by Garrett O’Brien, originally published 17-November-2016

So What IS the Electoral College?

A bunch of people, 538 exactly, who are supposed to (but not necessarily) represent the majority vote in their area.

You can read more of it, about it and its reason for being in our Constitution as part of our checks in balances in the National Archives here archive.

The mechanics of all this as well as the principles of the Electoral College are much more complicated.

Like anything else, in order to protect and/or correct anything, we need to know why it was started, how it works, as well as its history.

So let’s start with…

Why Was The Electoral College Founded?

We need to step back to the days when a letter would take 7 days to get across the colonies (the 13 states, never mind our country as it is now) as well as how sparsely populate most of our country was at the time.

Most of the population lived in only a few cities in 1783, the year England ended its hostilities with the United States and we were able to focus on building a nation.

Though official records are not available, and through several sources, we researched, of the estimated 3 million people in our country at the time, nearly 33% of the population back then lived in Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Maryland while the other 9 states don’t even tally up to the total of Virginia, the state with the largest population at the time (Georgia barely existed, population-wise).

Events in our nation’s capital (believe it or not), occurred more rapidly back then and sometimes today still do (Washington D.C. didn’t exist at the time, our nation’s capital was first in New York [1785-1790], then Philadelphia [1790-1800], and finally Washington D.C. [1800- to now]).

Today, a message can get across the entire country in a little more than 0.01 seconds…

And our population is more evenly distributed compared to the days when the electoral college did serve its purpose.

Or so one would think…

2016 Presidential Elections Hits It Home…

We are also talking about legitimate votes — according to, more than 3 million illegal aliens voted in 2016.

Voters who had not been given any power to vote by a legitimate approval process by any of the 3 branches of the federal government — Obama took it upon himself to say it was OK for illegals to vote if they wanted to.

Any President’s opinion does not make anything legal, Executive Order or not.

There were also 4 million voters on the rosters that were dead.

And as Hillary had a popular vote led by about 650,000 votes — the electoral college came under fire.

The 2016 Election prompted once again a want (not a need) to ditch the electoral system — also exposing the lack of discernment as to why it exists well as knowledge of our own Constitution’s checks and balances systems.

In the 2016 Presidential election, just fewer than 500 precincts favored Hillary — nearly all, if not all, in highly populated precincts.

All other precincts favored Trump.

There are 3,144 precincts in the U.S.

So if the proponents of ditching the electoral system want their way, they want less than 500 precincts determining the outcome for the entire country

The evidence?

Not the popular map showing proclaiming 51 counties favored Hillary, but a breakdown by country as provided by Politico archive — that national map provides a breakdown by state, and each state has a breakdown by precinct.

You’ll have to do some homework to verify the figures, but they are there…

As they are so used to having everything done for them, I can hear a loud suction of air from the left when I said homework…

No apologies liberals, you worked hard to earn that reputation, now wear it.

Let that ratio sink in, less than 500 counties deciding the fate of 3,141 counties….

Unless discernment has been abandoned altogether, one does not need a map to realize the patheticness of that fate.

That’s not protected liberty.

That is tyranny at its most basic level.

It goes against both the 10th and 14th amendments in protecting the liberties, citizenship, and freedoms of ALL U.S. citizens

Protecting the liberties of just those that live in highly populated areas will result in their own liberties as well as freedoms being lost as well as those outside such areas.

Time to focus on what’s next and stop the whining and finger-pointing as to why someone lost.

We have protected checks and balances that have been in place and working for 240 years…



Thanks and credit to David Chaney and Larry Lunt for their conversation on Facebook on this topic.


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