Those ignorant of guns get nervous about guns — this is natural with ANY item that can damage someone or remove them from life altogether very quickly.

However, many will let their emotions control their ignorance, and instead of making themselves available to learn, they will choose to remain ignorant and under the control of their emotions — which is the most fickle of traits of all humans. How wise and limiting is that, really?

As I tell my neighbors both here in Brasil and in the U.S., if you’re for gun control, fine, then I’ll control my gun and keep it stored when I see someone snooping around your house, whether day or night.

If I see anyone snooping around your house, I won’t bother them. If I see them enter your house, then I’ll call the police, pull up a chair, prepare some popcorn and wait for the police just as long as you will have to…

Average response time in the U.S. where I had a house: 30 min

Average response time in Brasil: up to a full 24 hours…

Average response time in a U.S. Metro area: 5 to 10 minutes…

The reason for our Second Amendment is this — when the government fears the people, there is a hesitation to do something stupid. When the government has no fear of the people, who is to stop the government?

Someone who will make do with a frying pan?
calling 911?
or perhaps talking them out of it will help?

Absolutely nothing gets anyone’s attention and focus faster than the sound of a gun being cocked…

Gandhi, one of the many renowned leaders of peace, was a gun owner. His reason for owning a gun was simple: who had the better response time, him or the local police?

After the unsuccessful revolt against Britain, a reporter asked Gandhi what was India’s darkest hour, and before the reporter could finish his question Gandhi had quipped, “When we gave up our rights to own guns”…

Admiral Yamamoto, after his successful attack on Pearl Harbor, was ordered to continue his fleet to California for another attack there.

In the Japan military, personnel and officers did not question orders, you follow them or risk not only court martial but death as well.

Yamamoto asked to speak freely and shared his knowledge about our Second Amendment.

He knew our government has no clue who owns guns and how many guns each gun owner has — there are quotes everywhere about what he said and didn’t say, and there is no written evidence thereof.

However whatever he did say resulted in being ordered back to base where he was commended for his attack on Pearl Harbor, and his comments are said to be shared among the military leaders.

The only proof is in the lack of attacking our shoreline — their Emperor Hiromoto did not hold back on where to attack anywhere in the Pacific, save the western coastline of the U.S.

They had the capacity to do so, and never did – you be the judge.

It is a fact: Islam is a theocracy.

Theocracy means their government and their faith are one, unlike a religion where they are separate. Islam everywhere, even in the mosques on our own soil, are chanting “Death to America” (in their own language).

I know they are as I have heard this chant outside of their mosques in the U.S.

The left says it is freedom of religion, and refuse to recognize Islam as a theocracy – under Obama Executive Orders were signed to politically correct the language so the ANY Islam compound, mosque or property was off-limits to ANY law enforcement.

We see what is happening in Germany, London, Sweden, France with the lack of fear the Muslims have of law enforcement as well as the government.

We also have our Second Amendment, and no one knows who the gun owners are, and how many guns each of us owns, how much ammunition each of us have… capiche?

If our government is not going to do its job and secure our borders, our Militia and all gun owners will be the first to step up once Islam takes its first shot.

Some will say, “What about the school shootings? I don’t think the Founders had his in mind when the drafted the Constitution!”

And I will say you are right, they didn’t have to — there was also a higher level of character then.

That character was disciplined and made into a habit that focused on God, family, country and helping one another.

Did that solve all their problems?

The world is never been black and white but lately it has been more black than white — and then it was more white than black.

Don’t take my word for it, go to the online National Archives as well as The Library of Congress and read all the personal letters of the Founding Fathers — and others — that have are available there.

What I believe the Founding Fathers would do today with the school shootings is not focus on removing that God inherent right nor on removing that liberty as it also limits our ability to protect ourselves from our government should we have someone more stupider than Obama in office.

Or should any of the Muslims in the 150 plus Islam compounds throughout our land get stupid as well (more than 20 of those compounds are jihadist training camps).

Our Founding Fathers would instead focus on returning our country to the character it once had, which is exactly what we need to be doing. Fact: there will always be evil, it can never be legislated nor controlled (such as gun control) out of existence.

Since the 1960’s, we have as a nation moved away from God and have removed God from anywhere but under the rug practically.

Given God will always abide by our will, what are we to expect, the absence of evil?

Seriously, where is the wisdom than that?

If you don’t believe in God, no problem, you are entitled to believe what you want — but you are not entitled to limit our liberties due to your beliefs.

None of us are without serious and disastrous consequences.

Which is exactly what radical Islam is all about: no liberties, no freedoms. Period.

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2 thoughts on “Why It Is Better To Own A Gun Than Not

  • Out of curiosity, where did you get the number “20 out of 150 plus Islam compounds are jihadist training camps”?
    Nice article, though. That pretty much sums up my view on guns and gun control.

    • Hi Nina,
      You are referring to
      “Or should any of the Muslims in the 150 plus Islam compounds throughout our land get stupid as well (more than 20 of those compounds are jihadist training camps).”
      There are about 150 Muslim compounds that are practicing Sharia Law per several blogs that follow Islam in the U.S. closely — no two of them had the same number though they kept hitting around 150 (at the time I wrote this post I was not being copious enough with my resources though I did make sure I used sources that were trusted by others in the news industry). The number for jihadist camps came from several FBI reports that were watching them for compliance to Obama’s Executive Orders, that being no infamous or listed terrorist can be permitted into the camps. That number had been 27 but did shrink to 22 for unknown reasons.
      You can see the 22 jihadist training camps on this map which lists more than 50 Islam organizations that are running them by clicking here – I have talked with Sierra Marlee several times in the past and she does drill down into her work to verify everything.
      Glad you stopped by to read the article, hope to see you out here in the future!

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