Videos of Historical Significance

Why This Page

There is an increasing volume of long duration videos coming out in the past few years that are well worth your time, energy, and great for informing your of many things — on this page, we will be focusing on videos of historical significance.

Since Woodrow Wilson, our U.S. history textbooks have been spreading misconceptions, promoting biases, and even re-writing our history altogether.

One such post we published on this is Why You Don’t Know SQUAT About Our True History.

Examining what was found for that post is a project we are working on and will be developing in the months and years to come — we know they are going to attempt to deliver our history in a twisted way as it has already been prophesied in the Bible more than 2000 years ago.

High-Level Overview of Negative Events In Our History

1-May-1776 Illuminati was established 2 months before our Declaration of Independence – one was established to pursue death to the things and people Christian as well as Judaism while leaving only a few very wealthy, the other was established to pursue life, liberty, pursuit of happiness for the individual as well as for the country, promoting the availability of abundance and wealth to those willing to pursue such.

1913 Woodrow Wilson has all U.S. schools replace their current U.S. history text books with his 5-volume set named, “A History of the American People”

1914 Formation of the Federal Reserve not as a government agency but as a board of governors; 1982 saw SCOTUS decide the the Fed is a private organization (Lewis v. United States, 680 F.2d 1239).

[more to come]

In that light, as we come across videos that shed light on the history that has been covered up, rewritten, twisted for political correctness, and who knows what else the Elite are doing, we will be sure to examine the evidence then present those that provide great evidence for you here.

Myron Fagan exposes the Illuminati/CFR [1967] – shorter version (1h14m)

This is a shortened recording from the original 3 record set (vinyls) that was published in 1967.

Both the short and full version describes the events we see in the news today with shocking accuracy.

Everything was and is preplanned and they only have one goal.

Myron Fagan is the speaker.

This is the shorter version and provides images not provided in the following video – which is more of a podcast than video.

Duration 1h24m

Our Series on the Deep State

Myron Fagan recorded his thoughts into a 2-1/2 hour recording which filled 3 vinyl records at the time (full electronic recording was still decades away).

His viewpoints were extremely radical for the day – however, that hardly meant that he as a radical.

He had a very unskewed perspective of our history and had a very discerning character about him that gave a lot of insight into events that still remains intact even today.

He, in essence, was telling the truth as it is unwaivering.

So much so, the enemies named in his script have no problem acknowledging the truth of what Myron shared — and fully believe they are going to win out over the long run.

We’ll let them think what they want for now — we have enough of our own work to do that is already putting us in a better position against them.

This Series is free for the asking — however, we do warn it is meaty, very serious, and takes a bit of listening, hearing, thinking, contemplating, and discussion to get a full handle on everything going on.

We do recommend that warning not stop you from going through this series though — like any store you go into, you don’t toss everything into your cart, only what you want and can manage at the moment.

For now, everyone has that luxury — however, there very well could be a day when that luxury will turn into a dire need to know, especially in the light of the Deep State not willing to give up much of anything, even if the whole thing comes crashing down around. them.

They are THAT destitute to being destructive and murderous.

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Starting the following day, and every 3 days for 3 weeks, you will receive an audio file, script, and notes on what is discussed – the audio file is anywhere from 22 to 27 minutes in duration, giving ample meat on a platter to chew, metaphorically speaking.

The entire script can become overwhelming for some, which is why we recommend getting a free SoundCloud account where our audio files are located.

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