Before this fake President who is proclaiming victory while running his campaign from the basement of his house arrived on the scene, the U.S. was the NUMBER ONE producer of oil in the world – and producing that oil takes refineries.

Reduce the flow of that oil and economics 101 kicks in – the number of refineries needs to drop.

And Biden did this in less than 18 months – from #1 oil producer globally to depending upon oil from OPEC (and other) nations.

Anything that has reduced our stance as the #1 global oil producer nation was not of the doing by you and me nor of the oil companies and oil refineries but by the quite intentional, detrimental, and destructive Biden government policies.

Pipelines Biden Has Shutdown

Keystone XL – 800,000 barrels per day (42 gallons per barrel)

Pipelines Biden Under Shutdown Consideration

Line 3 – 800,000 barrels a day, was just recently replaced with 36-inch pipe (from 34-inch), built in the 1960s, 1097-mile crude oil pipeline extending from Edmonton, Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin

Line 5 – 540,000 barrels per day, delivers Canadian crude oil and natural gas from Alberta to Ontario through Wisconsin, the Great Lakes, and Michigan, has operated since 1953

Refineries Closed or Soon to Be Closed

Which refineries were closed and why – our thoughts are provided in italics per refinery noted…


CAPACITY: 263,776 barrel-per-day (bpd)

Lyondell said in April of 2022 that it would permanently shut the refinery by year-end 2023, as it was unable to find a buyer and did not want to invest to keep the facility open.

The words ‘demand loss’ is very nebulous – the pipeline shutdowns by the Biden administration have dried up the supply of oil these refineries can produce. At less than $3 per gallon – $2 in many areas – there was not a lack of demand. However, $5, 7, 8, or 10 a gallon will do that.

image: LyondellBasell’s Houston Refinery donates food to families in crisis in wake of Hurricane Harvey


CAPACITY: 255,000 bpd

Phillips 66 said in November 2021 that it would not reopen the Alliance refinery, which was shut in mid-August ahead of Hurricane Ida. The 50-year-old refinery was severely damaged by several feet of water

Again, the words ‘severely damaged by several feet of water’ are very nebulous – oil refineries in heavily hit hurricane areas are designed for such especially since the refineries are very expensive in the first place. They did have 50,000 gallons leak into the environment – less than 5 large tanker trucks we see on the road. What isn’t mentioned is the refinery is being converted into an oil export terminal… so if overall demand is down as claimed by other oil refineries, then why invest in an export terminal for a supposedly dying industry?

image: Phillips 66 Refinery in Belle Chasse commits $101,000 to area organizations on COVID-19 front lines (link)


CAPACITY: 210,000 bpd

Limetree Bay Energy shut its St. Croix refinery due to financial problems in May 2021 after only operating for a few months, due to setbacks and environmental hazards. The refinery had already been idle for a decade.

Curious as to why this refinery was shelved for TEN YEARS before selling it after having restarted it last year? Yes, environmental impacts had a lot to do with it all – yet, the technology exists to minimize all this. For something so expensive to build in the first place, it seems there was a lack of due diligence to keep this refinery alive in the first place. Something is not adding up… especially since their problems started once again with the arrival of the Biden administration.


CAPACITY: 240,000 bpd

Shell announced in November 2020 that it would be shuttering the refinery after attempts to sell the plant between July and October were unsuccessful. The refinery became unprofitable as COVID-19 spread across the US.

“The refinery become unprofitable as COVID-19 spread across the US.”- A so-called virus with a 99.99% survival rate if treated properly. You haven’t noticed COVID deaths were all in hospitals and retirement homes? That funeral homes did NOT see a bump in the number of burials during 2020 and 2021? That the narrative always focused on CASES and not actual deaths from COVID? That the CDC admitted that the number of deaths was overinflated by as much as 94%? That the world health organizations have been doing nothing but fear-mongering for the 2 years? ALL THIS IS WHAT SHUT THIS REFINERY DOWN…


CAPACITY: 161,000 bpd (Martinez); 27,000 bpd (Gallup)

Marathon said in August 2020 that it would permanently close plants due to lower fuel demand.

Martinez should produce 260M gallons/yr of renewable diesel starting in 2023.

As with LydonnelBassel, The words ‘lower fuel demand’ is very nebulous – the pipeline shutdowns by the Biden administration have dried up the supply of oil these refineries can produce. At less than $3 per gallon – $2 in many areas – there was not a lack of demand. However, $5, 7, 8, 10 a gallon will do that


Capacity: 120,200 bpd

U.S. refiner Phillips 66 plans to fully convert its Rodeo, California, crude oil refinery into a renewable fuels plant using cooking oil and food wastes beginning in 2024. It will cease processing crude oil.

A quick review of a search engine query of “Oil Refinery Phillips 66 Rodeo California” tells you everything you need to know – overreach by government regulation, especially by the State government of California


Capacity: 52,000 bpd

HollyFrontier said in June 2020 it would convert its Cheyenne refinery into a biofuel plant that would produce 6,000 bpd of renewable diesel. The plant ceased operations the next month.

The decision to convert this oil refinery into a renewable diesel plant to try to tap into growing demand for the alternative fuel was made due to rising costs and expectations that cash flow will continue to suffer due to the coronavirus pandemic (link – opens in

Read between the lines – the high cost of crude is killing them, the high cost that only arrived with the Biden administration and wasn’t here before then.


Capacity: 135,500 bpd

Calcasieu Refining shut its Lake Charles plant in early August of 2020, according to the Louisiana Department on Environmental Quality, citing demand loss during the pandemic.

“We’re shut down for economic reasons since early August,” said Calcasieu Refining CEO Russell William Willmon II. “We’re just going to wait and see what happens in the industry,” he said of the plant’s future, without elaborating. (link – opens in

Sensing a reoccurring theme? None of these refineries even came close to shutting down during the Trump administration – they were all looking to be either back online and/or fully functional.


Capacity: 180,000 bpd

PBF Energy shut most fuel units of its Paulsboro plant in November 2020 citing low fuel demand during the coronavirus pandemic. The plant has since restarted some secondary units but cited the lack of VGO as an inhibitor.

PBF Energy will shut some units at its 160,000 b/d Paulsboro, New Jersey, refinery by the end of the year, while increasing utilization at its 182,200 b/d Delaware City, Delaware, refinery in response to low demand and weak margins brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, the company said Oct. 29. (link – opens in

Like the other refineries above, they didn’t even come close to shutting down during the Trump administration – Bring Back America isn’t doing just the opposite, destroying it.

More are set to be shuttered in the next few years…

Some Oil and Refinery Facts you Need to Know

The oil itself is inexpensive when compared to refining it.

Venezuela become very rich during the inexpensive oil days by selling its oil as crude as the economics would support such a market.

However, once the price of oil started climbing, the number of barrels of crude oil Chavez sold diminished – to the point that the country went from the richest South American country to the poorest in less than a generation.

The cost of crude oil than refining is more economical when done in-house as opposed to 2 separate markets with anything but inexpensive crude.

Also, the term “fossil fuel” is a misnomer – oil does NOT come from fossils. In truth, the oil comes from the stagnant sea and lake bottoms from ages ago. We do not know how much there is in the earth but we do know every few years there are oil reserves larger than anything previously found are discovered. The Liberals’ propensity to over-inflate something that rarely happens (and when does is contained quite quickly and expediently) is what keeps us from reaching for what God has provided for us in the first place.

Thanks to Laura Sanicola, energy/refining/renewables reporter at Reuters, for the oil refinery listings and reasons for their closing.

SEE what you are looking at
HEAR what you are listening to
Watch the SHELL GAME not the shells
Learn to verify from original document sources wherever possible…


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Life insurance companies are fully aware of the results the embalmers and funeral directors are seeing and reporting.

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