The Israel / Palestinian issue

Being a pro-Israeli activist and writer can be exasperating, draining and a constant struggle challenging a tide of mythology, misinformation, and hatred.

Modern day hatred against Israel is cowardly termed anti-Zionist but is in fact nothing else but good old fashioned Jew hatred.

It is where the far left and the far right are ideologically entwined; where Islam and the United Nations can easily deflect from the barbarities occurring within and focus solely on the only Jewish State in the world to vent their nauseatingly, hypocritical spleens.

Those who were born into Judaism and agree with Israel’s greatest detractors are a malevolent phenomenon offering priceless support and publicity to those whose ideology is to liquidate the State of Israel.

The challenge is steep but the evidence that historically, legally, religiously , politically and morally support Israel’s just cause is overwhelming.

The purpose of this longer than normal post is to assist those of you who are are unsure of the facts and lack the confidence to present when being challenged on the Israel / Palestinian issue.

Let’s take a step-by-step approach.

Exposing the Myths

It is a given that for decades Israel and her supporters have failed miserably in the public relations arena.

Israel is perceived to be a racist, colonial endeavour practicing apartheid and atrocities upon the indigenous Palestinians.

Israel’s opponents have managed to persuade the world that the victim has now become the criminal by occupation, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, political fascism and every other negative description that is convenient and chic.

Such myths are easily exposed…

The map below, which even excludes Turkey evidences beyond doubt how Islam dominates to the point of saturation.

The narrative accompanying the geographical description needs no elaboration and elegantly and simply expresses the realities of the Middle East conflict.

The idea of Israeli occupation is a myth and should be continuously challenged and at every opportunity this meme should be circulated .

Click on the image to visit Peter’s Facebook post


Thus having completely debunked the ‘Israel Occupation’ accusation we can now turn our attention to the myth of Palestinians being the original land dwellers of the area.

This false narrative has gathered momentum to the point of being accepted as fact.

If the Palestinians were from time immemorial the original inhabitants then there would be archaeological and historical evidence to validate such claims.

The claims are nonsense.

There is no evidence of a Palestinian, people, culture, race, genre, religion or presence from the period 3000 BC to 1964 AD.

Research cannot find any reference to any battle, war or even a skirmish fought by those representing themselves as indigenous Palestinians during this period against any foreign or domestic invaders.

There is no reference to any person representing him or herself as an being an indigenous Palestinian leader, King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Imam, Sheikh, Writer, Scholar, Astrologer, Physicist, Farmer, or itinerant.

The article below explains the origins of the Arab, mainly Muslim immigration into the area which naturally and reasonably grew via the economic benefits brought about by Zionism.

What’s in a name? In the case of the Arabs, it tells you what their tribe and country of origin are…

Click on the image to read “What’s in a name? In the case of the Arabs, it tells you what their tribe and country of origin are. It also dispels the biggest fallacy the “Palestinians” would like you to believe.”in MiDA


Another way of confusing Israel’s opposition is to simply ask the questions regarding the language of the Palestinian and what they called themselves in their indigenous mother tongue.

The answer is invariably that they speak Arabic and that Fellastinian is the term used.

This is to be challenged with gusto as the identification of an historical individual identifying themselves as ‘Fellastinian‘ is also absent from historical records.

Fellastinian mean Philistinian in Arabic, a people originating from Greece who became extinct circa 1200 BC having settled on the Mediterranean coast.

Paradoxically there is no sound for the letter ‘P’ in Arabic so why the Palestinians would refer to themselves by a bastardised English pronoun beginning with a letter that is non existent in their mother tongue is truly a mystery.

A public relations tool in the armory of Israel’s opposition is the continuous use of Jewish pro Palestinians during armchair debates or TV interviews.

Having a Jew spew vomit against the Jewish State reasonably gives the uneducated and the fascists both a jaundiced and erroneous view of the situation and the facts.

In a recent article I was able to show historical evidence from high profile Arab and Muslim scholars, historians, politicians and militants of the contention that a Palestinian people are nothing other than an anthropological miracle.

These statements should be a constant use during debate.

Revisionist History and Antisemitism

Click the image to read “Revisionist History and Antisemitism”in Decisive Liberty


While the British Mandate Administrators limited Jewish immigration in contradiction of the Mandate which obliged Britain to facilitate Jewish immigration, they turned a “blind eye” to unlimited Arab immigration.

Owing to Jewish land cultivation by the early Zionists, Palestine became the most productive area in the region – attracting neighbouring populations to work there.

The legal situation is easily explained in the articles below.

Israel’s Legal Rights to Expanded Borders Under International Law

Click the image to read “Israel’s legal rights to expanded borders under international law” in Weekly Blitz


Another relevant but never raised issue is the actual ethnic cleansing of Jewish communities from Arab countries immediately after the Arab invasion of Palestine.

Conveniently the bigots and the uneducated forget or lose these events during every debate, discussion, article or presentation on the Israeli Palestinian issue.

This is as much a part of the overall discussion as for example are the Settlements.

The only difference is of course that the State of Israel supported and integrated their ethnically cleansed brothers.

The Arabs through hatred, contempt and financial greed have no interest in integrating their fellow Arabs to the countries they originated from after immigration into Israel on the back of the Zionist economic boom.

The Grand Mufti ordered this immigrant population to leave or be killed as traitors after the armies of 5 Arab countries would exterminate the Jews.

Of course events did not go to the plan of the Nazi collaborator responsible for these threats.


Ironically one of the easiest issues with which Israel’s opponents are so rabidly obsessed but intellectually incompetent when debating are the legality of Israel’s existence and origination.

This really isn’t everyone’s favourite topic nor strongest point.

However, I think I have analysed sufficiently succinctly in the article below promoting beyond doubt Israel’s claims not only to its current boundaries but certainly for expanded boundaries to include the West Bank formerly called Judea and Samaria.

There is Nothing Called Palestine

Click the image below to view Peter’s post There is Nothing Called Palestine in The Weekly Blitz…


As racism is so detested by Israel’s opponents and the nastiest adjective leveled, we should be continuously highlighting and referring to both Palestinian Charters – straight out of the Germany of the 1930’s.

The Palestinian National Charters of 1964 amended 1968 and the Hamas Charter of 1988.

The updated Palestinian Charter 1968 is posted below.

It is a muddled document created by rabid racists but a cursory view reveals that only armed struggle, Judenfrei and the liquidation of Israel are the objectives

The Avalon Project – updated Palestinian Charter 1968

Click the image above to visit The Avalon Project


Now the Charter of Hamas posted below is simply a Jew hating , racist Islamic document and peaceful compromise is sacrilege.

The extermination of Jews is the main objective followed by the subservience to Islam of all other races and religions.

The Charter also demands women are just good for child rearing and household chores and that those working for Charities that help the physically and mentally disabled, children suffering from cancer, those incapable of self help and even animal welfare Charities should be treated like Jews and exterminated.

Quite bizarre.

How any morally decent person could support the ‘Palestinians’ is inexplicable.

The Hamas Covenant

Click the image above to view The Hamas Covenant


Why Are Palestinians and Their Supporters Mocking the Qur’an?

Finally and my piece de resistance is the religious counter argument.

I kid you not but support for the Palestinians is…

Wait for it…


I have written extensively about this and the post below will evidence that the Koran bequeaths and bestows the Promised Land (Israel) to the Children Of Israel (the Jewish people).

Any defiance or challenge to that is to challenge the word of Allah and the prophet Mohammed and thus is Islamophobic.

Click the image above to read How Palestinians and their supporters are mocking the Qur’an


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