Irish Republicanism + Labour under Corbyn + pro-Palestinianism = Rabid antiSemitism

Originally published: 2018-09-19 04:54:57

BBC gives extraordinary and excessive exposure to Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald who threatens Irish unity when Brexit happens!!

This is the very same person who in 2003 participated in a commemoration ceremony honouring Sean Russell, the IRA Nazi collaborator.

How nauseating and utterly perverse that this intellectually retarded Nazi sympathiser should have any influence over the security and economic future of a nation who more than any other European nation sacrificed so much in order to give Ireland the democracy and freedom that Nazism would never have permitted.

The very possibility that Sinn Fein the political wing of the IRA and their current odious leader Mary Lou McDonald should be allowed to preach unchallenged about her disgraceful actions and ideology is the ultimate insult to all those who died and fought against the Nazis.

Human decency demands that we challenge this poor excuse of a human being to resign (because BBC will not).

Those who fought for our freedoms must be turning in their graves while Sinn Fein betray, insult, offend and mock these heroes who can no longer speak for themselves.

I feel ashamed and disgusted at the inertia of the British media and the respect given to Mary Lou McDonald who pays homage to statues of Nazi collaborators.

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Focus of This Essay

This essay is not aimed at Israel’s friends in Northern Ireland nor in the Irish Republic and certainly not those within the U.K. Labour Party who have been bullied by Corbyn’s ideological. left wing fascists.

I am venting my spleen at the cowardly, antisemites in the Republic of Ireland’s political parties, Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail, in their attempts to boycott the only Jewish State in the world.

Not only will I expose their nauseating racism, hypocrisy and ignorance but I shall challenge their antisemitism by proposing an economic counter attack which I hope will gather traction.

Research into pre-World-War-2 to current day Irish Republican politics verifies shameful revelations and exposes human indecency to an incomprehensible level.

I have long been aware of the Irish Republican’s rabid animosity to the Israel and their support for Palestinians and before my boring disciplined study I put his down to, emotional support for supposed victims or Irish ignorance.

Unfortunately, such easy excuses are totally inaccurate and it is simply good old fashioned antisemitism.

Let’s validate my research.

Historical Validation

We don’t even have to troll the dark pages of medieval history and the religious hatred that Conservative Catholicism directed at Judaism.

We can skip this history and go straight into the 1930’s and the collaboration between Irish Republican’s and Republican sympathisers in the De Valera Government to Nazism and the silence of the Irish during and after the war. And silence is assent.

Here are just some of the numerous and unpalatable facts but please refer to the link below to fully understand the sickening assistance that Irish Republicans gave to the Nazis…

  • Only one Irish Politician in the war time Irish Parliament, James Dillon of Fine Gael, stated that Ireland should join the fight against the Nazis [ link ]
  • IRA’s War News of November 23 1940 applauded Nazi Germany’s conquest of Europe [ link ]
  • The Belfast Blitz – 200 German bombers bombed Belfast in 1941 leaving 1000 dead and the IRA helped

  • When U.S. troops landed in Northern Ireland in 1943, Hugh McAteer of the IRA threatened to kill them [ link ]
  • The IRA colluded and collaborated with the Nazis before and during the war – e.g. Sean Russell IRA Chief of Staff and Nazi collaborator, Mary Lou McDonald, and numerous Sinn Fein members – participated in a commemoration ceremony whilst standing as a candidate for the European Parliament; what imbecilic, racist, warped principles of the individuals concerned and Sinn Fein [ link ]
  • Irish Parliamentarians, most notably Oliver Flannagan (and later Defence Minister in 1976/77), openly expressed support for Hitler and rabid antisemitism in the Irish Parliament during WW2 to rapturous applause [ link ]
  • Ireland had Nazi sympathisers as their overseas Ambassadors in Europe, notably Charles Bewley in Berlin [ link ]
  • Ireland prepared a list of their Jewish population ready for deportation in the event of a Nazi victory, at the Waansee Conference in 1942 [ link ]
  • Ireland was the only country in the world to OFFER CONDOLENCES ON THE DEATH OF HITLER [ link ]
  • Ireland was the only country in the world to openly allow wanted Nazi war criminals to live in open Irish society – Otto Skorzeny, Albert Folens, Pieter Mentens, and the original ‘Butcher of the Balkans’ Andrija Artukovic [ link ]
  • Ireland was the only country in the world to punish those few Irishmen who fought against the Nazis and survived – they were banned from working for Irish Government, contractors, suppliers, and had all pension rights taken from them for life [ link ]
  • Ireland helped scores of Nazi war criminals to escape to South America [ link1 link2 ]
  • Ireland refused entrance to any Jews trying to escape from Europe including 500 – 600 French children from Drancy, all of whom perished in the concentration camps [ link ]

Current Day Validation

If all this wasn’t sickening enough, to this very day Ireland shamefully displays memorials to Nazi collaborators in the Republic of Ireland.

Sean Russell, Sean McCool, Tom Barry, Sean McBride among others – refer to Mark Murphys link below.

What utter contempt to those who died and suffered fighting against Nazism.

The Irish who more than any other country have benefited economically from a free Europe, disgracefully mock all those who laid down their lives to give the Irish their current freedom.

The Irish who are willing to let Turkish boys lay down their lives for a free European part of NATO. but won’t let Turkey join the European Union and laugh at the Turks by displaying memorials to Nazis who would have put the non Aryan Turks in gas chambers.

Would the Irish be duplicitous (my apologies, ‘neutral’) should a war in Europe break out?

Let me repeat, the Irish Republican political parties have memorials to Nazi collaborators – those who died fighting for Europe’s freedom are being mocked, insulted and are being held in sickening contempt, not only by the Nazi loving, Jew hating Republicans but also by the silence of non Republican Irish politicians.

Mary Robinson, the ex President Of Ireland, presided over the anti-Jewish Durban conference and voted for every antiSemitic resolution at the UN while she completely ignored 4 genocides in Africa.

And what about Michael D. Higgins, the President of Ireland, and Leo Varadkar the gay, non-Aryan, Irish Taoiseach who would be the first of those put into the concentration camps under the Nazis.

Should not these two intellectual retards shout from the rooftops about the insulting memorials to those who fought against the most grotesque racist regime in history to give Ireland its freedom?

Instead they support those antisemites within the Irish political system.

Words are totally inadequate to express my disgust at these two individuals.

Higgins openly supports the Palestinians but the man is so stupid he could not even name a Palestinian from 3000 BC to 1948 AD and Varadkar stays silent – and as noted above silence is assent.

It was absolutely no surprise to me therefore to discover the love affair the Irish Republicans have for the Palestinians.

It certainly wasn’t for the fact that the Palestinians were deemed to be dispossessed race – after all the Irish, more than any other nationality were responsible for the genocide of American indigenous natives.

The Irish Generals Sheridan, Keogh, and Connor commanding the US Cavalry which accounted for 70% of the troops butchered and starved these tribes out of existence.

Andrew Jackson, a second generation Irish U.S. President, was responsible for the first Apartheid Laws – the Removal Act in the 1830’s.

George Armstrong Custer, of German descent but in command of a majority force made up of Irishmen in his charge, always told his men to play the Garryowen when slaughtering natives and raping of native American women.

Clearly recent Irish history verifies that the genocide of indigenous peoples are not a problem nor is stealing their land nor compensating the original owners. Irrespective that the Palestinians have not been subject to a genocide and were neither indigenous to Palestine nor owned the land, why then the Irish Republican total support and commitment to the Palestinians?

Why are Irish Republican political parties at the forefront of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Campaign, against the only Jewish State in the world?

They are not involved in any such campaign against, for example China committing atrocities against the Muslim Uighers or apartheid against the Tibetans.

Leinster House in Dublin, Ireland, the seat of the Irish Parliament. (Image source: Jean Housen/Wikimedia Commons)

Economic Protest

Our challenge therefore is termed … BROIGAS … ironically a Jewish word meaning anger, in this case however this synonym stands for ‘Boycott Republic Of Ireland Goods And Services’.

In practical terms if we want to economically protest, what can we do.

I’ve a few suggestions….

  • No holidays to the Republic of Ireland, especially you Americans on cruises
  • No business trips if they can be avoided – use Skype for conferences, etc.
  • Look at food labels ( and any other products for that matter ) to ensure they are not made, manufactured or packaged in the Republic of Ireland
  • Many Investment Funds are located in the Republic of Ireland – if you are lucky enough to have such investments ask them to be located elsewhere or sell and reinvest where the custodian is in another country
  • Any race horse owners where Ireland is a leader, relocate your horses
  • No Irish whiskey

Humility, Respect, Honor for Those Who Have Already Given Their All

I have no idea if we can make an impact but don’t all of us who enjoy our freedom and democracy owe it to all those of past generations to respect them.

To those who fought and died against the Nazis should we not protest not about the past despicable behaviour of the Irish Republicans but about their current support for Nazi collaborators and the Palestinians whose Charters mimick the Nazi manifestos to exterminate Jews.

Our fathers and grandfathers who fought so that we can live in freedom are being mocked and insulted by Irish Republicanism.

Jeremy Corbyn, of the UK Labour Party, is a rabid antisemite and total supporter of both Irish Republicanism and Palestinianism.

They are today’s Nazis.

A Challenge

The proof and paradox is the Palestinians, as per both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas Charters that call for the liquidation of the Jewish State and the extermination of Jews and Zionists (as well as Freemasons, Rotarians, and Lions) and the subservience and submission to Islam of all other religions.

No Irish Republican, no Corbynite, no Palestinian nor Palestinian supporter, can answer the following question which I pose to them often.

Please name any historical, indigenous Palestinian
or any battle or war
fought by indigenous Palestinians
from 3000 BC to 1948 AD.

A silence prevails.

Now Jeremy Corbyn is a supporter of Irish Republicanism and the Palestinians.

Words are inadequate to express my bewilderment and anger.

I know the answer and need not elaborate – it is in the title of the subject matter.

The IRA Supported the Nazis in WW2 – Mark Humphrys

The IRA supported the Nazis in WW2 Sinn Fein / IRA, being hard leftists, like to call their opponents “fascists”.

And indeed there is some truth in it, as regards the hard-core loyalists at least.But SF-IRA are not the people to criticise.

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4 thoughts on “Irish Republicanism + Labour under Corbyn + pro-Palestinianism = Rabid antiSemitism

  • Avatar
    Wed, 19-Sep-2018 at 3:15 PM

    As an Irish citizen resident in Ireland, I completely agree with everything you have said here. Thank you for providing links also. I have never supported Republicanism or the IRA. Sinn Fein doesn’t have sufficient support to form even an opposition government, never mind lead a country. The rise of Sinn Fein in local councils, however, is very disturbing. Outside of Sinn Fein, there are many Socialists, Left Wingers and a significant number of young people who grew up without fathers, who support the mythical “Palestine”.

    I would, however, like to point out that Jews have long been a part of Ireland and integrated very well into Ireland. In fact, the original IRA, who have nothing to do with the Northern Irish “Provos”, had as a member, a Gaelic-speaking Rabbi. The son of this Rabbi who was born in Ireland, later went on to be President of Israel. It’s little anecdotes such as this that really irritate Republicans and show them up for the ignoramuses and fascists they really are.

    I have no respect for Mary-Lou McDonald since she was asked to condemn the brutal murder and cover-up of Jean McConville and refused. While these people claim the Moral High-Ground on the Israel/Palestinian Conflict, the truth is that they don’t have any morals at all, and thank you very much for educating them on the matter. My only criticism of this excellent piece is that you left the Catholic Church off far too lightly on the part they played.

    • Garrett O'Brien
      Wed, 19-Sep-2018 at 10:38 PM

      It is good to hear from the Irish – pro and con (as long as the con are civil, that is – and yes, it happens occasionally 🙂 ) As the author noted in his own way, this is not against the people of Ireland but against the factions within Ireland that insistent on dragging Ireland through the bogs and thistle. Thank you for noting that Ireland is and can be friendly to those of the Jewish faith – as well as the omission of the role of the RC church. Will forward your comments in full to the author, Peter Baum.

  • Avatar
    Fri, 28-Dec-2018 at 11:33 PM

    This article is completely deceiving and portray the Irish in a negative light.
    I’m sorry but why should it matter if a person of Irish descent committed massacre in a foreign land. Most of the incidents were done by Americans in America who just happened to be of Irish descent.
    Also you need some historical context on why the Irish were neutral during WW2. Ireland had been occupied by the British for 800 years and had only recently gain their independence from the UK and most part of Irish society were anti-British and would have sided with anybody against the British. However the Republic of Ireland mainly sided with the allies and interned German soldiers while allowing allied soldiers over the border to Northern Ireland

    • Peter Baum - A Decisive Liberty Member
      Sat, 29-Dec-2018 at 1:42 AM

      The most rabid anti-Jewish State hatred in Europe currently originates from Irish Republicanism. This ‘sect’ accuse falsely accuse Jewish people of the kind of atrocities against Palestinians that their great grandparents committed against the indigenous Natives of North America and all I do is identify the nauseating hypocrisy and antisemitism of the Republicans.

      The second point you make about Irish neutrality again brings us back to knowledge about one’s own nation’s history. You use the incorrect but public relations nicety of the term neutrality to describe WW2 behaviour of the Irish. Factually the Irish were duplicitous and certainly not neutral.

      With best regards
      Peter Baum

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