Government’s first duty is to protect the people,
not run their lives.
~ Ronald Reagan

And with that as a focus, the SIZE of our government would not be what it has been for nearly a century…

Unless anyone or anything wants to harm the following, our government is NOT responsible for these areas of your life…

    financial well-being, or not
    will power

Your freedom and your liberty are the inherent right from God — and only Israel and the U.S have recognized God as the sole provided of both and have recognized their own government as the protector of both.

Why Was Our Constitution Formed?

Straight from the preamble:

    “… to form a more perfect Union,
    “establish Justice,
    “insure domestic Tranquility,
    “provide for the common defence,
    “promote the general Welfare, and
    “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…”

Our Constitution did not set up government to step into our lives as our Founding Fathers and their families had already lived through that for more than a 100 years., thanks in part to King George’s holier-than-though mindset and forgetting what England was supposed to be doing in the first place –protecting their assets, not draining them.

They did what they could to accommodate England but thanks in part to King George’s holier-than-though mindset and forgetting what England was supposed to be doing in the first place –protecting their assets, not draining them – they revolted.

And thankfully, our Founding Fathers created our country out of their love for God as well as took Biblical principles and embedded them into our Constitution.

Our Founding Fathers set up up a limited government and displaced power from the government by giving it to the people — and yet left it to the will of the people to lose their liberties by shifting that power away from themselves and giving it to the government, which can be witnessed through such as events such as affirmative action, favoring special interests, the building and adding of government regulation for starters.

Why Don’t Liberals Believe in Limited Government?

Here’s where some, perhaps many, maybe surprised — not all Liberals believe in bigger government.

Example: if you watch Dave Rubin on his YouTube channel, a Democrat, you will discover he is not in favor large government.

You will also discover he understands what a large government can do to any country.

Where he differs is in policy: Dave favors government intervention in places most Conservatives do not — however, he favors it in a limited capacity.

This is the definition of a Classic Liberal — they also believe in protecting your liberties as well as their own.

Progressives (established with Woodrow Wilson) and Regressives (established by Obama) could not care less about your liberties, your thoughts — unless you agree with them.

So far, and I have not seen all his videos, Dave – as well as any other Classic Liberals I have talked with – does not seem to know where and/or cannot agree as to draw the line when it comes to the government needing to limit itself — and that is the crux of the problem of controlling the size of the government.

At that point, we are entering emotional assessments — and emotions are never to be trusted.

What we felt was a stretch for us becomes the norm for our children — and they will want to stretch the government even further.

Acclimation Can Kill Liberty

It is called social acclimation — one does not recognize it unless knowledgeable in detail to our own history, and we already know how knowledgeable people are ignored today in favor of ever-expanding policies by the Progressives and Regressives.

To get a flavor of what I am talking about, let’s look at a question presented to Dinesh D’Souza by a student at Brandeis University in April 2017 during a Young America’s Foundation forum.

She presents a good question, which also exposes another problem: it points to the lack of proper teaching and preparedness for real life by our education system.

Something like this should have already been covered several times during high school history classes as well as at ‘higher education’ facilities:

Something like this should have already been covered and debated several times during high school history classes as well as at ‘higher education’ facilities, instead our college students are being spoon fed liberal ideas without any recourse to countering thought and/or debate (duration of the 5m32s – full session available here, the full Q&A session starts at time mark 41:00):

My first impression of her question: she had better be asking for a refund from her high school if it was a private facility.

And she is not alone — many of our students, our children, and the future of our country, for the most part, have the same mindset — they have been cheated out of seeing the full impact of not only the professor’s mindset of policy but that of other mindsets as well.

The Guilty Are Always the Least Affected by Their Actions

Are the students guilty?

Some are – some are not, groups like the Youth America’s Foundation has already proven that there are many students that have learned to make themselves available to learn.

Do we blame the professors?

That would be a start — our professors, any teacher for that matter, are seen as authority figures by most students, the rest of the student body seem them either for what they are or as something beyond the scope of this post.

As authority figures, professors plant seeds with every word they utter — whether those words are factually true, partially true, or a complete lie is irrelevant, eventually whatever is heard repeatedly ends up becoming a belief…

Words plant ideas – continuously hearing the same ideas implies truth, even if those ideas are complete lies.

The most vulnerable populace of any country is its youth.

Professors know this and will leverage this to their favor — whether their words are actually true, partially true, or a complete lie is irrelevant.

Professors do not have a system of accountability and responsibility – such an environment would prevent irresponsible and detrimental ideas from being shared as the only option.

Instead, professors have an environment that permits them to share irresponsible and detrimental ideas to the most vulnerable populace of our country.

Are our Universities and Colleges guilty?

To claim they cannot control everything being taught on their campus is an escape — there are LOTS of universities and colleges that do make sure their faculty are being proper, say like Hillsdale College.

There is also the problem of accepting funds from the government – once any organization accepts funds from the government, they are slaves to the government and need to meet certain criteria and provide specific topics.

This is not so with private colleges that have elected not to have federal funding (again, like Hillsdale College) – they are free to teach as they see fit.

And truthfully, when there is a 3rd party involved in anything then there is little accountability nor responsibility going on — everyone is too busy making sure they are keeping the hand that feeds them happy.

Even if that means teaching factually true, partially true, or a complete lie material.
We can’t, and never should expect our government to protect us unless it is an attack on our sovereignty — and since 2008, even that task has been questionable.

Are you guilty?

If we keep permitting colleges and universities to churn out one-sided, bent mindsets to our most vulnerable populace of our country, we have failed to protect not only our future but the future of the movst vulerable populace of our population as well.

We have already failed them in this aspect given the general environment in most government funded institutes of higher learning.

And we have forgotten that this vulnerable populace will eventually end up being our leadership in near future.

And of we don’t address this NOW?

Benjamin Franklin will be correct if we are not careful — we will not have a Republic as we will have failed to hold onto it.

U.S. Constitution

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