Why Is There No Greater Myth Than That of Being Palestinian? Part 3 of 3

Originally published: 2019-02-21 02:13:23

Numbers, like words, only lie when they are manipulated to misrepresent the truth.

Looking at the numbers presented by the mythical state of Palestine, they defy all odds and all mathematical probabilities. In other words, they are avoiding the truth.

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So religiously and historically we have in half a dozen paragraphs annihilating decades of lies that somehow have morphed into facts about the anthropological miracle of the Palestinians.

And now we can mathematically disprove the total refugee fraud that the Palestinians and their supporters have imposed on all of us.

The narrative goes like this.

In 1948 the War of Independence ethnically cleansed 700,000 Palestinians from their homes that they had inhabited from time immemorial and 70 years later following a genocide there are now 7 million Palestinian refugees.

Even if the original figure of 700,000 was anywhere near correct, the Palestinians would have had to reproduce at a rate that mankind could not possibly support.

The populations of New York and London would be 100 million and 90 million, respectively, if reproducing at the same rate as Palestinians — and that without a genocide.

So we are to believe that from the year zero to 1948 there were only 700,000 Palestinians, then in the following 70 years they suffered a genocide at the hands of the Zionists in which time their population multiplied by ten fold.

Editor’s note: To grow from 700,000 to 7,000,000 during a 70 year period would require a persistent 12.86% annual percentage growth rate ( APGR calculator here – to see how the APGR is calculated, click here ).

ANY double-digit APGR is highly unsustainable as conditions during any given 5-year period will result in many mitigating circumstances that will wreck havoc on any growth period. People are not sex machines no matter how studly any male believes he is, even with multiple wives and an insatiable libido.

There is a chart provided in Wikipedia for listing countries by population growth rate which provides a World Bank estimate for 2009,  two estimates for 2012 and 2014 as tracked by the CIA, and a 15-year history in 5-year segments as tracked by the U.N.

When you play with the ascending and descending triggers at the top of each column, no one country remains in the top-10 tier for very long. So where are the Palestinians (Gaza Strip) in this chart? World Bank has them pegged at a 3.01% annual percentage growth rate in the year 2009 while the CIA has them pegged at 2.91% for a 4 year history.

And what about the U.N. that speaks so highly of the state of Palestine and so lowly of Israel? Well, low and behold, they do not provide records on the APGR in the Gaza Strip — remember that next time they start spouting population numbers. Ask them where they got there numbers and ask them for verifiable records — you most likely will not receive such.

Now the reality is as follows and it must be put into perspective.

click image for larger view

The Palestinian refugee issue is only the 12th largest movement of refugees to occur since the end of WW2.

India/Pakistan, China/HK, Eastern Europe, and Central Africa, dwarf in terms of numbers the Palestinian refugees.

Moreover, all these other conflicts have integrated the refugees.

Indeed 850,000 Jews were ethnically cleansed from Arab countries and all integrated within Israel and elsewhere.

Only the Palestinians despite the enormous wealth derived from oil revenues have been kept by their Arab brothers in refugee status as political pawns – and hasn’t it worked.

The Public Relations value to the Palestinian cause has been sensational – it hasn’t done them any good to improve their living standards but to the anti-Israel brigade it has been a wonderful weapon to beat the Jews.

Original numbers are impossible to define but suffice it to say the 700,000 by any estimates is grossly overweight.

The likelihood is that circa 300,000-450,000 Palestinians left leading up to and during the 1947/8 war and approximately 150,000 returned leaving a net 200,000 approximately.

Indeed the vast majority of the new ‘ Palestinians ‘ were economic migrants from Arab countries benefiting from the opportunities Zionism afforded.

Tewlik Bey El Hourani, Governor of Houran Province , South West Syria, stated in an interview with La Syne August 12 1934 , South West

… that in the last few months. 30- to 36,000 Huarasee, Syrians, had entered and settled in Palestine .

Even if the over exaggerated number of fictitious, indigenous Palestinians were correct, this geographical area alone provided 5% of the total.

In reality, the numbers were nearer 250,000 indigenous Arabs and double that number in pre-war Arab immigration.

Now from a PR perspective, no debate should be formulated unless the question of Jewish refugees from Arab countries and their compensation is included.

Thus, we have a sense of equality, balance and proportion.

From this point of equilibrium we can then verify that the refugee problem was not so much the Palestinians being driven from their homes but more a disorganised departure threatened by the Arab leadership that by staying they would be treated as collaborators.

And we have mountains of evidence…

  • The Arab National Committee of Haifa Memo of April 27 1948, thanking the British Military Authorities and the Jewish Civil Authorities but regretfully will decline the offer for the Arab population to stay…
  • The statement by the British Chief of Police in Haifa , April 28 1948…

… there is no change in the situation…the Jews are still making every effort to persuade the Arabs to remain and settle back to their normal lives in the town

  • An account in the Economist…

… the Jewish authorities urged all Arabs to remain and guaranteed them protection and security…

Even after the war, the Arab press acknowledged the falsification of the Arabs being driven from their homes was all to do with the Arab leadership and not the Jewish military.

The Jordanian paper, Al Urdun article of April 9 1953, after taking the testimony of hundreds of Arabs caught up in the conflict, wrote…

By spreading rumours of Jewish atrocities, killings of women and children the Arab leaders instilled fear and terror into the hearts of the Arabs until they fled, leaving their homes….

And the Russian UN Security Council delegate stated in the UN on March 4th 1949…

The State of Israel cannot be blamed for the existence of the Arab refugee problem…. the Arab States bear the responsibility pursuing their own selfish interests.

In Summary

In our summation, there are other historical events that have taken place that the media have concealed and those pro Palestinians have dared not expose publicly.

It concerns the atrocities committed against Palestinians by others than the Israelis and these events should be used in our media war.

Let’s go through just some.

Iraq, 1990 – 2003, under Saddam

The Iraqi Revolutionary Council ruled that Palestinians were not allowed to invest – they could only spend.

Also, the right of inheritance was banned and all legacies had to go to the Iraqi Government.

Palestinians were only allowed to live and work in designated locations and were forced to join the Ba’ath Party


Between 2003 and 2007, hundreds of Palestinians were killed when Iraqi and Government backed Iranian Shi’a militias attacked the al-Doura,al-Hurriyya and al-Baladiyya .

A 2007 UNHCR report provides details of murders, rapes , torture and abductions of women and children.

The 2006 bombing of the Al – Askari Mosque in Samarra blamed on the Palestinians lead to further mass killings and created an unprecedented refugee situation in the border camps of Al-Waleed and Al-Karma.

For UK readers, you must surely note the paradox linking a former MP George Galloway, a champion of Palestinian rights who supported Saddam Hussein and latterly worked for Press TV, the Iranian propaganda channel.

The nauseating hypocrisy of George Galloway who supported and worked for 2 Governments, both of which treated the Palestinians like animals, killing men women and children alike.

Black September 1970

It is calculated that 25,000 Palestinians were killed by Jordanian and Pakistani troops during Arafat’s war with King Hussein.

Moshe Dayan said that the Arabs killed more Palestinians in 11 days than the Israelis had in 20 years.

This calculation still stands!

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For Part 1 of this 3-part series, click hereFor Part 2, click here.

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