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Meanwhile, Mueller is about to get grilled…

Preface to Today’s Grilling of Mueller

If you missed John Solomon’s Op-Ed piece as well as his interview with Sean Hannity, you missed out on some very bombshells that were shared and most likely will come out during Mueller’s hearing.

Here is the link to John’s Op-Ed piece, published Monday (22-July) – will open in a new window…
OP-ED: How Mueller Deputy Andrew Weissmann’s Offer to an Oligarch Could Boomerang on DOJ

Meanwhile, John Solomon pumped out two tweets concerning the ‘magician of omission’…

John Solomon (twtr @jsolomonReports)John Solomon (twtr @jsolomonReports)

These caught the attention of Brian Cates​ (twtr @drawandstrike), a columnist for The Epoch Times, and Brian brought to John’s attention the post Brian wrote last November (2018), speaking directly about Joseph Mifsud

Brain Cates (twtr @drawandstrike)

Read Brian’s story here: The Fake Russian Spy Who Came In From the Cold

Lastly, John Solomon was interviewed on by Sean Hannity last night and some more discoveries shared there on top of yesterday’s Op-Ed…

Video queued to start at John’s appearance on Sean’s show…

Mueller is between a rock and a hard-place, and he knows it.

If he goes outside the report with his answers, he incriminates himself – if he stays within the report, then he either has to be forthwith on knowledge he had early on or even before starting the investigation, or he may choose to lie…


Let’s see what happens!


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