Who Encouraged, Educated, Mentored Our Founding Fathers?

Great leaders always have great mentors – who did our Founding Fathers look up to? with whom did they sharpen their wits? (archive https://archive.ph/yJeAO)

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The Indispensables

There is a lot leading up to and included in the crossing of the Delaware river that our education fails to cover – which is why you should always be reading books to go beyond what you learned in school. Learn just how elaborate and challenging this whole scenario was that turned the American Revolution in our favor… (archive https://archive.vn/kXS7G)

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1876 – Our 1st 100 Years as the United States of America

Our first 100 years saw many changes, advances, growth, and expansion – it also set the tone for the 2nd 100 years (1876-1976). Now we need to drain the swamp… (archive https://archive.ph/maSL6)

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