Yellowstone Super Volcano – To Be or Not to Be?

Lots of conversations happening about Yellowstone.

Two things about volcanoes from our history…

You either know for certain days ahead of time… or…

It is a total surprise.

Before a super-volcano erupts, 3 conditions have to be met and all 3 have to be happening at the same time

  • increased seismic activity
  • sudden deformation of ground formation
  • hydrothermal systems (most common with, but not limited to, super-volcanoes) are thrown out of balance

So far, only one of the 3 has occurred (increased seismic activity).

Does that mean all 3 won’t happen in the near future?

No one knows – the last eruption in Yellowstone was 640,000 years ago and no one recorded it (heck, were we even walking around the earth in that area then?)

Here’s more from FoxNews Utah and the University of Utah Seismology Department (duration 4m40s)…



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