by Garrett O’Brien, originally posted 18-August-2021; updated 27-October-2022

Why would any person, group, or organization want to keep details of a win from the general public?

Is it not the natural reaction to let it shine bright and for all to see?

If they don’t, is it not the natural reaction to be suspicious?

As the Liberals’ beloved manipulator, Obama said,

The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.

Yeah, tell us all about having something to hide, Obama.

When it comes to the 2020 Elections, even Liberal judges are risking their entire careers to keep the truth hidden – with many refusing to do so any longer.

The excuses of the manipulating Liberals are many and their reasons are equal to a great abyss – largely empty.

They really believed their excuses could fill that abyss so no one will see anything or will quickly forget it all.

Unfortunately, given the magnitude of the con they trying to hide, the number of manipulations that were witnessed by millions during live TV on election night, as well as what is at stake – our Freedoms and our Liberties – the Liberals know full well they have been caught.

They also know if they don’t pull this off, then they lose everything.

That ‘everything’ was already noted by Hillary Clinton during one of her tirades that have become public record,

If that f__king bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!

Is the evidence strong enough to prove Trump indeed did win?

Given their reactions and extreme defensive posturing, then nooses are only the beginning least of the DNC’s problems.

History Is About To Repeat Itself?

At the end of it all, they are trying to avoid being the defendants of a Nuremberg 2.0 legal process – a process that has been legitimized and is underway in Germany, of all places.

The original Nuremberg witnessed soldiers and politicians hanged, shot, and otherwise terminated – the penalties extended to include their staff, reporters, writers, supporters (financial and otherwise), as well as friends and families of those who committed the atrocities.

The reason for such a wide web of punishment – what they did was nothing short of treason.

For all these reasons, the Liberals are very scared and VERY desperate…

That desperation materialized once again during Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium this month (August 2021).

The Liberals paid for a 4-hour surveillance flight over Mike Lindell’s publically broadcast symposium.

The type of plane rented indicated that they most likely wanted to know what was on their computers, phones, and laptops.

The Left doesn’t hesitate to note that everything Mike Lindell says is only a “conspiracy theory”…

If so, then why all the defensive posturing by so many before (and after) the symposium?

As it was a public symposium, why the surveillance?

Why the secrecy?

Aerial tracking of plane N314NB over the Cyber Symposium – click the image to view the associated post archive

Overly defensive posturing, actions of bad character, one-after-another failed attempts to hide the truth…

Anyone of sound body and mind KNOWS there is more to the story – something the so-called “reporters” of the MSM are avoiding with everything they have.

Truthfully, the MSM has been so bad some of the tabloid reporters are looking like professionals…

What Is Really At Stake

Let’s be clear – it is not Trump they hate so much as it is losing everything they have been building for decades, and in many cases centuries, right in front of the unseeing general public.

They want to change America from a country of God, family, and truth into one that

  • denies God and worships Satan
  • cares no less about family structure unless it is their own, and
  • will lie to get whatever it is they so desire entirely based upon their own and no one else’s feelings

Narcissistic, psychopathic, and sociopathic all blended into one and are embraced by Liberals who want you, your God, your family, your Liberties, and your freedoms dead and gone forever.

Liberals want to wipe out and kill everything
that made our country THE greatest in all world history.

But there is a caveat – the devil (their lord) can only do what he is permitted to do; he can never create anything only destroy everything, even his own demons, even you.

This is exactly what we are seeing with the Liberals today – how much infighting has already surfaced?

Besides lip service, what have Liberals done that has resulted in growth? building? freedom? liberty?

They will say what they have to even if they look totally stupid – but they will never, ever will give up the con, even if they know we know what that is (if you don’t know what it is at this point in the game, catch up!).

Basic Forensic Auditing

When it comes to election ballots, we know the following and the cybersecurity teams auditing at the election ballots in Arizona are looking for at least the following…

Craters vs Flatness

Human marks on any form will form craters on a paper – machine-generated populated forms do not have craters only a print mark, the paper under the mark is as flat as the rest of the form; flat paper under the mark, fake ballot.

The configuration of the fibers

A human mark on paper will destroy and/or reconfigure paper fibers – a mark produced by a printer leaves the fibers untouched, in the same configuration as the rest of the form.

Ink type

A pen will have a totally different ink type than any machine-produced populated ballot – the FBI is not the only organization that keeps a library of ink types; the ink used in a pen cannot be used in a printer as it will clog the outlets of the cartridge(s) almost immediately. OOPS…

Given just these 3 factors – there are way more but these 3 are most prevalent on ANY faked forms – you now know why the Liberals, BigTech, & MSM are panicking by pushing back so hard on something that would prove their innocence.

Despite their nervousness and cunningness, we still need to move forward on establishing the next and every future election to be held with the highest integrity.

But the integrity starts LONG before the ballot – it starts with you, years before any election.

And it is a lifetime responsibility that has to be learned well and passed along to each generation.

We Are Paying For Our Failures, Time To Turn This Wagon Around

We have failed to protect our kids in school, and now we are paying the price.

We have failed to protect our election process, and now we are paying the price.

That price, however, can be minimized and wiped out by actions – YOUR actions.

It is why our Founders started our Constitution with “We the People” – they recognized the power MUST remain with and only with the people, never any government at ANY sovereign level.

Most of us are ignorant of how the voting process works as well as the infrastructure of the election system.

We are long overdue to kill that ignorance through self-education and share that through grass-roots forums, private chats, and talking with friends, family, and neighbors on the education voting process and election system infrastructure.

You need to know the who, what, where, when, and how of our election system infrastructure as well as our voting process.

So, where do you start???

What to Do First

First, you REALLY need to get honest with yourself about what you do and don’t know about the voting process as well as the election infrastructure.

You need to audit yourself with the right questions…

Do you know who is on your election commission in your city?

Do you know which judge you need to talk to if you want to take action in your community?

Do you have any idea where to start?

Most likely your answer is “no” to just these 3 basic questions…

Feel comfortable that you are in the same boat as a LOT of others known as We the People…

You should feel uncomfortable that you have let this pass this long – make your children, grandchildren, your family, your motivation correct all this.

If you don’t, we are only a decade away (more likely less) from losing our country to the tides of Socialism, and eventually the real Fascism, then Communism.

We know as this has been the case for EVERY country that permitted their Liberty to be lost to Liberals.

And the Liberals will make life VERY miserable for anyone that loved America as it was…

Just let those thoughts sit with you for now…

Democrat vs Liberal

In the truest sense of both words, there is a HUGE difference.

Do know that many who still call themselves Democrats are really Liberals, just like many who call themselves a Republican are really RINOs.

A true Democrat fully believes and wants to protect our Constitution – they differ in how the policies and laws should be implemented.

A true Republican fully believes and wants to protect our Constitution – and take our Constitution to heart to a greater degree than Democrats.

It is possible to debate, even talk with a Democrat — Liberals, forget it as they are self-righteous, narcissistic, sociopathic, even psychopathic.

All sins of the devil and none of which are of God.

The term Liberals was coined by Albert Pike while recruiting new members for the Illuminati, Deep State.

During introductions at conferences and meetings, he would introduce someone as a Democrat if they did not believe in globalism and as a Liberal if they did.

This would tip off the others as to who they can and cannot trust in carrying out their plans.

Today, there has been so much political correctness going on, many do not know there is a difference.

Some Democrats do NOT support globalism and their ways – learn who they are.

If either of the words ‘Illuminati’ and/or ‘Deep State’ bother you, you really to dig in and ask yourself why as they have been around for centuries – they have not changed how they operate throughout the centuries as well, it is only our ignorance that has permitted their growth.

Visit Familiar Territory

This part will be – and should be – continuous for your entire life.

There once was a course taught in middle and/or high schools called Civics.

Thanks to the Liberals, that course was removed from the curriculum of any publicly funded schools.

For which we say, thank God for privately-funded schools as they don’t have to abide by federal regulations (you did know this, yes?)

Many of the older generations know of civics while you younger generations just may be scratching your head as saying, “Say WHAT???”

Avoiding Merriam-Websters online dictionary because they are politicizing definitions as of late instead of following best practices of late, has the following definition of civics…

Click the image to view the definition on archive

What is Going On and Is At Stake

Let’s put it on the table – the very existence and continuation of Freedom as well as Liberty as we know it are at stake.

Neither is inherited, neither is guaranteed – both MUST be protected as well as educated to our children.

What is going on is the Liberals have made sure our education system does not cover anything related to either Freedom or Liberty.

And they have been chipping away at just how much they are NOT educating our children about either since the 1960s.

What Happened

The guy in the video below is forensic expert Colonel (Retired) Phil Waldron who served in the U. S. Army for 30 years and is a decorated combat veteran.

He has extensive operational experience in Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Strategic Communications, Joint Information Operations, Special Technical Operations, Cyber Computer Network Operations, OPSEC, All-Source Intelligence Operations, Unconventional Warfare, and Operations Integration.

This is the video Mike Lindell keeps referencing [Soros], that has been shown to all attendees yesterday (Cyber Symposium, Tuesday, 10-Aug-2021), showing a forensic perspective of who, what, and how the U.S. voting data was modified, manipulated, penetrated by an invisible enemy.

Anything like this, you want to follow the money and this video does not fail – the primary aspect of the presentation surrounds the financial resources spent by China and George Soros to fund specific companies holding operational control over the 2020 election tabulation systems.

The coordinated scale of the corrupt activity was massive and yet pretty simple to pull off when you see how they did it.

The investigative group continued to answer questions and provide further evidence on day two (Wednesday, 11-Aug-2021).

Soros via private equity securities firms and companies…

Who does Soros report to?

Anons know.

To those still learning, there is no such thing as QAnon – it is the ignorance of the Left that created such a term, the whining buttercups that nitpick every tiny flaw you may make whilst completely ignoring the wake they are leaving behind them as they plow full-throttle through the waters of their own stupidity…

Here’s that video…

VIDEO: Colonel (Ret) Phil Waldron On Our Corrupt Election System

Time For You To Act

Check out the following organizations for your best fit on how you can organize, train, equip, and hold your county and state election officials accountable, legally – need be or not…



National Election Integrity Association








Freespoke search on Election Integrity – this will help you find more local organizations that may need your assistance


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Died Suddenly - Conspiracy No More

Please view the Trailer for this video first. The graphic imagery is intentional as it is the only way you will know what is happening; Big Pharma is counting on you NOT knowing what is really happening.

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From the Directors of 'These Little Ones' and 'Watch the Water'

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Life insurance companies are fully aware of the results the embalmers and funeral directors are seeing and reporting.

Sudden Adult Death Syyndrome (SADS) is NOT a syndrome - it is a result of foreign substances that are in the vaccines, one of them being Graphene Oxide, that are create inorganic strings in the blood system that eventually stops the blood, dead.

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