The Legacy the Clinton’s left in Vietnam

Originally published: 2016-08-15 03:06:06

If you want to know where someone is heading, a good place to start is in their past… And ask yourself these 3 questions…
– whose voice were they listening to then and whose voice are they listening to now?
– who were there heroes then and who are their heroes now?
– whose counsel did the seek then and whose counsel do they seek now?

The answers to these 3 questions will tell you more than they are willing to admit — or even know about themselves for that matter…

Captain Terry M. Hestilow, U.S. Army, Retired, provides a good view of what the Clintons followed 50 years ago — you determine what has changed… and what has not…
SRC: Combat Soldier

To most of the generations voting in the elections this year, Bill and Hillary Clinton had no history prior to his election as president in November of 1992. But to a great many of their own generation 389104_3469045575715_734217820_ntheir history goes much further back in time to when they were both university undergraduate and graduate students during the time of the Vietnam War. I am one of that generation.

I know that most Americans today understand, for all intents and purposes, practically nothing of Communism. Of course, some who have studied political science, history, and economics in school may have some exposure to the political and economic aspects of the liberal assumptions of the supposed benefits of Communism; but even then, few have been taught the truth of the poverty and destruction the system has brought to every country that has been deceived into adopting it as a system of government.

As empty of hope and value that Communism actually brings to those enslaved under it, few today are aware of the tactics that have been used by its proponents in places like Vietnam. Others, like liberal politicians and teachers, have sheltered later generations of Americans from the facts of the terrorism used against the Vietnamese people by a complicit liberal education, media, and political establishment in the United States from around 1969 and the fall of the Democrat Party to the Communists in Chicago at the Democratic National Convention of1968.

I write this not to teach period history, but specifically to remind people of who Bill and Hillary Clinton were, and are; and the terrorism they championed as young Communists associated with Saul Alinsky (Hillary was a direct disciple of Alinsky) and the Communist student organization then known as the “Students for Democratic Society” (SDS) of which they both were associated. As you read the excerpt provided by Colonel Robert B. Rigg on the terrorist tactics committed daily by the Communists against the civilian Vietnamese hamlets and villages from his book, “How to Stay Alive in Vietnam,” (Stackpole Books, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1966), try to remember that the perpetrators of the terrorism against the people of Vietnam were the American heroes of the Left today … and specifically Bill and Hillary Clinton. I am, like Colonel Rigg, a veteran of the Vietnam War and stand to remind you that a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to stand with the terrorists who perpetrated these acts on the Vietnamese people.

As you read the words of Colonel Rigg that follow, I want to make sure that you understand what the Left in America chose to support! They demonstrated against U.S. involvement in Vietnam at home and in Europe; but those involved in the Communist take-over of the Democrat Party, in fact, supported the war waged by the Communists of North Vietnam against the peaceful South Vietnamese! South Vietnam did not invade the North! The North perpetrated this war without provocation against the free South to impose Communism upon them. And that is not the exception, but it is the norm around the globe. Bill and Hillary Clinton share the blame for what happened to the peaceful people of South Vietnam! Do not be misled, this is Communism, and this is what Bill and Hillary and the Democrat Party today desires to see imposed upon the United States of America!

You need not be a Muslim to be a terrorist! Communists are expert terrorists too!

The Terrorists

The hamlet* was at peace. The war had been there several times before, but it had moved away. In the glow of a hot red sunset, children played. Parents felt reasonably secure, and all awaited the cooling comfort of nightfall. Both men and women had worked hard in the marshy steaming rice fields.

Lanterns were being lit in the market place when five strangers appeared. A sixth man, with fear written on the tortured lines of his pale face, was in the midst of the five.

The peasants grew quiet as they watched this pale man being tied to a tree by the strangers.

The execution was simple. Every eye saw the pale man’s entrails spill out as he was disemboweled with a rusty bayonet. A woman shrieked and clutched a small child. Moments later both were seized by the grim-featured strangers. No one moved except the strangers as they beheaded the child. The woman collapsed in sobbing hysteria. Her quivering body was turned over and her black pajama-like costume was harshly stripped off revealing the nakedness of a pregnant figure. Within minutes she lay still in death with four small angry red bullet holes across her abdomen. Some of the peasants vomited, others turned their frightened eyes away. The strangers spoke for the first time. “Do not cooperate with the puppet government or the Americans. If you do, we shall return and this will happen to you!”

The strangers then left the market place and disappeared into the shifting shadows. A lasting silence hung over the scene. The dead man crumpled at the base of the tree was the third chief, or mayor, this hamlet had had.

A week later government troops entered the hamlet seeking the whereabouts of Viet Cong guerrillas. Their questions were met by silence and evasive answers even though at that very time Communist guerrillas were hiding in the hamlet and nearby swamps. After a hasty search of a few huts, the government troops took off up a muddy trail. Three hours later they had found no evidence of Viet Cong, so they doubled back along the same trail. As they passed a heavy bamboo thicket at the edge of the hamlet, a mine exploded under the feet of the detachment leader and the Viet Cong rose out of hiding to ambush the government troops and slaughter them all.

This minor profile of one phase of South Vietnam’s twilight was is a typically true pattern of events that occur on a daily basis. Helpless, simple peasants don’t talk or give information when they have been thoroughly intimidated. This is one of the reasons why the elusive Viet Cong are so hard to identify, find and fix. Terrorism “buys” not only silence, but even cooperation.

The statistics of terrorism for 1964 were 436 Vietnamese hamlets or village chiefs and other government officials assassinated by the VC. Some 1,131 more were kidnapped. The burden of similar losses rested heavily on the government in 1965. Beyond the losses, however, is the fact that it becomes hard to find people who want to serve as government officials. Try finding candidates in Illinois, Pennsylvania, or any other state, when 1,500 officials have been murdered or kidnapped in a given year.

Additionally, among people without official position, the VC assassinated some 1,350** in 1964 and kidnapped at least 8,400**. The pattern was about the same for 1965.

* In Vietnam several hamlets make up a village.

**Including school teachers, policemen and other influential and relatively educated people who were pro-government.

Do not be deceived. If you want to understand the core beliefs of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the Democrat Party, compare their positions and the Democrat Party platform with the goals and objectives of: “The Communist Manifesto,” by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, 1848.

It has not changed and neither have they!

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