The True Test of Any Person Comes When Character Meets Mistakes

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The true test of any person comes when character meets mistakes, especially when the mistake has a high level of sensitivity and/or impact on many people.

Retired Lt General Flynn choose integrity…

Which is FAR ABOVE a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g the previous administration as well as what Hillary choose in the last 8 years..

And in view of history, far above anything during their entire lives of both Obama and the Clinton’s for that matter.

Retired Lt General Flynn’s resignation letter points only to one person and one person only…

Not to FoxNews…

Not to the GOP…

Not to anyone else….

Retired LT General Flynn’s resignation letter points only to the man he sees in the mirror every morning.

Something the Obama’s and Clinton’s had chosen to ignore and still continue to ignore whenever their own character meets their own mistakes.

When reading Retired t General Flynn’s resignation letter, one notices immediately it is humble – unlike the aforementioned politicians were when their hands were caught in a the proverbial cookie jar.

If you notice the humility, then you understand his resignation is worthy of respect and honor – which President Trump and Vice-President Pence provided…

Meanwhile, the MSM has still yet to tackle the tens of thousands of emails awaiting them in Wikileaks… what a bunch of clowns calling themselves journalists, seriously.

Flynn’s resignation letter: full text…

February 13, 2017

In the course of my duties as the incoming National Security Advisor, I held numerous phone calls with foreign counterparts, ministers, and ambassadors. These calls were to facilitate a smooth transition and begin to build the necessary relationships between the President, his advisors and foreign leaders. Such calls are standard practice in any transition of this magnitude.

Unfortunately, because of the fast pace of events, I inadvertently briefed the Vice President Elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian Ambassador. I have sincerely apologized to the President and the Vice President, and they have accepted my apology.

Throughout my over thirty-three years of honorable military service, and my tenure as the National Security Advisor, I have always performed my duties with the utmost of integrity and honesty to those I have served, to include the President of the United States.

I am tendering my resignation, honored to have served our nation and the American people in such a distinguished way.

I am also extremely honored to have served President Trump, who in just three weeks, has reoriented American foreign policy in fundamental ways to restore America’s leadership position in the world.

As I step away once again from serving my nation in this current capacity, I wish to thank President Trump for his personal loyalty, the friendship of those who I worked with throughout the hard-fought campaign, the challenging period of transition, and during the early days of his presidency.

I know with the strong leadership of President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and the superb team they are assembling, this team will go down in history as one of the greatest presidencies in U.S. history, and I firmly believe the American people will be well served as they all work together to help Make America Great Again.

Michael T. Flynn, LTG (Ret)
Assistant to the President / National Security COMISAF Advisory and Assistance Team (CAAT)

Retired Lt General Mike FLynn

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One thought on “The True Test of Any Person Comes When Character Meets Mistakes

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    Sat, 8-Apr-2017 at 9:43 AM

    Just now seeing this, and very, very good. I still miss Flynn and really wish this had not happened. DJT needs him, now more than ever.

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