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Looking for direction here — I want to assess the voting records, PAC money and favoritism of EVERY current Congressman and Senator.

We can always find out what they cherish by

where they focus
where they invest their time
who is providing the largest contributions
what interests are being supported by these activities and efforts…

The purpose:

To document who is a globalist and who is a nationalist, with this Congress and hopefully with every Congress
until this is not longer needed…

Which means I will need to look at both sides…

While I am doing this I will also note who has been supporting Trump and who has not…

If you haven’t connected the dots with the events of the past month, it is becoming painfully obvious that globalists — no matter which side of the aisle they are on — want Trump out.

Nationalists have been favoring Trump.

However, there is nothing to connect THOSE dots in the form of documentation.

Such exposure would warrant further assessment and would also bring more attention to something that is a full frontal attack on liberty.

For all this, I am going to need as much internet searching as possible so I am looking for sources RICH with as much of this information as possible that can either be downloaded or scraped using the same techniques used by search engines.

The MSM is out of the question, it’s too early to probe / scrape the websites of the National Archives Library of Congress…

If you know of anyone that might know or could be of assistance, please feel free to have them reach out to me in the comments below or on facebook [click here]…

If you know of some sources and resources, please feel free to comment or connect on facebook [click here]…

If — IF — I can get enough information in the next 2 to 2-1/2 weeks, I might be able to have this ready BEFORE the election…

If not, then I will have to see who in the new Trump administration finds value in it, starting with my family in DC, but I’d prefer not to limit this to a one channel…

Thanks in advance!




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