You’re Candidate Didn’t Win? You Poor Baby!

Mine didn’t either, so build a bridge and get over it and STOP THE WHINING ALREADY!


OK, your favorite conservative did not get to the final tally — so what are you doing now?

Where is your focus?

Are you giving emotional ammunition to the left?

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Then stop it!

Suck it up and move one, you are going to live!

If you don’t, they are going to win!

Even confident people have feelings and the only difference with them is they take actions that lead to where they want to go in spite of their feelings…

Hell, how bad do you think it was during our fight for Independence?

No shoes for many during the later part of our fight…

No new clothes…

Old clothing for bandages…

Own armament and in many cases ammunition…

No pay for the military many times…

Many hadn’t seen their families in years…

Washington was gone from his home (Mount Vernon) for 8 years…

Nearly all faced treason charges AND death if they didn’t win…

And you’re whining of an election they fought for?


Give yourself some reassurance by promising yourself to be a better supporter in the next election and even possibly leading a campaign to promote said person as well…

And learn from what is going on now!

Like any temperamental spoiled child in a class room, no one can learn while they are complaining,

What is voting about? Your favorite candidate?

Your favorite candidate to whom you have an emotional attachment?

How many people have you criticized because they were letting that most fickle of human traits be their excuse for their justifications facebook land?

We are at a VERY CRITICAL point in our country and we need to focus on the future and what needs to be done no matter where we are at now…

Hell, we would have a hell of a lot more work to do if we had Jeb Bush running against Hillary (of Bernie for that matter )…

God does not bring ANYTHING on a silver platter — even your salvation, free for the asking, was not free and had a price…

One of the few times God paid the price for us if you think about it, everything else has we had (and have) to EARN…

Keep focused: We still have a HUGE problem on our hands!

We are asking for God to step in when we permitted Him to be kicked out of our courts, our schools, our public areas (the VERY areas He is needed!)…

  • we are still performing more than 3000 abortions a day (58 million since Roe-v-Wade)
  • our allies have stepped back from us and our enemies are laughing at us
  • out military moral and strength are BOTH at an all time low
  • humility is something found for the most part in the dictionary (thankfully it is still alive but it is heading for the oxygen tank)
  • we have a debt bigger than all the money spent by ALL U.S. Presidents (which was more than doubled by Obama alone)
  • for every 9 families, 5 working families are supporting 4 families — and that ratio is soon to go 4:5
  • for the first time in our history, in some cities there are more on welfare than unemployed — hint: a sure sign socialism is taking foot!

The left has created and still creates such a pathetic noise and mess, and most are falling for it by losing focus of what REALLY matters…

When we lose focus on what really matters, then the gain ground on what matters to them.

How often does your family sit together at the dinner table WITHOUT ELECTRONICS and actually discussed what happened during the day?

Does your family even sit together for dinner?

Where are you spending or investing most of your time?

Wherever that is, THAT measure alone is what is important to you no matter what words come out of your mouth…

It is high time all of us reassess where we are spending our time today, list what is really important to us tomorrow, and SHIFT where we are spending our time.


Don’t just sit here reading this — Get at it!






You still here?

Maybe this will help…

Image shared on facebook, facts can be easily verified on Google…

BANNED DOCUMENTARY: Conspiracy Of Silence (1993)

Conspiracy Of Silence Is a documentary film detailing an alleged child sex scandal that involved many children from a Nebraska Institution, Boys Town, and Lawrence King - or Lawrence "Larry" King.

The organized child sex parties implicated the Reagan and Bush White House during the 1980s.

King was the ringleader of the sex ring which had links to other fellow political conservatives in Washington D.C., including

  • Republican Lobbyist Craig J. Spence
  • Sen. Elizabeth Dole's Staff, along with
  • members of the financial elite of Nebraska

It features former CIA Director William Colby talking about the high-level child kidnap and sex-slave ring.

The book that was the basis of this movie can be found by clicking here.

Reflections from Decisive Liberty

The following stance is stated in the final paragraph of the oration given for the unveiling of our Statue of Liberty on the 28th of October, 1886....

... there is room in America and brotherhood for all who will support our institutions and aid in our development; but those who come to disturb our peace and dethrone our laws are aliens and enemies forever.

You can view the full oration by clicking here.

We at Decisive Liberty are committed to this stance and welcome all - if you have not already - to join us in learning to live by this stance.

There are only 2 nations that have placed God within their Constitution: one was created by God for the people He loves, the other created by the people who love Him.

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