To the Iranian People, the Free World Is With You – Say Yes to Liberty


More than 1400 years ago, a group of nomads from across the scorching Arabian Desert conquered Persia (Iran), the greatest empire known to the history of mankind.

With that, they injected their Islamic virus into the veins of their victim: the Iranian people.

Our motherland is bleeding under the dark cloaks of the oppressive mullahs.

Yet, our people shall overcome the poison that courses in their veins and will choose to turn away from the doctrine of death and destruction to, hopefully, pursue life and construction.

All of you hold the key and promise for our homeland’s revival and its complete freedom from the centuries-old yoke of the barbaric rule of Islam and its “Sharia”.

The light of freedom must be preserved for humanity.

To save the motherland,
all Iranians must unite
JUST SAY NO to Islam
SAY YES to Liberty

Islam Before the 1979 Islamic Revolution

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