A father teaches their sons the traits of humility, honor, respect in the hopes his sons may learn wisdom, character, truth…

When the sons fail that little in life, they are like dogs returning to their own vomit, consistently repeating their folly – and providing only grief for their mother.

The BBC has facilitated anti-Israeli news output for many years and there is no indication of any change from this agenda.

After thousands of complaints from the public alleging anti-Israel bias the former Director of BBC news, Richard Sambrook commissioned a senior journalist, Malcolm Balen, to investigate such bias.

The report of 2004 which was never made public despite legal challenge and the BBC spending hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal costs in order to avoid its publication and what the report may have identified which clearly would have been a major embarrassment.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, the Courts found in favour of the BBC.

Had there been nothing to hide then the assumption must be that the BBC would have made the report public.

Giving credibility to the claim of anti-Israel bias Lord Grade ex-Chairman of the BBC accused them of an anti-Israel reporting as noted above. [ see full story here ]

The excellent independent BBC news monitoring organisations BBC Watch and Honest Reporting continue to expose the eternal flow of anti-Jewish State output embedded within the BBC’s DNA.

Richard Dimbleby was a BBC war correspondent and reported on the liberation of the Bergen – Belson concentration camp where just 70 years ago thousands of people, mainly Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis.

Richard Dimbleby BBC

According to Richard Dimbleby, the BBC were hesitant to air the broadcast so horrific was the imagery.

The war correspondent threatened to ‘never broadcast again’ if the report was not played.

By any standards, moral and professional, Richard Dimbleby was an exceptional and thoroughly decent human being.

His two sons, David and Jonathan, have followed in their father’s footsteps and have been latterly responsible for 2 panel and audience current affairs, questions, and answers type formats.

David (left) and Jonathan (right) Dimbleby BBC

David presents the TV program Question Time and his younger brother Jonathan presents a Radio program called Any Questions.

Both have been running on the BBC for many years.

Undoubtedly, Israel and the Middle East are given disproportionate coverage compared to other and more severe conflicts and without exception when this conflict is debated there will always be at least 2 rabidly anti-Israeli panelists usually supported by an equally hostile audience.

Israel has replaced apartheid South Africa as the ball all the bullies can kick and the comparisons, though mythological have been continuously identified without challenge.

This is in itself startling and needs elaboration.

The Silence of the Dimblebys

During the tenure of the Dimbleby’s, there have been various conflicts which have been by any measurement, human or political, far more barbaric, catastrophic, and consequential than the Israeli – Palestinian conflict which has received disproportionate attention.

There has never been a debate on the genocides in the Central African Republic or the Democratic Congolese Republic, China’s treatment of the Uighers, apartheid in Mauritania, Kashmir, nor the atrocities committed to the Igbos in Nigeria, nor numerous other similar type human conflicts and catastrophes.

No panel member in recent memory has ever been questioned about any of the examples I have highlighted.

Indeed my bet is that none would be aware of or be interested in such issues let alone name the concerned past or present Presidents, Prime Ministers, tribes or tribal leaders of any of the geographies noted above.

How is it then that the chosen panel members all have a view on the Israel Arab conflict and the majority view is disproportionately anti-Jewish State?

Given the experience of both, they have either knowingly or unknowingly facilitated an anti-Jewish State agenda simultaneously knowingly or unknowingly ignoring at least 3 genocides affecting indigenous Black Africans.

Therefore, both brothers are either professionally incompetent or morally behind the curve, or both.

Depressingly, both these programs have contributed to the rise in antisemitism within the UK over recent years as the BBC has allowed an anti-Jewish State agenda to reign without being challenged via 2 of its most popular current affairs outputs.

And the silence of the Dimblebys is assent and compliance.

Their father would be ashamed of both.


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