In Case You Just Crawled Out from Under a Rock…

Elon Musk bought the tool they used to censor elections – now he’s putting all cards on the table… The globalists are not amused and are pretending this huge elephant doesn’t exist, but for how long can they keep doing this? History says not very long… (archive

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How to Protect Yourself Online

2016 was an awakening to what Facebook Google, Twitter, Snapchat, and now TicToc were doing with our information and who was getting to see it all… What to do to build up your security. (archive

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It Is Bipartisan, American Public Supports Antitrust Action Against Facebook

Regulatory action against Facebook finds support across both sides of the political spectrum, with respondents describing themselves as neither liberal nor conservative the most undecided on the matter. (

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Facebook, Twitter, Google Facing Class Action Lawsuits Initiated by President Trump

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey were named in the lawsuits—as well as the companies themselves. (archive

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Saudi Princes, Former Government Ministers Arrested…

by By Isobel Frodsham and Gareth Davies on November 5, 2017 (updated November 6, 2017) Daily MailOnline U.K. Could London’s Savoy become Saudi Arabian government property? Billionaire hotel owner among dozens arrested in the anti-corruption crackdown as Riyadh threatens to seize assets tied up in the alleged fraud According to local reports, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal is one of the men arrested He owns London’s Savoy and has shares in Twitter, Apple, and Time Warner Crown Prince Salman formed the anti-corruption commission by royal decree Eleven princes and 38 government ministers are being held in 5-star hotels Dozens of princes and former government ministers have been arrested in Saudi Arabia hours after an anti-corruption commission was formed….

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