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by Garrett O’Brien, originally published 25-October-2016

This was just received by me from one of the flag officers, a USAF major general, who signed with the original 88 supporting Trump, and has requested that this make a wide distribution.

The corruption and collusion uncovered here – that resulted in the deaths of only God knows how many people – is just way, way beyond belief…


In case you missed the relationships so far…

Podesta is a key influencer and nexus point in the Russia/China alliance with Iran.

Attached please find a document that shows the Podesta Group is the official lobbyist for the Iraqi Gov’t (really the Islamic Dawa Party).

We’ve also seen the recent coverage of his actual corporate ties to Putin.

Podesta is also the point of continuity between the Obama Administration (WH CoS) and the Hillary Campaign (Campaign Manager).

News from Baghdad from a good friend, a close Adviser to Maliki and Abadi that Iran Loyalists Shia politicians are strongly wishing that Hillary wins the elections.  Their view reveals the wishes of their bosses in Tehran.  They are terrified by the possibility of Trump winning.

It is worth focusing the spotlight on the fact that the Podesta Group has been for the past years the lobbyist for “the Iraqi Government” ($1M annual contract, please find attached) which in fact it is the lobbyist for the Islamic Dawaa Party. Dawaa Party is widely known for its allegiance directly to Khamanaie. Podesta lobbying for the Dawaa Party hired a well-known ex State Department official from the Bush administration. This is a loophole for a backdoor lobby for Iranian interests in Washington, DC and the administration knows about it.

Whatever Trump said in last night’s debate about the liberation of Mosul is true.  In fact, the US air force and special forces are doing the fighting, while Iranian-backed militias wait and then enter villages, towns, etc., as the liberators.  This happened many times and each and every time places are liberated (Fallujah, Amerli, Salahuddin, etc.).  When the city of Amerli was liberated by U.S. Air Force’s precise and determined targeting of ISIS, Iraqi TV showed the Iranian Commander of the Quds Force, Qasim Sluleimani dancing to the liberation of the city with Shia militias.

Trump was also right when he said the liberation of Mosul is part of a campaign to make Hillary and the administration look tough, Trump though failed to mention that Podesta being a campaign manager for Clinton and a lobbyist for the Islamic Dawaa Party is a smoking gun of this coordination.

In May of this year, I [name withheld by request] was interviewed on the number 1 Iraqi TV channel and I mentioned the coordination between the Clinton Campaign and the deliberate delay of the liberation of Mosul in order to boost the Clinton campaign right before the elections.  The commentator replied and asked me the following question:

Do you mean that the delay of the liberation of Mosul from ISIS and the fate of 4 million civilians is part of Clinton’s campaign?

And my answer was Yes.

– – – – – – Evidence – – – – – –

Link: 5926-exhibit-ab-20160218-73 (PDF download – right-click to save to your machine)


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About Garrett O’Brien

Garrett is the owner of DecisiveLiberty.News. Formerly a Liberal then a Republican, Garrett has seen political parties by default look out for themselves and not the people. Garrett now focuses specifically on our Constitution as it is written. He uses Decisive Liberty as a platform to provide a voice to those that believe neither political party are protecting our Constitution nor our Rights to their fullest as our Founding Fathers wrote them in the First 10 Amendments. For the moment, Garrett resides in Brazil with his wife.

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BANNED DOCUMENTARY: Conspiracy Of Silence (1993)

Conspiracy Of Silence Is a documentary film detailing an alleged child sex scandal that involved many children from a Nebraska Institution, Boys Town, and Lawrence King - or Lawrence "Larry" King.

The organized child sex parties implicated the Reagan and Bush White House during the 1980s.

King was the ringleader of the sex ring which had links to other fellow political conservatives in Washington D.C., including

  • Republican Lobbyist Craig J. Spence
  • Sen. Elizabeth Dole's Staff, along with
  • members of the financial elite of Nebraska

It features former CIA Director William Colby talking about the high-level child kidnap and sex-slave ring.

The book that was the basis of this movie can be found by clicking here.

Reflections from Decisive Liberty

The following stance is stated in the final paragraph of the oration given for the unveiling of our Statue of Liberty on the 28th of October, 1886....

... there is room in America and brotherhood for all who will support our institutions and aid in our development; but those who come to disturb our peace and dethrone our laws are aliens and enemies forever.

You can view the full oration by clicking here.

We at Decisive Liberty are committed to this stance and welcome all - if you have not already - to join us in learning to live by this stance.

There are only 2 nations that have placed God within their Constitution: one was created by God for the people He loves, the other created by the people who love Him.

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