And when Lula and Moraes speak? Only criminals, globalists, and their supporters are listening – but even then, they are already pushing back…

We keep returning to Brazil because (1) we are living here right now, and (2) due to the urgency that is now prevalent in ALL of the Americas due to the stealing of the election by Lula.

All the Central and South American country leaders are making way for Socialism – which is only a front for the introduction of communism.

Their continued pandering of the CCP only guarantees it.

Before getting started, we HIGHLY suggest you read up on multipolarity versus geopolitics as one is NWO based and the other Liberty – see our blog post post “Why Multipolarity & Geopolitics Are Important To You NOW, about a 6-minute read.

Both will give a much better perspective on what is at stake and why the Lula contingency is being so strong-handed with everything.

The subtitle to this post is possible due to the actions of Lula before, during, and after the elections – Lula keeps company with bad characters and he has no problem with everyone knowing it…

This means he is also arrogant, cocky, and dangerous to civil society no matter how many babies he kisses.

Moraes? Well, his authoritarian and tyrannical actions since before the elections speak for themselves and mirror Lula’s…

Now the military, their actions have been straightforward, as expected by anyone who has read and studied The Art of War as well as the Bible.

A few days ago, the Brazil Military released a public notice noting the media and current administration has been amiss on the military’s perception of the elections as well as the report they provided to Moraes.

Both Lula and Moraes arrogantly declared it was a nothing-burger and spouted it is time to move on.

Now, where have we heard THAT rhetoric before? Obama? Biden?? Liberals???

If they weren’t guilty of stealing the election, wouldn’t they not be inviting the military to a public conference to discuss the details of the report so as to refute, defend, and even get support for their position?

Instead, they devalue the report and tell anyone willing to listen to ignore it…

In any book, that is a HUGE red flag…

The first public notice is on Twitter here (archive), as well as found on the Brazilian government site here (archive) – both in Portuguese so use your online translators (NOT Google, we recommend or

For your convenience, the English translation follows (you should still verify the original in an online translator if you are unfamiliar with Portuguese) – the bold font is what they highlighted on Twitter…

Defense Ministry Official Note – Brasília (DF), 10 November 2022

In order to avoid distortions of the content of the report sent yesterday (9.11), to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) the Ministry of Defense clarifies that the accurate work of the team of military technicians in the supervision of the electronic voting system, although it has not pointed also did not exclude the possibility of fraud or inconsistency in the electronic voting machines and in the electoral process of 2022. In addition, the report indicated important aspects that require clarification. Among them:

– there was a possible security risk in the generation of the voting machines programs due to the occurrence of access of the computers to the TSE network during the compilation of the source code;

– the functionality tests of the voting machines (Integrity Test and Pilot Project with Biometrics), as they were carried out, were not sufficient to remove the possibility of the influence of any malicious code capable of altering the functioning of the voting system; and

– there have been restrictions on the appropriate access of technicians to source code and software libraries developed by third parties, making it impossible to fully understand the implementation of the code, which covers more than 17 million programming lines.

As a result of these findings and other obstacles listed in the report, it is not possible to ensure that the programs that have been implemented in the electronic voting machines are free from malicious insertions that alter their functioning.

Therefore, the Ministry of Defense asked the TSE, urgently, to carry out a technical investigation into what happened in the compilation of the source code and a thorough analysis of the codes that were effectively executed in the electronic voting machines, creating, for these purposes, a specific committee of renowned technicians of the society and technical representatives of the inspection entities.

Finally, the Ministry of Defense reaffirms the permanent commitment of the Ministry and the Armed Forces to the Brazilian people, democracy, freedom, the defense of the Homeland, and the guarantee of Constitutional Powers, law, and order.

(DF is the Federal District of the Brazil capital of Brasilia)

Seriously, does this sound like a nothing-burger?

And this is not the full report!

The next communication from the Brazilian Army arrived in a Press Release on their own site (archive) – again, in Portuguese so use your translators (NOT Google, we recommend or…

Press Release from the Brazilian Military – Brasília (DF), 11 November 2022

For your convenience, the English translation follows (you should still verify the original in an online translator if you are unfamiliar with Portuguese) – bold font we’ve added for emphasis…

To Institutions and the Brazilian People

About the popular demonstrations that have been taking place in numerous places in the country, the Brazilian Navy, the Brazilian Army, and the Brazilian Air Force reaffirm their unrestricted and unwavering commitment to the Brazilian people, With democracy and with political and social harmony of Brazil, ratified by the values and traditions of the Armed Forces, always present and moderating in the most important moments of our history.

The Federal Constitution establishes the duties and rights to be observed by all Brazilians and that must be ensured by the institutions, especially with regard to the free manifestation of thought; the freedom of assembly, peacefully; and freedom of movement in the national territory.

In this regard, by regulating provisions of the constitutional text, through Law 14.197, of September 1, 2021, the Brazilian Parliament was quite clear in establishing that: “It is not a crime […] to express criticism of the constitutional powers or the journalistic activity or the claim of constitutional rights and guarantees, through marches, meetings, strikes, of agglomerations or any other form of political manifestation with social purposes”.

Thus, any restrictions on rights by public officials and any excesses committed in demonstrations that may restrict individual and collective rights or endanger public security are to be condemned; and any actions, entities, public or private, that feed disharmony in society.

The solution to possible controversies within society must use the legal instruments of the democratic state of law. As an essential way for the restoration and maintenance of social peace, it is up to the authorities of the Republic, established by the People, the exercise of power that “He” emanates, immediate attention to all legal and legitimate demands of the population, as well as strict observance of the powers and limits of their powers, in accordance with the Federal Constitution and legislation.

Likewise, we reiterate the belief in the importance of the independence of the Powers, in particular the Legislative, House of the People, natural recipient of the wishes and claims of the population, on behalf of which legislates and acts, always in search of correcting possible arbitrary or autocratic deviations that may endanger the greater good of our society, that is, its Liberty.

The construction of true democracy presupposes the cult of tolerance, order, and social peace. The Armed Forces remain vigilant, attentive, and focused on their constitutional role in guaranteeing our sovereignty, order, and progress, always in defense of our people.

Thus, we have primacy for Legality, Legitimacy, and Stability, transmitting to our subordinates serenity, trust in the chain of command, cohesion, and patriotism. The focus will continue to be maintained on the tireless fulfillment of the noble missions of Brazilian Soldiers, having as pillars of our convictions the Faith in Brazil and in its peaceful and admirable People.

Brasília/DF, November 11, 2022.

Navy Commander

Army General Marco Antônio Freire Gomes
Army commander

General Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior
Air Force Commander

For the People

The Brazilian Military has essentially drawn a line in the sand – knowing Moraes and Lula they won’t cross that line but they will try to make anyone-but-Lula supporters’ lives miserable, essentially trying to force the military to relinquish its position…

As expected Lula supporters are telling the military to stay out of politics — only the military can’t as Lula and his supporters have already tipped their hand long ago on their own PT site, hiding pages that disclosed their globalist conversion plans but not before the military archived their site.


If Lula and Moraes attempt anything stupid with the military, it would be the stupidest move of their lives – the military has already declared their alliance to God, the homeland, and the people.

There is no government in any of those three – but there is the promise of a better future, but how we get there is entirely up to the actions of both Lula and Moraes.

And if it is anything but a better future for the people of Brazil, well – may God have mercy on their souls as no one else will…

More developments from today and the weekend coming soon…

Meanwhile, we have our own stolen election matters to focus on as well.


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