by Garrett O’Brien, originally published 06-November-2022; updated 30-December-2022
source: Tupi Report (telegram)
originally titled ‘Why Multipolarity & Geopolitics Are Important to You NOW’

UPDATE 30-Dec-2022

And by ‘taking’, we mean stealing – denial of the evidence that is available to all does not constitute a fair election anywhere unless you are guilty – ever notice the guilty are least affected by their actions???

The political shift in Brazil affects more than Brazil on way-so-many levels…

Brazil had been the one Liberty holdout in Central and South America, all other countries are strong with Socialism – and Communism has never let Socialism remain put for very long.

China is also very well embedded in both Central and South America, but not so much Brazil – but that won’t be long before Lula and his closest cronies are well embedded within the pockets of the CCP through their bank account.

This means ALL of Central and South America is now dominated by China and what they will want to do with them what they did with more than half the politicians in the U.S. – keep them on a financial tether they don’t want to break from…

And this is only the very tip of the iceberg, read on…

Who is the Puebla Group and what dangers do they present to the future of your children and to your Liberty…

First, we need to provide a bit of an international relations education…


This is the concept most people think of when it comes to international politics and foreign affairs.

A nation-state is a historical area that can be identified as possessing a legitimized polity, which by its own means, constitutes a sovereign government.

While a state can be defined as a political and geopolitical entity, a nation is an ethnic and cultural unit.

When it comes to international politics, most of us think at the level where there are multiple countries and/or where there are 7 continents.



More translations for the chart…

Identidade Própria – own identity

Leis Próprias – own laws

Aspect Fiscio – tax aspect

Aspecto Politico – political aspect


In international relations, polarity is the concept that describes a particular configuration of the hierarchy or distribution of power among different states, within the international system, at a given historical moment.


From the Nation States perspective, zones are a collective of multiple countries as well as continents.

Due to their North-to-South nature, they are given the characteristic of polarity.

There are basically 3 types of polarity in the International System…

  • unipolarity – when there is a single main pole of world power
  • bipolarity – when there are 2 poles of power and
  • multipolarity – when there are several poles of world power

A 4th type, less commonly used, refers to tripolarity, when there are clearly only 3 major poles of power – this differs from multipolarity because in the latter there are more than 3 poles of power.


Big Spaces

Countries are politically encompassed into ‘Big Spaces meaning the Zones noted above actually encompass ‘Big Spaces’ as well as countries…



As noted above, Zones focus on polarity; Big Spaces do not as their focus is the nation-states contained within each Big Space.

In the present historical moment (the elections in Brazil), space 2 is united with space 3 and this is important to know.


The Puebla Group

Founded in 2019, the Puebla Group brought together 54 progressive Ibero-American leaders and intellectuals, they propose alternative policies to neoliberalism.


IberoAmerica and IberoAmerican Countries


The grey area in South America is not Venezuela (they are to the west of this area) – these are the countries of Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana; so far they have not agreed to be part of the Puebla Group.

Also present at the Mexico City summit were former presidents Dilma Rousseff (Brazil) and Rafael Correa (Ecuador).

Bolivia’s President Luis Arce and former President Lula da Silva took part through virtual media.

There is more information on the Puebla group in our library…


Though the above PDF is in English,
the links lead to Spanish and Portuguese language websites,
we highly recommend the use of the Mate Translate extension
for chrome or for apple if you desire to learn more.

The Puebla group seeks to unify the 2 Big Spaces (2 and 3) and, therefore, end the nation-states in these 2 spaces.


Books to Consider on Multipolarity

If you want to drill deeper into this topic here are some recommendations (provided by Tupi Report)

To see more details of any of the books below, just click on the image…


OK, Now What?

We all know the Rothschilds, Morgans, Schiffs, Schwabb, Soros, Gates and many others in the Illuminati family bloodlines are aiming to bring in their New World Order – that is a given.

What most of us don’t know is how – The Puebla Group is showing us how…

There are more than 200 nations and getting all to jump on the NWO bandwagon is not going to be an easy feat – especially with the U.S. and Russia.

The protocol the Puebla Group is using – and why it was so important for Lula to be shoved into the Brazilian Presidency come hell or high water – is to group countries into Big Spaces then merge the Big Spaces (in this case Big Spaces 2 & 3 in the above Big Spaces map).

Once they have done so then the next step is to dismantle the nations and form a union that is run collectively – the infrastructure of which would eventually be assumed by the final step into the NWO when all Big Spaces merge.

We are already seeing something similar with the European Union but they haven’t quite gotten to the point where they can merge with any space.

The European Big Space has the North American Big Space to the west, the Russia Eurasian Big Space to the east, and the Arabo-Islamic Big Space to the south.

Europe has done everything it can to keep a distance from both the east and west nations and has been tip-toeing delicately with the southern nations as they aren’t quite sure if they should commit or not.

Perhaps they should have embraced President trump while they had the chance…

If you study the map a bit, you can see that the ONLY strong Big Space neighbors are the Central and South American Big Spaces – the laboratories as we call them for Socialism.

Don’t be swayed by their use of the phrases…

  • rebuilding the Democracy
  • strengthening the Democracy
  • developing the Democracy
  • <insert Liberals latest claim here> Democracy

Why the Brazil Elections Are So Important

There is a Democracy anywhere in Central and South America – save Brazil, and that is going to be by the wayside once Lula steps in…

And we all know how Lula just stole his way into the Presidency…

Patriotism requires Capitalism – and Socialism can’t exist for very long if either of the two disappears…

Socialism needs both so it can survive long enough so it can be morphed into Communism – Socialism

But they keep pretending that they don’t know that, meaning they are planning on crossing that bridge once they – should they succeed – remove all forms of capitalism…

Starting in 1789, Socialism is the failed political system that just won’t die – everyone believes they can get it right, and end up just like the others – gone… The countries moved on to other forms and none of them were bold enough to follow American exceptionalism, resulting in even more governments along the way.

What has happened in Brazil with the stealing of the elections by Lula and his gang is to clear the pathway for Ibero-America to initiate their plans to do away with Nation states.

That is if we let them…

Other Sources

iberoAmerica map – Keepscases, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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