I and many, many others, are working hard for Trump where we live and

  • based upon evidence surfacing on the internet and elsewhere,
  • based upon the evidence of your own actions during Mr. Trump’s campaign,

You really need to wake up and know that the Trumpers are not stupid as you and the establishment seem to believe.

We know that the RNC is behind

  • the sabotage of the Trump campaign, most recently in Virginia,
  • the closing of GOP offices, as well as
  • sending volunteers on useless trips to engage voters who ARE ALREADY ON THE TRUMP TRAIN
  • allowing the release of Trump’s private locker talk so damage to Hillary would be minimized by the discovery of her

to name a few of your totally nefarious actions.

You and your lot are totally despicable in every way, and I look forward to all of you being fired from the Trump campaign.

We are aware the the DNC as well as the GOP have orchestrated certain events to the benefit of Globalism — the new politically correct word for New World Order.

Which means, somewhere along the line, George Soros is either already involved or is assisting in some manner to your efforts, whether GOP or DNC

Both political parties have suddenly started having orchestrated events that for all practical purposes are shells in a multi-dimensional shell game as Donald J. Trump presents a threat to this endeavor of globalism.

And as you already know, our Constitution cannot exist, liberty cannot exist, freedom cannot exist if Globalism is to have its day.

I cannot speak for the others, but I can guarantee that

the RNC will never, ever get any support from me and my family,
I will making sure as many as possible are made aware of the shenanigans you and those planted into the Trump campaign have done as well as
anything else you and the Establishment GOP do in the future that reeks of disloyalty to the election of Mr. Trump.

Are we clear Mr. Priebus?


Trump’s locker room talk was released within the same window this was shared publically…


Classic Alinsky Rules and Cloward-Piven strategy Mr. Priebus…

So why are Trump demonstrations, Trump offices, and Trump leaders being terminated during a very successful campaign?

Isn’t this something that only happens — whether the public or private sector — when there are politics in play and something of value to the culprits is threatened…

And why is all the money that was donated by the people of VA redirected almost entire to something else altogether?

[ video unavailable ]


There is a universal principle that cannot be avoided: The guilty are always, always, always, the least affected by their actions…

That would mean you Mr. Priebus, as well as mean the DNC, the GOP as well as Hillary…

Who is most affected by all this?

That would be Trump and We the People — but somehow I believe you know that already, don’t you Mr. Priebus?

And if — IF — your shenanigans have their day, you already know that liberty, freedom – and the United States as we know it now — will be no more, and you know this too, don’t you Mr. Priebus?

This is no hype unless one is so stupid enough to not know what freedom and liberty truly are — and truthfully, the Progressives have been doing everything they can to  redefine to a something that isn’t even in the derivations of either words for the past 50 plus years, and lately the GOP is following suit as well.

There are more question Mr Priebus…

Just HOW are going to explain away in lies the blood and lives given by those buried in the Arlington National Cemetery as well as the blood and lives lost in Afghanistan, Berlin, Bull Run, Bunker Hill, Concord, Charleston, Chattanooga, El Alamein, Fort Henry, Fort Ticonderoga, Fort Washington, Fredericksberg, Gettysburg, Guadalcanal, Guam, Iraq, Korea, Kursk, Lexington, Midway, Normandy, Okinawa, Pen Ridge Princeton, Saratoga, Vicksburg, VietNam, Yorktown and the Spring Offensive not only to the people, but your own children and future grandchildren and should some how God sees fit to let you live that long, your future great grandchildren???

How many more lies and how many more manipulations will you and your cohorts standby, thereby devaluing and dishonoring the lives and blood of those that have given their all for your dangerous stupidity?

This I do know and deep down, you know this as well Mr Priebus —

IF that happens, if we lose our liberty, if we lose our freedom due to your stupidity and pathetic form of leadership, then that can only mean that those we have been practicing our Second Amendment rights will be moving our focus to different targets altogether…

Don’t kid yourself Mr. Priebus, history has borne this out each and every time the people were not recognized, were treated with disrespect and disdain, and left with no alternative by their leaders who believed they knew better than the populace, who ignored the populace (or have you not hear of Marie Antoinette? Great story of the elite thinking the people were too stupid).

These same leaders who did what they felt was necessary for the greater good of the people, who did what they felt was necessary for the greater good of the political party, ended up killing 1000’s, hundreds of 1000s, millions, and for some tens of millions, through their policies of doing everything for the great good, implementing protocols that threatened the survivors if they didn’t follow suite — they ended up killing through the needless stupidity of those who think they have the power like the 1000’s of times before them during the past 6000 years…

Yet each time, they never believed it would become as bad as it did — that is because the underestimated the will of the people for liberty, and in our case for freedom as well…

You have already prove you are an intelligent man Mr Priebus, however wisdom and discernment have nothing to do with intelligence — unfortunately, you have proven also wisdom and discernment are not your strong suit Mr Priebus — not by a long shot.

We the People know the Constitution places the power into our hands, not into the hands of those whom you think should be responding to your commands — which also means, you are under our power and not the other way around.

You don’t have to like this, you don’t have to believe this — however facts ignored hardly mean the do not exist now do they Mr. Priebus?

Whatever you do next Mr. Priebus — we are all watching, and waiting…

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  • Tuesday, 11-October-2016 at 20:36

    This post was inspired by a correspondence I had with a Trump supporter — name is being withheld until permission granted to share as well as any credentials.

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