divorce under Islamic law. Eight regional Islamic law courts and one national appeals court operate in Israel, under the supervision of Israel’s Ministry of Justice.
  • Muslims are highly involved in Israeli academia, with some 26,000 Muslim students enrolled in Israeli academic institutions. In 2014, about 21% of the undergraduate students at the prestigious Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa – were Arabs, up from 11% in 2001. This is roughly the same proportion of Arabs as in Israel’s overall population of 8.3 million.
  • Some Muslims also serve in the Israel Defense Forces but this is voluntary, not enforced and approximately 1,700 Muslims served in 2015, mostly from Bedouin tribes.
  • Most of Israel’s Muslim citizens, some 69%, live in the northern part of the country, i.e. the Galilee and Haifa. About 20% live in and around Jerusalem and 11% of Israel’s Muslims are Bedouins that live mostly in the south of Israel, near Be’er Sheva in the Negev.
  • Each year the Jerusalem municipality decorates the streets of the city in celebration of the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, and hosts dozens of festivities and events for the public.
  • The municipality also marks the holiday with a traditional ceremony in which a shot is fired from a historical cannon in East Jerusalem each day at sunrise and sunset to mark the beginning and end of the daily fast.
  • Muslim employees can take days off work during Ramadan, and working conditions are tailored to their needs while fasting during the month. The Israel Defense Forces also adjust Muslim soldiers’ training regimes during the month of Ramadan.

Many observers understand that the United Nations has been ‘The Theatre Of The Absurd’ for some years .

The latest joke was electing the totalitarian theocracy of Iran to the Commission on Women’s Rights.

You really could not make this stuff up…

United Nations: Aiding & Abetting Atrocities

The fascination and saturation United Nations sympathy for the Palestinian people is naturally to deflect from the numerous conflicts and related atrocities being perpetrated elsewhere.

The true Apartheid being carried out by Islamists in Mauritania on the indigenous black African population has never been debated in the UN.

Neither has the slavery on black indigenous Africans perpetrated by the Islamists within Sudan and Libya ever been debated.

Only the Palestinian issue seems to attract such overbearing discussion within the beautifully furnished offices of the bigoted bureaucrats of the most politically mocked organisation the world where 55 million Africans have been slaughtered without a blink of an eye.

Black Lives certainly do not matter to the UN.

Click the image to view the full post

Many observers have written about the anti-Israel bias of the UN and the article below is just one of numerous expert opinions.

Click on the image to discover more…archive

However, despite the bias and bigotry of the UN , HRW, and BDS, Israel’s commercial, economic, and political momentum is on an unstoppable upward trajectory which President Trump started and where Shia Iran’s military goals needed challenge.

To see what I have written about this in my latest Facebook post, click here

Video: The Author Interviews Mosab Hassan Yousef, The Green Prince

In his book called “Son of Hamas”, Yousef reveals information about Hamas and unveils the truth behind his own secret role. He describes his surreal journey to a new faith that instructed him to love his enemies. And he tells the story of the agonizing decisions that led him to walk away from his family, friends, and homeland.

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