I believe that all reasonable people, irrespective of their political ideology, recognise that our mainstream, global media channels are rabidly biased to levels bordering on gross incompetence and in all probability regularly breaking their legal guidelines and terms of reference.

The robust defences with which they endeavour to challenge the continuous, valid criticism only endorses and further exposes the total contempt with which organisations have for the general public.

Bias is what CNN is to Trump and what the BBC is to Israel……..you get my drift.

The difference between the two outlets however, is that CNN reports to its shareholders whereas the BBC reports to Government.

The excellent independent BBC monitor, BBC Watch exposes the consistent incompetence and bias that the BBC generates, virtually daily against the only Jewish State in the world.

As far as CNN is concerned, I regularly turn channels to view a political program to be confronted with an anti-Donald Trump agenda.

At least both channels are consistent.

All of us now come to expect bias from the main TV News Channels, the extent of which very much depends on the individual bigotry of the presenter and his or her editorial support team.

Impartiality no longer exists; indeed a fair Reporter would not be employed nor be suitable to work for such organisations.

Paradoxically the bias is not what is reported but what is not reported.

And more importantly the disastrous impact these organisations have had on humanity by their selective coverage and gross negligence.

An explanation by way of example is warranted.

The apartheid regime of South Africa received global, saturation coverage in the 1970’s and 80’s to the level where regime change and the end of apartheid was a consequence.

Apartheid is as prevalent in South Africa today but the global media is silent.

Why are Nigerian lives in South Africa of such little importance to the global media ?

But if we substituted South Africa for, shall we say, Israel would the appetite be sufficiently whetted and considered newsworthy?

And to what extreme?

Nigerians Repatriated from South Africa After Attacks

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Gender inequality.

Mauritanian culture thrives and has been thriving for decades on human inequality and yet the global media ignores this country.

How ironic that Donald Trump’s administration seems to have taken the moral high ground by economically disengaging with this backward, racist culture whereas the European Union has actually increased trade with Mauritania.

Just for a laugh, substitute Mauritania for – shall we say – Israel or Brazil.

Do you think the global media’s attention would be drawn to reporting on this subject matter?

How can it be that the Apartheid inflicted on indigenous Black Africans by South Africans on Nigerians and Mauritanian Islamists on their black populous can be ignored by major media networks?

And why has it been ignored for such a prolonged period?

More importantly one must question the nauseating incompetence of the global media which totally failed millions of Africans by completely ignoring the genocides in Rwanda, CAR, DCR and Sudan and the unbelievable brutality currently and previously inflicted on civilian peasants in Liberia , Burundi, Chad and Somalia.

I am suggesting that millions of lives could have been saved had high profile journalists, reporters, editors and presenters done what they are paid to do – report on matters of human interest.

Clearly Black African lives do not matter to the pseudo intellectual elite responsible for global news output.

From the Middle East Monitor…

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As another example to validate the absolute truth that lack of reporting has as much impact as biased reporting we need only look at the recent employment data from the Fed.

I believe it is referred to as non-farm payrolls.

This is intriguing given the incredibly positive data impacting on two ethnic communities which the media has portrayed as being detested, ignored and abused by the Trump Administration.

When the BBC reported on the news the only angle they approached it from was one of total negativity relating to Trump’s economic strategy as the actual number fell marginally short of expectations.

The fact that the differential was within reasonable bounds of monthly statistical economic parameters and was to be revised next month did not enter the BBC narrative.

Incredibly, the BBC totally disregarded the unbelievably positive economic benefits exposed by the employment numbers on the Hispanic and African American communities.

Employment statistics verifying employment within these groups at an all time high.

This positive data was totally ignored by the BBC who have been only too willing to comment on any piece of news that would potentially expose DT in a racist light by members of opposition parties and his political enemies within the media.

The BBC spun positive news as a negative and totally ignored record breaking statistical data impacting on those ethnic communities.

A tenuous negative on the numbers falling slightly short was the narrative.

Record breaking statistics affecting two ethic communities identified with the media as being opposed to Trump was purposely excluded.

Words are simply inadequate to describe my utter contempt and disbelief at the rabid bias within our most ‘trusted’ media brands.

From the White House

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As well as this

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Editor’s Note

As the mainstream media ignored the graphs that were provided below during a conference held by the Bureau of Economics Analysis, then what else can be said that they have a preplanned, self-serving agenda?

As actions speak louder than words, and since they have been acting this way for much longer than a decade, the agenda of the MSM has even become obvious to many of those on the Left.

They are, as we say, woke…

The mainstream media, instead, keeps its head buried in the sand — all whilst there are new channels, agencies, and organizations rising up around them that are rising to the want of the ordinary people, such as you.


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