To Our POST Newsletter Recipients

You may have noticed last week, or at least we hope you have noticed, that our POST Newsletter also provided all the videos we shared as well.

Our POST Newsletter is designed to provide you content that we, our contributors, and/or our members have published on our blog and only that content — instead, due to a programming glitch, it was also providing a listing of the videos we have been sharing as well.

That is not the intention of the POST Newsletter, this is the intention of our VIDEO Newsletter.

We have corrected the programming error so you should receive what is expected, strictly posts published by Decisive Liberty.

As you have been receiving a listing of the videos we share and like what you saw, you can sign up for our VIDEO Newsletter as well.

You can sign up for this on our videos page here or by clicking the image below.


Due to the current as well as increasing volume of videos we share, our VIDEO Newsletter is delivered 3 times a day – 6 am, noon, and 6 pm ET.

Our POST Newsletter is delivered per your choice of 5 am and/or 5 pm ET as well as an option to have it immediately delivered whenever we publish.

With any of our Newsletters, you can opt out at any time with the unsubscribe button located at the bottom of all our newsletters.

But once you do that, you have to keep up with us on our social media platforms, yes?

Any thoughts, feedback, and/or suggestions can always be sent to us by the comments below any of our posts or by hitting the ‘reply’ button to any of our emails.

Meanwhile, have at it – you have a lot of things to do!


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