VIDEOS: Sr Network Security Engineer Reveals Twitter Ready to Give Trump’s Private DMs to DOJ

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Editor’s note: You can always tell what a technology company (or any company for that matter) is capable of doing whenever they are on an agenda – such as you will see of Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of Twitter, and #ClayHaynes, the Sr Network Security Engineer for Twitter in this video, resulting from an undercover work by James O’Keefe and the staff of Project Veritas. The statements of Dorsey and Haynes are tells into their capabilities and how easily – or not – they can carry out those capabilities. Their level of confidence in those capabilities is another tell into just how feasible they can accomplish their agenda. In this case the agenda is to quiet down President Trump by minimizing who sees his tweets – or even keeping them from being received by anyone at all, a method known as shadowing.

One of many mottoes on the walls of the twitter office says,
“Defend and respect the user’s voice”…
and in a country the promotes and defends Liberty
that would mean like-minded as well as those in opposition.

The actions of Dorsey and Haynes is a tell
that there is a hidden corollary to this motto —
as long as they agree with our agenda.

Truthfully, I would not be surprised to see both these gentlemen being called in front of a Senate Hearing Committee as well as having the FBI knocking at their door unannaounced. The SHC would most likely want to determine the damage Dorsey and Haynes are creating on national security as if they have the audacity to do this to the President then they will do it to anyone, including you. What Dorsey and Haynes are doing is NWO at the highest level, and has trashed all Constitutional Rights as well as trashed Liberty. The FBI would most likely want to be discovering just how much manipulation of information has already been accomplished as that infringes on our First Amendment rights.


Undercover Video of Twitter Engineer Clay Haynes Saying “We’re more than happy to help the DOJ with their little investigation”
Content Disclosed to DOJ Includes: “Even the ones he’s deleted, any direct messages”
Engineer is Self-Proclaimed “Bleeding-Heart Liberal” Stating “It comes with the territory [at Twitter]”
Goes on to Explain Additional “Big Brotherish” Practices at Twitter

(San Francisco) A Project Veritas undercover investigation has revealed a senior network security engineer at Twitter stating that his company is “more than happy” to turn over the private communications and deleted tweets of President Donald Trump to the Department of Justice.

If true, it is yet unknown whether Twitter is voluntarily disclosing this sensitive information or acting under a court order.

Twitter is currently in the midst of defending itself from left-leaning criticism that President Trump hasn’t been removed from the enormous media platform for violations of Twitter’s Terms of Service.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Clay Haynes has been employed by Twitter since September 2016.

On January 3, 2018, he met with a Project Veritas undercover journalist (UCJ) at Stookeys Club Moderne in San Francisco.

Using a hidden video camera, the Veritas UCJ captures Haynes stating that “we’re more than happy to help the DOJ with their little investigation” of President Trump.

When prompted by the UCJ, Mr. Haynes provides additional details,

“Basically, giving them every single tweet that he’s posted. Even the ones he’s deleted, any direct messages, any mentions…”

…he’s dangerous, I don’t like him and he’s a terrible human being and I want to get rid of him,” the self-described bleeding-heart liberal Haynes says in the video about President Trump.

“In fact, we had internal reviews about that…

On January 7, 2018, James O’Keefe himself went undercover with Haynes at Morton’s Steakhouse in San Francisco to confirm if Twitter was working with the Department of Justice to hand over Trump’s tweets and DMs.

When pressed about looking at Donald Trump’s messages, Haynes explained “We have a subpoena process for that very reason.

The conversation continued:

James O’Keefe: “Are you working with DOJ currently on that?

Clay Haynes: “I can’t comment, even if I knew, I wouldn’t comment.

“The fact is, even if Haynes was just speculating about helping Justice, his admission shows a clear and dangerous political bias at the highest levels of Twitter,” says Project Veritas founder and President James O’Keefe in the video.

“The question is: by Twitter giving private information about the President to the Justice Department, are they breaking the law, betraying a trust, following an official request or satisfying a political agenda by leading a crusade against the President.”

Describing himself as the bouncer of the network, Mr. Haynes also details the level of information Twitter retains in its databases about their hundreds of millions of users.

Duration 8m16s

Key takeaways from James O’Keefe’s report (from The Daily Wire):

Steven Pierre, Twitter engineer explains “shadow banning,” says “it’s going to ban a way of talking”

Former Twitter software engineer #AbhinavVadrevu on shadow banning: “they just think that no one is engaging with their content, when in reality, no one is seeing it”

Former Twitter Content Review Agent #MoNorai explains banning process: “if it was a pro-Trump thing and I’m anti-Trump… I banned his whole account… it’s at your discretion”

When asked if banning process was an unwritten rule, Norai adds “Very. A lot of unwritten rules… It was never written it was more said”

#OlindaHassan, Policy Manager for Twitter Trust and Safety explains, “we’re trying to ‘down rank’… shitty people to not show up,” “we’re working [that] on right now”

“Shadow banning” to be used to stealthily target political views- former Twitter engineer says, “that’s a thing”

Censorship of certain political viewpoints to be automated via “machine learning” according to Twitter software engineer

#ParnaySingh, Twitter Direct Messaging Engineer, on machine learning algorithms, “you have like five thousand keywords to describe a redneck…” “the majority of it are for Republicans”

From the Editor: More on “Banning a Way of Talking”

Let’s get real here – banning a way of talking is bull political correctness for censoring, period.

Liberals will look at it as they are not banning a mindset but banning a way of talking, in other words they will control what everyone hears — THAT is the very definition of censoring.

It is also the complete absence of any wisdom, discernment, and moral ethics.

Just because they are doing this in the United States does not mean that it is not — their actions are robbing users, American and otherwise, of their Liberty.

The Liberals at Twitter are failing to defend the Liberty of all, and have intentionally selected to defend only the Liberty of those who are like-minded.
They are pretending not to know that…

Liberty is not selfish

Liberty is not for the chosen few

Liberty is an inherent right provided by God Himself

On that last point, they are obviously are oblivious to another principle – when you claim and name something that has been robbed from you, you get a seven FOLD return on what was stolen from you (not 7 TIMES, 7 FOLD), so in the long run they are shooting themselves in the foot.

Our Constitution calls for Liberty for everyone to be protected – our soldiers laying in the Arlington National Cemetery did not sacrifice their all so we could have a company like Twitter decide what information we are going to get from using their app.

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More from Project Veritas since the release of the above video (15m40s)…


The American Pravda Series

The Project Veritas Twitter investigation is the 4th installment of its American Pravda series.

In Part I, Veritas disclosed that CNN’s Russia coverage is driven by ratings and a political agenda, but in reality, using the words of CNN Political Commentator Van Jones, is just a “nothing burger.”

Part II disclosed a political bias at The New York Times which forced executive responses and an immediate change of their social media policy.

Part III exposed political bias at The Washington Post and brought to light that the far-reaching narratives of the paper’s editorial board are not rooted in the factual findings of their subject-matter expert reporters. Project Veritas will be releasing additional Twitter-related videos over the next several days.

Mr. O’Keefe has just completed a book about this series entitled “AMERICAN PRAVDA: My fight for Truth in the Era of Fake News.”

The book will be released by St. Martin’s Press on January 16, 2018.

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