Screenshot of BDS protesters in Paris, from the documentary "Chosen and Excluded—Jew Hatred in Europe." (Film: Courtesy)

by Peter A. Baum, originally published 19-January-2020


My personal connections to Eire and the Republic of Ireland derive from my father who served most of his WWII Army and Royal Air Force commission there and more recently through a family member marrying into a family steeped in Irish Catholic Republican tradition, religion, and culture.

As a child, I was always enthralled by the anecdotes of my father, which I have only recently been able to put into perspective and contextualise as a result of the connection just mentioned.

As a political activist and historical researcher I feel incredulity, exasperation, frustration, and anger when confronted with racism from individuals and organisations who have little knowledge of historical events but simply have inherent bias and ignorance exacerbated by and garnered from propaganda.

A majority of the media and political elite that currently represent the Republic of Ireland, unfortunately, fall within the described parameters and don’t have the capacity nor will to either acknowledge their bias or attempt to reason with their blinkered view.

The vile antisemitism falsely identified as support for the Palestinians obsesses certain elements of Irish politics, culture, and society and is most rabid within Irish Catholic Republicanism and the media which supposedly exposes such bigotry.

And I ask myself why is this so.

What harm has Judaism, Jewish people, Zionism, or the Jewish State of Israel,
ever inflicted on Ireland, Catholicism, or Irish Republicanism?

Can it be that the death of Christ for millennia blamed on the Jews still resonates so deeply within the Republic of Ireland that Ireland’s Catholics continue to use this biblical episode dating back some 2,000 years as logic to promote antisemitism and support those seeking to exterminate Jewish people replicating Hitler and the Nazis?

Republic of Ireland’s Leadership Steeps in Antisemitism

Well, certainly centuries of conservative Catholicism have undoubtedly morphed into antisemitism within Irish society as was nauseatingly obvious and exposed pre-, during, and post-WWII era (1939 -1945).

In his maiden speech to the Irish Parliament on July 9th, 1943, Oliver James Flanagan archive to rapturous applause declared…

There is one thing that Germany did and that was to rout the Jews out of their country… where the bees are there, is honey and where the Jews, there is money. They crucified our saviour 1900 years ago and they are crucifying us every day of the week.

Unsurprisingly, this virulently anti-Jewish statement enhanced Flanagan’s political reputation, and he enjoyed a doubled majority in the next year’s election.

Moreover, even after the genocidal horrors of WWII, Flanagan was promoted to the highest political levels becoming Minister of Defence in 1976, and thereafter, the Father of the House between 1977 and 1987.

Even his imbecilic statement in the early 1950’s that ‘there was no sex in Ireland before television ‘ did no harm to his political career.

Flanagan reached the zenith of his own nauseating moral indecency during his interference in stopping 500 children from France into Ireland during WWII to escape the concentration camps.

Flanagan pressured the Irish President De Valera into admitting they were Jewish children and on that basis alone they were not allowed refugee status and perished with 6 million others.

Oliver J. Flanagan by Michael Loughman –

click the image to continue viewing the post by Michael Loughman


The Parallels Between the Irish and the So-called Palestinians

There are clear ideological parallels connecting the attitudes of the Irish and the Palestinians towards Jewish people and they are undoubtedly linked to Nazism.

Ireland’s pre-war Ambassador to Germany, Charles Bewley archive – a rabid antisemite, promoted the lies and propaganda that Jews were dominating the spread of pornography and the international slave trade trafficking.

Such propaganda is prevalent in the Palestinian Charters and within the school books taught to Palestinian children.

The Palestinian Charters of 1964 archive and 1968 archive and the Hamas Charter of 1988 archive [Avalon Project Yale link archive] all demand the extermination of Jews and the subservience to Islam of all other races and religions.

The Hamas Charter grotesquely replicates Nazism even to the extent of demanding the extermination of those who assist the mentally and physically disabled.

And let us repeat that the Republic of Ireland has offered unequivocal support for the Palestinians at the UN since the 1970s, ignoring the content of the Palestinian Charters and thus supporting the extermination of Jewish people.

It is however important to understand that the Palestinians who were invented as a political force by the KGB and Arab militants in the early 1960s when their first antisemitic Charter was produced leveraged up on the Arab Nazi connection prior to and during WWII when the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem linked up with Adolf Hitler and demanded the liquidation of the Jewish race.

The Real Origins of the So-called Palestinians

At this time Palestinians as a race, culture, or people did not exist… only Jew-hating Arabs existed.

Paradoxically the Arabic language has no pronunciation for the letter ‘P’ and therefore the Arabic sound for Palestinian is Filastinian meaning Philistines.

The Philistines ceased to exist some one thousand years before Christ, came from Greece, and the derivation of their name means ‘Sea Invaders’.

Perhaps today’s Palestinians should have Athens – and not Jerusalem – as their capital.

What Hitler and the Grand Mufti Really Said –

Click the image to view the story, photo by Keystone/Getty Images


Ireland’s Empathy Lies With the So-called Palestinians While Ireland’s Heart Lies Elsewhere

Again we revert to the question of why the Palestinians command so much support within Ireland and the answer must surely be the dual connection to and support for Nazi ideology.

Ireland’s behaviour is obsessively antisemitic as verified by current political endeavours promoted by Irish politicians, Irish media, and Irish society generally.

The Republic of Ireland is currently the only country in the world attempting to pass legislation to make it a criminal offence to buy products or services from the only Jewish State in the world – Israel.

The Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement, BDS, is championed by the Republic of Ireland supposedly in support of the Palestinians.

Such support clearly exposes Irish bigotry duplicity and or imbecility, given the lack of rationale exposing the double standards which Ireland has towards the Palestinians.

There has never been any Irish support for the thousands of Palestinians tortured, maimed, and killed by a combination of Syrian, Russian, and Iranian troops during the last 5 years of the Syrian conflict.

The Palestinians rotting in Assad’s dungeons seem to be of no concern to the Irish.

Seanad passes Occupied Territories Bill despite government opposition –

Seanad passes Occupied Territories Bill despite government opposition

Click the image to view the post, img cr: shutterstock / Saesche Wagner

Perversely the Irish Republican political parties have expressed condolences for the Iranian General Soleimani, recently killed and one of the architects of the Palestinians suffering within Syria.

Irish duplicity?

Irish ignorance?

Irish hatred of Palestinians and love for Syria?

Why are no Irish politicians trying to criminalise the purchase of goods from the 3 countries slaughtering the Syrian Palestinians?

Why no support from Ireland for Syrian Palestinians while paradoxically support for those responsible for their slaughter?

Close to 4,000 Palestinians killed in Syria’s civil war –

Workers pull an unidentified body at a mass grave in Raqqa, Syria Oct 16, 2018. Photo credit: ABOUD HAMAM / REUTERS – click image to view entire post

The recent address to the UN by Irish President Michael Higgins archive further exposed the racist Irish mentality toward the only Jewish State in the world.

Ignoring genocides in Africa, the extermination of Christians in the Middle East, the Chinese atrocities towards Uighurs, and other geopolitical areas where atrocities occur, he lamented on no less than 4 occasions on the plight of the Palestinians – not those in Syria mind you, but those living under ” Israeli occupation.”

Given that Jews represent less than 0.002% of Ireland’s population, the highlighting of the only Jewish State by the Irish President exposes his and his country’s rabid obsession, animosity, and bias toward Israel.

He absurdly connected the suffering of the Irish to that of the Palestinians.

The crocodile tears expressed for the Palestinians were, however, predictably selective.

Higgins made no mention of the Syrian Palestinians and also managed to avoid the slaughter of Palestinians in Iraq as well as their ethnic cleansing after the fall of Sadaam.

Iranian-backed Shia militias rampaged through the Palestinian neighbourhoods at various times between 2003 and 2006, killing as many as 5,000 and ethnically cleansing up to 40,000 Palestinians.

Ireland has never shown concern for those Palestinians.

Perhaps this is down to Irish ignorance or inertia, but more likely this is the sole result of good old-fashioned Irish Jew hatred given the failure to note other conflicts concerning Palestinians.

The Irish distaste for supporting Palestinians even stretched as far as ignoring atrocities committed on Palestinians by Jordan and Pakistani elite troops during Black September, again resulting in thousands of deaths and the ethnic cleansing of thousands more to North Africa.

Unsurprisingly, the barbarity heaped upon Palestinians opposed to the Islamic fundamentalism of Hamas was also conveniently ignored by the nauseating hypocrisy of the Irish President.

Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs Document

Click the above image to view the entire speech given at the U.N. by Ireland’s President Higgins.

When consideration is given to the fact that Ireland was the only country in the world to offer condolences on the death of Hitler and is currently the only country in the world to have on public display numerous memorials to Nazi collaborators, it is obvious that the connection between the Republic of Ireland and the Palestinians is ugly, rabid Jew-hatred.

When one also considers that Ireland was at the forefront of assisting Nazi war criminals to escape justice, and even allowed others to live freely to mix within Irish society, the love of Nazism becomes ever more evident.

If further clarity were needed, it should also be noted that Ireland was the only country in the world to punish those of their fellow countrymen who had fought against the Nazis, survived the war, and returned to Ireland.

These heroes were treated with contempt and punished to the extent that they were barred from receiving Irish Government pensions, and were not allowed to work for the Government, nor for Government suppliers or contractors.

IRA Support for the Nazi’s –

Click the image to view the full post.


Ireland ‘Welcomed Hitler’s Henchmen –

Click the image to view the full post.


What We Value Is Evidenced in Where We Invest Our Time, Our Energy

It surely must be obvious to any right-thinking person that the Palestinian Charters are rabidly Jew-hating manifestos replicating those of Nazi Germany and morally unacceptable in any era.

Support for the Palestinians endorses those Charters and facilitates and allows antisemitism to thrive.

Notwithstanding the emphatic historical evidence provided, Ireland as a nation, a UN member, people, culture, and race should be ashamed to overtly give support to the Palestinians let alone exacerbate their antisemitism by attempting to pass legislation to make it a criminal offence to trade with Israel.

As Ireland likes to propagate the myth that they were neutral in WWII when duplicitous would be more appropriate and just as they like to promote themselves as being pro-Palestinian when antisemitic would be a more apt description, I shall continue to challenge the lies and deceit.

Perhaps it’s worth highlighting some salient facts to further expose the bias and imbecility of the Irish support for the Palestinians and indeed the hostile greed for landmass monopoly of the Palestinians themselves.

In his book Myths of the Middle East, the Arab essayist and historian Joseph Farah writes…

There has never been a land known as Palestine governed by Palestinians. Palestinians are Arabs, indistinguishable from Jordanians, another recent invention, Syrians, Iraqis, etc. Keep in mind that the Arabs control 99.9% of Middle East lands. Israel represents 1/10th of 1% of the landmass. But that is too much for the Arabs. They want it all. And that is ultimately what the fighting around Israel is all about. No matter how many concessions the Israelis make, it will never be enough.

Indeed, if the Irish are so righteous about the Palestinian cause perhaps the interview by Zuhair Mushin archive, the military commander of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and member of the PLO Executive Council should be studied. He said the following as part of an interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw in March 1977…

There are no differences between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. We are all part of one nation. It is only for political reasons that we carefully underline our Palestinian identity… yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity serves only tactical purposes. The founding of a Palestinian State is a new tool in the continuing battle against Israel.

Another quote the Irish should study is that of Arab historian, Professor Philip Hitti archive in 1946…

There is no such thing as Palestine or Palestinians in history… absolutely not.

If the Irish are still unconvinced, then maybe they should review President Assad‘s archive statement to Yasser Arafat… the Palestinian leader who was not Palestinian but Egyptian, but what does that matter to the Irish?

There is no such thing as a Palestinian people…

There are numerous similar quotations, articles, and evidence from Arab diplomats, academics, militants, soldiers, butchers, bakers, and candle-stick-makers proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the claim to a land called Palestine by a people known as Palestinians is a myth.

Indeed throughout history and through the writings and diaries of numerous explorers and travelers, there has never been any mention of an indigenous Palestinian people.

The Palestinian myth has already been written as evidence…

Ibn Khaldun in 1377 [ link ] [ link ]

Muqaddasi in 985 [ link ]

Mark Twain, “The Innocents Abroad”, 1867 – “There is not a solitary village throughout its whole extent (valley of Jezreel, Galilea); not for thirty miles in either direction… One may ride ten miles hereabouts and not see ten human beings. For the sort of solitude to make one dreary, come to Galilee… Nazareth is forlorn… Jericho lies a moldering ruin… Bethlehem and Bethany, in their poverty and humiliation… untenanted by any living creature.”

Gunner Edward Webbe 1590 [ link ]

British archaeologist Thomas Shaw in 1750 – “The land in Palestine is lacking in people to till its fertile soil.”

William Thackeray in 1844 writes about the road from Jaffa to Jerusalem: “Now the district is quite deserted, and you ride among what seem to be so many petrified waterfalls. We saw no animals moving among the stony brakes; scarcely even a dozen little birds in the whole course of the ride.”

James Finn, British Consul, in 1857 – “The country is in a considerable degree empty of inhabitants and therefore its greatest need is of a body of population.”

B. W. Johnson, “Young Folks in Bible Lands”: Chapter IV, 1892 – “There are many proofs, such as ancient ruins, broken aqueducts, and remains of old roads, which show that it has not always been so desolate as it seems now. In the portion of the plain between Mount Carmel and Jaffa, one sees but rarely a village or other sights of human life. There some rude mills here which are turned by the stream. A ride of half an hour more brought us to the ruins …”

The report of the British Royal Commission in 1913 – “The area was underpopulated and remained economically stagnant until the arrival of the first Zionist pioneers in the 1880’s, who came to rebuild the Jewish land. The country had remained “The Holy Land” in the religious and historic consciousness of mankind, which associated it with the Bible and the history of the Jewish people. Jewish development of the country also attracted large numbers of other immigrants – both Jewish and Arab.”

All the above-written evidence proves beyond any reasonable doubt that there has never existed a Palestinian people, race, tradition, or culture with an indigenous claim to a geographical area called Palestine.

Not one record of a battle, war, or conflict fought by indigenous Palestinians against any domestic or external invader from 3000 BC to 1964 AD.

Not one piece of historical or archaeological evidence identifying indigenous Palestinians nor any building, monument, or structure identified as being Palestinian.

All the world has are 3 Nazi Charters issued by Islamic political organisations under the collective pronoun of Palestinian and a propaganda effort that only the racist and imbecilic of humanity would support and believe in.

And Ireland and the Irish are at the top of the Palestinian support league tables.

I conclude that such support is just Jew-hatred.



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