What Thread of Commonality Connects All The Liberal Agenda and Events?

Originally published: 2019-08-04 08:12:22

Every now and then, a thread on twitter appears that is connecting a LOT of dots and clearing up much of the confusion…

This is one such thread…

Providing the link at the end, but sharing in full here…

Much thanks and full credit goes to Rising serpent @rising_serpent on twitter…

1. There’s probably one word that best characterizes the Democrat agenda and its attendant long term effects on our nation.

You can see it in action pretty much everywhere, but you just don’t realize it unless you ask: “What thread of commonality connects all these events?”

2. I’m in a bit of a unique position to understand it by virtue of being an immigrant from a third world country with undertones of socialism, rapid enactment of laws to combat effects of unenforced extant laws and rampant corruption masquerading as social justice.

3. The word is “consequences,” more specifically, the lack thereof.

Consequences and personal responsibility are two sides of the same coin.

You can’t have one without the other.

Both in tandem constitute the bedrock of freedom, liberty and justice, the very engine of Americana.

4. Democrats are en route to engineering a societal construct devoid of consequences and thereby excising personal responsibility.

The resultant vacuum can only be filled by a broad sweeping and usurpatory governmental overreach.

And it is by deliberate design, not happenstance.

5. The rapid proliferation of gender and identity politics, the hyphenated American fetish and incessant subdivision of humans into narrower categories imparts the illusion that injustice is all pervasive because there exists no even yardstick.

New rules must be promulgated.

6. Those capable of autonomous cogitation find invective heaped upon them by a gaggle of woke social justice warriors afflicted by a Touretts so terrible that they ejaculate “racist!” every time they encounter dissent.
7. Independent thinking people of color are particularly reviled by the left, because it is uniquely injurious to the notion that white privilege is the original sin upon which this country was founded.

If we aren’t playing victim, we are antithetical & unfaithful to our melanin.

8. The migrant crisis, sanctuary cities, free healthcare, college and taxpayer funded housing for illegal aliens is a linear extension of obliteration of consequences.

The word “decriminalization” is but a synonym for lack of consequences.

9. Migrants pay as little as $80 to “buy” a child to gain entry into the US.

The sharp uptick in the number of adult males crossing the border with a minor is a direct consequence of the incentivisation of child endangerment by laws paradoxically meant to protect children.

Fascism Liberal Agenda

10. Of course, when some of these chronically ill, ailing and abused children die in CBP custody, the orchestrated outrage puts the blame on a law enforcement crushed by the sheer volume of unfettered ingress.

That no politician talks about child trafficking is telling indeed.

11. Instead, we hear the oft-repeated canard of “immigration reform” as a means to stem mass migration.

Why do we need more laws when the existing ones are being broken because lawmakers insist they shouldn’t be enforced?

More laws only curtail freedoms of law abiding citizens.

12. California, which serves as the template for social engineering, prides itself on cancer warnings for coffee, and every domestic appliance.

Yet it has decriminalized volitional spread of HIV, under aged prostitution and theft by the passage of prop 47.

13. Sanctuary city law is a classic example of a law explicitly designed to make enforcement of the law against the law.

Ironically, laws bereft of consequences is precisely what forms the basis of failed states importing record numbers of mass migrants.

14. There is a zero chance that migrants not subject to law but availing of the benefits accorded to citizens will assume any sense of personal responsibility.

Assimilation is impossible when failure to do so is richly rewarded.

A fractured society collapses upon itself.

15. Obamacare was socialized medicine lite.

It’s every single promise was a colossal failure.

It cost more, delivered less and offered much less choice.

Those on private insurance ended up paying disproportionately more insurance premiums every successive year.

16. The Democrat answer to every problem of their own creation is: “it didn’t work because it wasn’t implemented on a large enough scale”

Medicare-for-all is a poison pill masquerading as a panacea.

A government that controls all healthcare controls a people and usurps freedom.

17. When hospitals and healthcare systems fail to deliver a pre-determined standard of healthcare, the aggrieved individuals have recourse to a legal system.

When a government fails to deliver quality healthcare, as it inevitably will, there will be no consequences.

18. Every single government undertaking is successful only in enlarging the girth of the insatiable beast that devours our freedoms and liberty.

Affordable high quality government run anything is well-nigh impossible because governments luxuriate in complete lack of consequences.

19. It has taken me almost two decades to understand that the building block of the Great American Republic is the individual.

We have our liberties, rights and freedoms because we discharge our personal responsibilities, and when we don’t, we face the consequences thereof.

20. The individual, their rights & responsibilities is sacrosanct to a thriving Republic capable of defending itself against enemies from within or without.

Which is why the individual must be obliterated and replaced by collectivism prior to establishment of usurpatory socialism

21. Thus, laws must penalize only law-abiding citizens.

New laws must be constantly promulgated that make law enforcement agencies impotent and eventually incapable.

The message of victim-hood must resonate far & wide so personal responsibility and consequences are meaningless.

22. The first and second amendment rights are anathema to usurpation.

The cudgel of governmental overreach can subsume them in due time.

That is why the government must control healthcare, housing and education.

People must be pushed from small towns to cities for easy control.

23. Our politicians, liberal media and Hollywood do their level best to portray socialism as the Utopian dream that only failed elsewhere and killed millions because it just wasn’t “done right”

24. But the real shame is that liberal academia easily indoctrinates its students who have not had the benefit of parents taking enough personal responsibility to give them the kind of education that only parents can and should.

If we don’t teach our children,
someone else will.

[Editor’s note: emphasis our own]

25. The Democrat party is on a single-minded quest to engineer the anarchic destruction of the moral and social fiber of the country by removing consequences & personal responsibilities and thereby making Liberty and Freedom antiquated notions.

2016 put them way behind schedule.

26. Whether the means of achieving permanent political hegemony & complete control is socialism or some other failed form of lethal governance is irrelevant.

It all boils down to exerting interminable subjugation of mind body and spirit.

Without consequences we cease to exist.



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