A Message for the Millennial Generation [REBLOG with commentary]

Normally, I wait until the weekend to post and then schedule the publications during the week — however this topic is not only important but urgent so it warranted taking some time and effort to get this published now. With the majority of the GOP backing down on their word so early after the elections, it has become apparent that only a few of the GOP are really worthy to be called a conservative —…

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The Seeds of the Russian Collusion Go Back Well BEFORE Trump Became President? Yes.

An executive of a Maryland based transportation company allegedly paid bribes to officials from Russia which enabled him to obtain highly sensitive nuclear fuel transportation contracts.

Attorney Jeff Sessions has been tight lipped about the investigations going on behind the scenes at the Justice Department, which is how a DOJ is supposed to be ran.

Anonymous citizens are tallying the unprecedented amount of sealed indictments that are listed across the United States.

At last count, there currently are over 9,000.

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1876 – Our 1st 100 Years as the United States of America

Our first 100-years, saw many changes, advances, growth, expansion – and set the tone for the 2nd 100 years (1876-1976). Now to ditch the Deep State…

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What Hasn’t Been Happening With This Election

Where we focus is where we go… Every time… All of the candidates focused on the issues, which they should… But their next step is where they all failed, even the two supposed winners… They distract the conversation with talk of political policies, personal experiences, feelings… They lower the conversation into name calling, accusations and finger pointing… They are all are dancing around the solution… Pretending they don’t know it’s already there. If these two are…

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