The Left Has Officially Made Themselves Unavailable to Learn

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The popular vote count reveals Hillary’s and DNC’s poor planning.

They knew the rules of the game.

The Electoral College was designed to prevent domination of the nation by a few heavily populated states.

Democrats even cheated to try to win the Electoral College by flooding those heavily populated states with sanctuaried illegal aliens, which, according to a SCOTUS decision that should be revisited by a more conservative SCOTUS or overruled by new law, apportions more electors and U.S. Representatives based on total residents (legal + illegal) rather than total citizens.

If the SCOTUS decision is allowed to stand, and illegal aliens are allowed to remain in America, then the nation will be dominated by the urbanized, liberal states like Kalifornia and New York.

Their devious plan to bias the electoral process by illegal immigration and open borders has been executing right in front of us for decades.

Did you believe that Democrat politicians and RINOs actually cared about illegal aliens?

Without the prospect of a permanent majority through mass migration on the horizon, the Democrats have to consider abandoning identity politics and returning to tried and true class warfare.”

~ Bud Bromley

– – – – –

Identity politics is tethered to outrage and therefore is inherently unstable and alienating.

It’s based on a subjective experience that is deemed inaccessible to those with more “privilege” and yet it is an experience whose emotional outcomes are meant to govern our lives.

It’s a selfishly anti-intellectual creed that cannot be reasoned with because it derives from the recesses of personal emotion.

It’s not an intellectual exercise, but a performance of personal suffering and outrage.

And there’s no way around it without jettisoning the crust of political correctness that makes victimhood sacred.

Those who suffer the most are morally superior.

Their whims and wishes must dominate the Dem agenda.

An older left could have made a compelling case for the victimhood of the unemployed coal miner, but no such creature exists in campus politics where there are 63 gender identities, but no white working class.

The left has defined victimhood as the alienation experienced by those who are different.

There is no room for oppressed majorities, only minorities.

An ideology that once defined itself by labor is far more interested in charting the erratic emotions of unstable college kids than in the real problems of working people.

It can relate to the former, but not the latter.

Democrats have to choose between identity politics and the working class.

Abandoning identity politics would be a painful process while abandoning the working class has proven to be painless and disastrous.

But identity politics without mass migration and social transformation is unworkable.

Immigration determines the future of the Democrats.

This election is forcing Democrats to make a choice.

Obama’s identity politics preached that Republicans had to embrace identity politics or lose their ability to win national elections.

But if the Democrats can’t sustain the rate of demographic change that they need, their lost grip on the working class white vote may lock them out of the White House.

~ Daniel Greenfield

– – –

Given what the left has been attempting to do for the past 8 years, legal immigrants have proven in the election even they are tired of the rhetoric of the political party they once embraced.

The rhetoric now is ‘fake news’ — yet when you take the time to examine their own ‘news’ it is mostly content pulled out of context as well as words being twisted to a self-serving agenda.

In other words, they are doing anything to be right instead of doing things right.

Character, morals, and ethics has no place in their agenda, nor their own lives for that matter – which means they have to push God out of their lives. And once you do that, there is only one other spirit that can be present — and whatever fruit they produce in their lives are evidence of such.

The left couldn’t convince everyone that our Constitution was a living document as our Constitution limits powers while living documents grows powers.

They failed at flooding highly populated areas to gain the popular vote yet, being remained ignorant (and perhaps stupidly so) of the Electoral College process that keeps highly populated areas from controlling and dominating the entire country and has been in place since George Washington.

The elite left created as much damage as they could via Alinsky’s Rules along with the Cloward-Piven Strategy – two philosophies that were based upon the collective small success of several already failed philosophies of the last few centuries.

Having once been a Democrat and working on local state and national campaigns, I saw first hand for 10 years the workings of the DNC and saw a dead future.

And as of late, the GOP has prove to be just as idiotic by embracing the same stupidity.

Both made the fatal mistake of thinking they can fool all the people all of the time.

Both are attempting to convict their believes and non-believers of their own beliefs.

The mistake they are making comes down to this:

If you want to be convicting of others of what you feel, then you really need to conquer that same conviction within first way before convicting others.

You need to internalize those beliefs and test them, hone them again, and again, and again…

To do that, you have to make yourself available to learn as opposed to whining, complaining, finger pointing, and not verifying everything you are hearing with solid verifiable evidence.

Least you discover one morning all you have been doing all your life is trying to sharpen a knife on a sponge.

~ Garrett O’Brien


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