What Hillary Is Not Saying and Sharing Is More Brutal Than What She Is

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We all know the quote – “It’s not what they are saying or doing that is so bothersome, it’s what they are not saying and what they are not permitting that is troubling…

Keep that in mind for this post…

In a conversation my facebook friend David Chaney and I were having on the legitimacy of the claims against Hillary’s tyrant and ranting rage after her interview with Matt Lauer in early September 2016, something struck me about Hillary’s strategy that isn’t self-evident.

In the interview Lauer conducted with both Hillary and Trump, of which had Hillary approving the questions before hand, Lauer took a tangent to challenge the legitimacy of her using a home server for confidential documents.

Needless to say, that did NOT go over well, even on air, for Matt Lauer and Hillary was visibly rattled by it.

Apparently that rattle took on volcanic proportions after the interview claims by some of those present.

Bill Still has a video as well as Breibart.com had a column on this…
– Bill Still video here, and the
– Breibart.com column here

Now, from what I understand, Hillary maintains a protocol that does not permit her staff to have cell phones out (or even in their possession?) when cameras are not rolling as well as at rallies…

This is backed up by the absence of any ‘insider’ videos during the entire smartphone history…

When one stops to think about it, the only evidence that comes out against her are…

  • books and interviews provided by those that used to work around her
  • WikiLeaks
  • Bill’s mistresses…

Hillary’s protocol of control as well as deception is a given and is further evidenced by what is common in the 3 types of sources listed above…

Also, given Obama’s shell game since being in the Senate as well as Hillary’s love for Salinger and Alinsky, We the People have to be observant with any Alinsky / Cloward-Piven strategist that it’s what’s missing that is where we need to focus as well as is what we have to be watching for…

Like the missing but yet expected shell in their never-ending shell game…

And just like her mentor and our current pathetic excuse of a President,
It is what Hillary is not saying and what she is not permitting that is so troubling….
And should be serving as a warning to all.


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