Let’s backup a bit before this election and before I do I want to reiterate once again yes it was a very poor display and attitude by Trump with Billy Bush as well as Trump a man overall — there is no one that will claim this is raising the bar nor a way to build character.

Trump did not claim to be a Christian 11 years ago, not so sure what his stance is now but his head and heart seem to be heading in a better direction, time will tell…

This is far from letting Billy boy Clinton from being off the hook either, as secular as he is.

And I want to share that I am just as guilty as anyone with what I am about to share — something of which I intend to do something about it all…

With all that said, more to the point of this post.

We can determine what anyone values by the time, effort and money they invest into something, definitely not by their intentions —
so here are some questions concerning what we have really determined as opposed to what we intended as a nation with our time, efforts and money during the past 50 plus years…

Since 1963, what have we – as Christians — taken as actions to stop the road of withdrawal from God our country has taken?

Where we focus is where we end up — intentions are only good when accompanied by enough money to buy a cup of coffee, the results around us is the surest way to determine where we are focused, period.

Here’s a look at 3 pivotal Supreme Court cases that were decided before 1990, they are cases that were very pivotal in determining the direction our country would take then and how we got to where we are now…

I see 1963 as the first pivotal point to our situation today as our Supreme Court decided to remove Bibles from our schools and was the first wedge driven into our faith that slammed the secularism foothold onto the threshold of the door of globalism.

So some very serious questions on accountability and responsibility on our part…

  • How are our schools doing now now that God has been permitted exit?
  • What actions have we taken until recently to have the Bibles returned to our schools?
  • What happens whenever we permit God to exit anything in our life?
  • Where has our time, effort and money been going while all this is going on?

From a position of accountability and responsibility, what do we see today?

We see our youth taking matters into their own hands, having Bible studies off campus, and some are taking it step further and demanding their rights be returned and honored…

Keyword? Our youth…

Where are the adults? The parents? The pastors?

Aren’t we as adults supposed to be leading?

I see many being journalistic about it all, standing by the sidelines while cheering them on…

Why weren’t we leading the way in the 50 plus years since this decision?

Some have, most have not…

1973 is another pivotal point as our Supreme Court decided that the convenience of the mothers were more important than that of the baby she was carrying…

  • Where are we today on this, are we not now permitting the termination of babies that would otherwise live?
  • Where is the threat to them for selling parts of a baby for their profits of blood?
  • What happens whenever we permit God to exit?
  • Where has our time, effort and money been going while all this is going on?

1980, in the Diamond v. Chakrabarty was a United States Supreme Court case dealing with whether genetically modified organisms can be patented…

  • Once again, God’s creation is being wedged out in favor of secularism…
  • Today we have Monsanto wanting to merge with Bayer, the 2 largest conglomerates that focus on manipulating what God has created in the vain attempts to ‘perfect it’ as well as produce it in massive volumes per acre… Anyone who has a garden knows that impact of both just on a small garden never mind what happens to the food as well as our own digestive system eating such modified foods…
  • What happens whenever we permit God to exit?
  • Where has our time, effort and money been going while all this is going on?

Since 1963, there have been some, and only some, decisions that were favorable to what our Constitution and to what our Founding Fathers wanted our Constitution to embrace.

Our Supreme Court does not make law, they only make decisions – our Congress makes law.

That means decisions are challengeable, even if by one person. How many of us claim to be Christians and have not challenged our Supreme Court?

Yes, I’m guilty on this too until recently.

By our Constitution, the Supreme Court Decisions can only interpret the law — and this is being done by a bench that has proven to be heavily politically biased since the 1960’s as well.

We the People and our Supreme Court falsely believe the SCOTUS  decisions are final – as they are decisions and the word ‘decision’ is plainly printed on the front page of every one of their final drafts…

Why do I bring all this up?

There are many upset – both Christian and non-Christian alike — with whom we have to choose for our next President — and truthfully, I am as well.

However, this is where I part company with most:

If we had been wisely investing our time, our efforts, our money into managing a better direction for our country,

if we had been adhering to 2 Chronicles 7:14 since the 1960’s with our time, our efforts, our actions, our money,

does anyone really, really, really believe we would still have such two pathetic choices for our next President?

Here’s a newsflash for many Christians and it is very unfortunate that it has come to this point:

We are reaping the harvest we have sewn since the 1960’s in the form of the options we have today.

And truthfully, I am getting tired of the belly aching and whining of those that have taken little if no time, little if no effort, little if no money to stem this tide for that past 50 plus years…

If my words have your blood is boiling, then good as it means your convictions are talking to you — now, what are you going to do about it?

If you are feeling convicted, then good — now, what are you going to do about it?

I fully believe Trump is our only option as we have deemed it so with how we past our time, with our past energies and actions, with where we sewed our money.

All this brings me to the point of this post:

When, throughout the Bible, has God handed us the best He has for us when we have been permitting Him to be wedged out of our lives on so many levels for the past 50 plus years?

If you think there’s a better candidate out there, then I for one fully believe God’s hand is keeping him — or her — hidden until we get out of our houses and claim our faith back…

In full…

With how we invest our time…
With what actions we take…
With where we sew our money…

Meantime, learn embrace what grace God has given us as we could have had a lot worse if God removed His hands entirely from our country.

Otherwise, and I mean this will all the love I can muster for anyone…

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