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written by Garrett O’Brien, originally published 18-May-2022

Not ‘should be’, not ‘could be’, but ARE important to you…

Yes, out-of-State, even out of the jurisdiction you live, elections do not directly impact you…

So, you ignore them, news about them, emails about them, conversations about them…

Let us be blunt – that ostrich approach to elections, even primaries, is EXACTLY how we permitted election fraud to exist in the first place.


Where to Place Your Guard

For those that have security guards, where do banks put their guards? Outside? Just inside the door?? In the employee’s break room????

Of course not, guards – physical as well as spiritual – are placed right in front of the treasure, whatever is valuable.

Ignoring elections elsewhere is like putting the security guard inside the vault not outside

By the time those that want to take your valuables enter it is already too late

We Need More Ears, More Eyes Everywhere

What do you think you are doing by ignoring elections elsewhere never mind your own jurisdiction?

Those that want to destroy our Liberties, and our freedoms are counting on you to be looking and listening elsewhere – the fewer eyes and ears on their actions the easier it is for them to do what they want, destroy what they want.

If anything, that is the lesson of 2000 Mules

That and also that electronic eyes are not enough – how many people were standing around witnessing ballot box stuffing and didn’t say anything, mostly because they didn’t know well enough to place a value on protecting our election process???

Whatever and whomever we value,
we protect – do we not?

2000 Mules also underlines that uneducated voters about the voting process are hugely damaging to our elections

The first 3 words of our Constitution tell everyone who has the power – but ONLY if you reach for it and do something with it!

You don’t need to know the specifics of each candidate outside of your district or your jurisdiction – but you should be listening for foul play and patterns that should be raising red flags long before YOUR primaries and your elections.

The enemy that wants to rig our elections learn quickly – do you?

Be involved in your community – if you can’t afford a few hours a month to do this much then by your actions you are forfeiting your future to no liberty, no freedom…

Especially now

Watch the SHELL GAME not the shells
SEE what you are looking at
HEAR what you are listening to

You are the first line of dense to your security, to your community, to your liberty, to your freedoms – forfeit any of those and guess what happens…

Local actions have national impacts is more than an expression – it is a reality.

Like any warfare, knowing what the enemy is doing elsewhere provides the knowledge we need to fight them on our own turf.

And we can only do this successfully if we are prepared – most of you are hardly close to being prepared.

There are more who are in the know than there were before – but we are not there, yet…

Time to change this… now...


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About Garrett O’Brien

Garrett is the owner of DecisiveLiberty.News. Formerly a Liberal then a Republican, Garrett has seen political parties by default look out for themselves and not the people. Garrett now focuses specifically on our Constitution as it is written. He uses Decisive Liberty as a platform to provide a voice to those that believe neither political party are protecting our Constitution nor our Rights to their fullest as our Founding Fathers wrote them in the First 10 Amendments. For the moment, Garrett resides in Brazil with his wife.

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