VIDEO: Ex-Muslim Destroys Leftist Islam Defenders in Germany

This is an EXCELLENT presentation by an ex-Muslim in what appears to be a debate on German television (English subtitles provided).

Before too long into the video, there is no doubt who has and who has not read their Quran in full.

The ex-Muslim did his homework well as he cites the Crusades and the atrocities that occurred then and knows they are the very same tactics being used today.

The Muslims will use the level of their voice to incite intimidation — yet a knowing audience knows that those who speak the loudest also have the most to fear.

The Muslim, in spite of already having 15 minutes to present her side, found it necessary to rob the ex-Muslim of his time – this tactic is notorious with the Left in any country — they care not less about the truth than they do impressions, unfortunately – and again – for those in the know such tactics are used by those that have the most to fear.

The last minute or so is a promotion for a highly popular book — as we have not read this yet, we cannot say yeah or nay to reading it, though it appears from the customer reviews it should be highly considered.

Duration: 5m58s


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