Weigh His Words Carefully, Trump Doesn’t Serve Fluff

Originally published: 2015-08-08 11:03:37

I haven’t come to endorse anyone yet, however I do know many are NOT listening to what Trump says.

He said and he could run the campaign solo if he wanted to….

He’s wiser than that and knows people want to help, and many of the general public are lining up with him.

If RedState Conservatives or ANY other conservative group as well as the GOP wants to distance themselves, he doesn’t have a problem — which also means the general American public doesn’t have a problem with this either…



He is focused on the issues
America voted upon
in 2014 & 2012,
bringing those cards
to the table,
looking at every politician
in the eye,
and yelling, “DEAL!”…

He will be the first to admit he is not the standard politician however everyone will know exactly where he stands…

Politically correct be damned…

Does that make him a good President?

Admit it — we don’t know, but we have had a hell of lot worse or have many forgotten about the bimbo in the Oval Office now?

What we do know is merely due to his presence, the debate was the largest in both political parties histories, even larger than the World Series….

He is giving attention to the issues the American people want addressed which is giving attention to him…

We all know he has a huge battle on his hands

and he’s showing us he’s not coming in with kid gloves…

He knows some or most of the conservative base will be the distancing themselves — and it is something he highly expects given the lack of fortitude by the GOP since the last 2 elections…

If the GOP does not want Trump as the next President then they had better start listening and start doing what the last 2 elections mandated and doing it better than Trump.

Come to think of it, there are only 2 things the GOP accomplished since regaining political dominance…



People KNOW Trump is a man of his word, even if he is a bit spicy…

And if the American people are loving him, so will our allies — our enemies will either back themselves into their corners if they are wise…

If not, well…

Not only is Trump a great builder, he is already proven to be a great defender.

Last note…
body language experts say a closed button coat indicates holding back as well as a desire distance themselves from a distressing stimulus…
there was only one coat open at the time of this picture…


Our Pledge

DL Pledge

We at Decisive Liberty do solemnly swear that we will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;
that we will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;
that we take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion;
and that we will well and faithfully discharge the duties of this support and defense for as long as we live.

So help us God.

Where We Go One, We Go All

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