The Differences Yet Similarities Between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority

Currently there are 2 organisations representing the Palestinian populations based in Gaza and Judea and Samaria, also erroneously known as the West Bank.

Hamas, a totalitarian Islamic theocracy is in military, economic, legal , religious and political control in Gaza while the Palestinian Authority (PA), a quasi Arab fascist organisation, has similar control in the remaining ‘Palestinian’ areas.

The leadership of both are constructed of antisemites, holocaust deniers, terrorists, and admirers of Hitler.

Obviously both are rabidly antisemitic and, in the case of Hamas, there are clear parallels between them and the National Socialism of 1930’s Germany.

Paradoxically, both detest each other and have killed more Palestinians between them in internal disputes than Israel has killed in the protection of its citizens from Palestinian terrorist attacks..

The PA has a non-nation state status at the UN while Hamas, though admired by numerous politicians globally, is designated as a terrorist organisation.

Both are Arab and Muslim, and totally Fascist in their philosophy, politics, and behaviour as identified in their separate Charters.

The Hamas Charter of August 1988 [read here] is the founding Constitution of policy, philosophy, and religion still dictating to the Palestinians unfortunate enough to be living under their dictatorial control.

By any standards the Hamas Charter can only be described as a Nazi Charter, not only for the numerous, rabid Jew hating Articles contained within but also for similar Nazi type references to ALL other religions, Freemasons, Rotarians, and Lions Charities.

Articles to Note in the Hamas Charter

The contempt for women is obviously apparent in that they are to be confined to the household and raising children except when in the act of killing Jews as per Articles 17 and 18.

Article 7 demands the killing of Jews as God’s Will and the their extermination coincides with the ”Hour of Resurrection”.

A detailed analysis of the Palestinian Hamas Charter indicates a blatantly racist, xenophobic, and extreme document which is morally indecent.

Within the introduction, the phrases

Israel will remain erect until Islam eradicates it”


the struggle against the JEWS”

are stated.

Article 6 is just one of several Articles demanding the subservience of all other religions to the Hamas / Muslim Brotherhood definition of what is fascist Islam…

Only under the shadow of Islam could the members of all religions coexist.”

The Hamas Charter also determines that peaceful solutions are in contradiction to their doctrine.

Article 13 is clear on this…

“Peaceful initiatives, the so called peaceful solutions are all contrary to the beliefs of Islamic Resistance”


“there is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by Jihad ( war ).”

Article 31 again reiterates the demand for Islamic totalitarianism and world domination –

“The members of ALL religions must desist from struggling against Islam”


“For the members of Christianity and Judaism to exist that can only be done under the shadow of Islam.”

There is no need to reiterate the rabid hatred that this Palestinian founding and still relevant document has for those who happen to borne into other religions and races.

Convert, conform, or suffer the consequences.

The Charter naturally is taught in Palestinian schools in Gaza for which U.K. taxpayers and other EU Nations willingly contribute taxpayers hard earned funds.

The U.S. under the Trump Administration no longer contribute to an education system so utterly racist.

Such Nazi documentation is further supported by the numerous statements of the Hamas leadership.

Just a couple of examples will suffice…..

“… our people are afflicted by a cancerous lump, that is the Jews , in the heart of the Arab nation. Make us victorious over the infidels. Allah take hold of the Jews and their allies. Allah take hold of the Americans and their allies and kill them , to the last one and don’t leave even one.” ~ Dr. Ahmad Bahar, acting Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, aired on Palestinian Authority TV, April 20th 2007


” … and so that people will know the extermination of Jews is good for the inhabitants of the world.” ~ Dr. Ismail Radwan , Hamas spokesman Al-Risalah newspaper April 23 2007

Such statements, reiterated in similar format up to and including the time of writing this article, seems not to bother those countries, political, parties, the UN, the BBC, CNN, and those on the “liberal left” as during the last decade support for the Nazi Palestinians has grown given the number of condemnations heaped upon Israel at the UN.
Sir Winston Churchill stated that, “… the fascists of the the future will call themselves anti-fascists.

Articles to Note in the Palestinian National Charter

The Palestinian National Charter of July 1988 [read here] is as one would expect a similar Arab Nazi type document.

Article 7 demands all Palestinians be educated to fight until death until Jews are vanquished and Articles 8, 9 and 10 are just examples which ensure that the the Palestinians have absolutely no interest in a peaceful solution.

Article 16 is the the most bizarre given the Palestinian lust for slaughter, racial, and religious hatred and their destruction of Churches and Synagogues in areas they have controlled….

“The liberation of Palestine … will provide the Holy Land with an atmosphere of safety and tranquility which will safeguard the religious sanctuaries and guarantee freedom of worship …”

Need  we share more?

“The end cannot justify the means,
for the simple and obvious reason that
the means employed determine
the nature of the ends produced.”
~ Aldous Huxley

Peter Baum Interviews Mosab Hassan Yousef at The Israel Breakfast Club located in Southend, England

Mosab was born in Bir Zeit, near Ramallah on the West Bank, 1978-05-06.

Mosab Hassan Yousef’s father, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, is a founding leader of Hamas, internationally recognized as a terrorist organization and responsible for countless suicide bombings and other deadly attacks against Israel. Yousef was an integral part of the movement, for which he was imprisoned several times by the Shin Bet, the Israeli intelligence service. He withstood torture in prison only to discover Hamas was torturing its own people in a relentless search for collaborators. He began to question who his enemies really were–Israel? Hamas? America?

While in an Israeli prison, Yousef was approached about becoming a spy for the Shin Bet. Initially, Yousef accepted it with the idea that he would betray them and in hopes he could use the role to protect his father and family. Later, as Yousef saw the hypocrisy within Hamas and became a Christian, he used the position to save lives on both sides of the conflict. Yousef worked as a double agent within Hamas for nearly 10 years. He became a vital intelligence asset for the Israeli government while Yousef served side-by-side with his father within the upper ranks of Hamas.

After a chance encounter with a British tourist, Yousef started a six-year quest that jeopardized Hamas, endangered his family and threatened his life. He has since embraced the Christian faith and sought political asylum in America. His story was revealed in the 2008 Fox News documentary “Escape from Hamas”.

Since then Mosab has travelled the World, visiting various countries and church communities to speak about his life changing experiences and offer insights in Islam, Hamas and the Israeli – Palestinian conflict.

In his book called “Son of Hamas”, Yousef reveals information about this dangerous terrorist organization and unveils the truth behind his own secret role. He describes his surreal journey to a new faith that instructed him to love his enemies. And he tells the story of the agonizing decisions that led him to walk away from his family, friends, and homeland.


For The Green Prince documentary film:
Best Documentary Award by the Israeli Film Academy (2014),
Audience Award during the Moscow International Film Festival (2014),
Best Documentary Award at the Sundance Film Festival (2014) and
Best Documentary at the Bavarian Film Awards (2015)

video duration 42m

Mosab Hassan Yousef Stuns the UN Human Rights Council Debate

video duration 3m


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