Where We Focus Is Where We End Up

The boycott of Israel by Irish Republican political parties is antisemitism.

This post juxtaposes the constant development of Israeli scientific, technical, and medical discoveries assisting the worlds most disadvantaged and the efforts made by Israel’s enemies to deny such advances to those that benefit from Israeli brilliance.

One of the leading anti Jewish State boycotting sponsors are Irish Republican political parties who historically have been unashamedly anti-semitic.

Their modern day antisemitism is hidden by their synthetic support for the Palestinians.

This post exposes the racist hypocrisy of certain political parties (Sinn Fein, Fianna Fail. and the Independents ) in the Irish Republic in an effort to persuade you protest to Irish Parliamentarians and also to economically boycott Ireland.

Simultaneously by identifying the unbelievable Israeli originated advances making this world a better and safer place to live promoting the positives on Israel will assist in achieving such objectives.

If the Irish Parliament approve the boycott, it will gain momentum and the poorest will suffer.

Irish antisemitism is paralleled only by their ignorance and stupidity.

They would let the poorest in the third world suffer – as long as they could prevent Israeli technology and medicines from being used…. utter madness and an affront to humanity.

Many of our Irish supporters will feel this is aimed at Ireland generally – it is not.

It is aimed only at the Irish Republican parties who are clearly singling out the Jewish State for boycotting.

In Full Malice

Leo Varadkar, the Irish Prime Minister being gay, would be thrown off a building in Gaza but in Tel Aviv he could join in a gay pride march.

The President of Ireland Michael Higgins welcomes Palestinian terrorists and condemns Israel.

President Michael Higgins and Leo Varadkar

Irish Republicanism is steeped in anti Jewish history – you can see Mark Humphrys work on this topic by clicking here.

Perversely to this day there are still memorials to Nazi collaborators in Ireland.

Dublin’s Fairview Park has a memorial to Sean Russell and in Tralee is a memorial to Charlie Kerins.

MacCumhaill Park is named after Seán McCool; Fitzgerald Park, Cork has a memorial to Tom Barry.

All 4 so revered by Irish Republicans and all Nazi collaborators.

What an absolute insult to all those who died in the fight against Nazis.

The Irish are not ashamed of these Nazi collaborators so is it any wonder that they expose their Jew hatred behind the facade of Palestinian Nationalism.

They had many pro-Nazis as European Ambassadors, such as the Charles Bewley stationed in Berlin until 1939.

The behavior of the Irish in recent history needs examining.

The only country to send condolences on the death of Hitler.

The only country to punish physically and financially those of their few countrymen who survived the war having fought against the Nazis.

These brave men had their pensions stripped and were barred from working for Irish Government, Government suppliers, and contractors.

And they fought with the Allies – you truly could not make this up.

Disgraceful, disgusting and truly shocking .

The Irish allowed wanted Nazi war criminals to live openly in Irish society while helping other Nazis to escape to South America.

These included the ‘Butcher of the Balkans’ – Andrija Arokovic – responsible for the deaths of 750,00 Jews, Roma, Serbs, and anti-Ustase Croat.

This brute was helped and hidden being just one of many Nazis the Republican Irish assisted.

Others were the Dutch Nazi, Pieter Menten, and Nazi spy Herman Goertz.

Irish MP, Oliver Flanagan who became Minister of Defense, applauded Hitler’s treatment of the Jews in his maiden speech in the Irish Parliament July 1943 to rapturous applause .

The Irish refused permission for 600 French Jewish children to escape the Nazis and sent them to their deaths in the concentration camps.

Mark Humphreys well documented list of Irish Republicans assisting the Nazis is linked below.

Jew hatred is within the the DNA of Irish Republicanism – probably a continuation of the rabid Catholic Church’s middle age antisemitism.

Such antisemitism is prevailing within Irish Republican circles today.

Who do these Irish politicians think they are to boycott Israel – a disgusting act from the most intellectually retarded and despicable of racist politicians.

America’s Black-Eye

Let’s remember what the Irish more than any other nationality did to the indigenous American Indians – they committed genocide and starved them.

All of the U.S. Cavalry Regimens were comprised of Irish by 50% or more.

They slaughtered the Seminole, Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Kyowa among others and butchered all their buffalo to ensure starvation under the command of the Irish Generals, Sheridan, Connor, and Keogh.

There are numerous incidents of the brutality of the Irish against the indigenous population especially the mass hangings of the Santa Sioux in 1862 under the direction of the Irish General Patrick Edward Connor.

This was numerically (38) the largest hanging in the history of the United States of America.

The Washita massacre in Oklahoma in 1868 where hundreds of Indian women and children were massacred whilst the Irish played the ‘Garryowen‘.

Qui tacet consentit

Unfortunately Ireland’s politicians who are against this boycott have remained silent and silence is assent.

Please assist humanity by protesting about the Irish boycott

This could be achieved by writing/calling the Irish Parliamentarians and/or boycotting Irish visits and products (click here for a listing of Irish food companies).

I know of no other ways to mount an effective challenge.

If Irish Republican political parties were truly pro-Palestinian then surely they would equally boycott Russia, Iran, and Syria for their slaughter of 4,000 Palestinians during the last 2 years in Syria.

Or perhaps they would boycott Iran and Iraq for the killing of thousands of Palestinians by Shi’a militias and the ethnic cleansing of thousands more to Jordan and Syria between 2003 and 2009.

Or maybe the Irish should boycott Jordan and Pakistan for the slaughter of 27,000 Palestinians in Jordan and the legacy of thousands sent to Tunisia as a direct result of these mass killings .

How strange that the Irish Republican parties (and BDS) have remained silent.

Clearly, they only concern themselves with Jews.

How even stranger,
the Palestinian Charters propose
the extermination of Jews and
the liquidation of Israel
but no such animosity is directed
at any of those other anti-Palestinian countries.

The Blessings Offered

Very Good News Israel is an excellent commentary of all scientific, technical medical , achievements etc. and much more originating from Israel.

A newsletter is produced monthly by Michael Ordman, who can be contacted at this email.

Click this link for Michael’s 2-September-2018 monthly output.

Just 5 examples of this months brilliant new discoveries are

  • a molecule to destroy Acute Myeloid Leukemia
  • a device created to detect early Parkinson’s and 16 other diseases
  • a cure for fungal infections developed from soil bacteria
  • glucose meters for Vietnam and India
  • clean water for Cameroon

The Blessings Denied

Now, of course, BDS and Irish Republican political parties would prevent curing millions of diabetic sufferers in third world countries and allow thousands to die of disease from drinking dirty water in Africa.

They would ensure that thousands of people suffered from terrible illnesses when prevention and early detection was available.

How could any decent human being boycott Israel and products developed in Israel?

A third rate pop singer who recently decided to boycott Israel should hang her head in shame as should every other person supporting BDS.

Republican political parties have been at the forefront of advancing BDS and for this reason we are boycotting the Republic of Ireland in our campaign – BROIGAS – Boycott The Republic Of Ireland Goods And Services

Certainly no holidays, avoid cruises that go to Ireland, avoid business travel if possible and look on food product labels to ensure they are not produced, packaged or manufactured in the Republic of Ireland.

Be sure to share this information with your family and friends.


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