Vaccinated-Triggered Blood Clotting Can Be Reversed with Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS)

Biophysics researcher Dr. Andreas Kalcker discussed the blood clotting that many vaccinees experience and how CDS helps degrade the micro clots responsible for this condition. (archive

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The Sudden Dead Doctor Syndrome – Where Is the Conversation on This?

Dr. Roger Hodkinson joined Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson to discuss why no one seems to want to talk about the recent epidemic of Canadian doctors who are suddenly dropping dead. She is also joined by KCarl Smith who shares about Western Civilization’s biggest threat: the anti-God, anti-liberty agenda, also known as Critical Race Theory.

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Empowering Ways to Be Protected from COVID-19 (updated)

A LOT has been discovered since this post was originally published in April 2020 – a comprehensive update on just what has been discovered (links to original sources as well). This post is most likely going to be updated throughout the pathetic scheme the elites have been trying to use to hide their ulterior motive – depopulation and ushering the New World Order. Lord, are they in for a surprise… (archive

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Even WHO’s Own Database Is Contradicting Their Advice

By this point in time, anyone believing Fauci, WHO, and CDC’s narratives are not contradictory to the research is either a Deep State shill, completely stupid or living under a rock… Seriously… (archive

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Question – Can We Do Anything About Our Immune System So That It Surpasses a Vaccine?

If we can, then that negates Fauci, Brix, CDC, WHO, and WEC policies and their CONSTANT fear-mongering doesn’t it? Read on…

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